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 We are going to UPGRADE!

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We are going to UPGRADE! Empty
PostSubject: We are going to UPGRADE!   We are going to UPGRADE! Icon_minitimeThu Apr 29, 2010 9:07 am

Alright, so today, 29th of April 2010, we are going to updrade from PHBB2 to PHBB3. Don't be surprised guys if the site would look weird or odd for hours or so. Although, once upgraded, we are expecting to have a REAL warn system like what IF has.

Anyway, if something goes wrong-which we really hope won't happen-we'll try our best to get it back to how it was. But WARNING: IF THE SITE GOES DOWN FOR SOME REASON, WE ARE GOING TO PUT THE SITE IN 'UNDER CONSTRUCTION MODE' which means no one will be able to access the site except us admins. If you go to the site, there would be a message saying that the site is under construction and such. If this may happen, we are apologizing in advance. We are doing our best to make this forum look better so we are hoping for your understanding guys. By the way, don't worry, we don't see any reason that we might lose our topics, posts etc.

Rain Stinks, SBF, Giorgia
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Old Amsterdam
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Bow Before Thy Master
Old Amsterdam

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We are going to UPGRADE! Empty
PostSubject: Re: We are going to UPGRADE!   We are going to UPGRADE! Icon_minitimeMon May 03, 2010 8:38 am

Thanks for putting that up for me GG.

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We are going to UPGRADE! Bleach
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We are going to UPGRADE!

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