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 My Book 4: Domia Abr Garjzla

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PostSubject: My Book 4: Domia Abr Garjzla   Wed May 19, 2010 6:09 pm

Here it is! I got inspired by Eragon again so I'm starting DAG again :D

Chapter 1: A Man's Rest (Page 1)
Chapter 2: Defiance (Page 1)
Chapter 3: A New Threat (Page 1)
Chapter 4: Painful Lessons (Page 1)
Chapter 5: Heart of a Dragon (Page 1)
Chapter 6: Hope (Page 1)
Chapter 7: Authority (Page 1)

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PostSubject: Re: My Book 4: Domia Abr Garjzla   Wed May 19, 2010 6:10 pm

Chapter 1: A Man's rest

Eragon had been in the forest for the few days of rest Nasuada has gave the men after the capture of Feinster. He spent his time meditating from the lost of his masters.

Eragon was sitting in a wide-open spot in the forest. There was sun reflecting on the wet leaves and sun reflecting on the nearby river. He sat, crossed legged. He was doing his best not to burst out into tears. Saphira sensed his sadness and contacted him.

“Don't blame yourself for something could not have stopped” Saphira said, wisely, her eyes scanning the heavens above before resting on the ground.

Eragon gave out a sigh “I know Saphira but, I don't think I would remain sane if I lost someone else I care for” He said with a sad tone, thinking about all he had lost in this war. Brom, his father, Garrow, his second father, Selena, his mother whom he had never known, Oromis, his teacher and third father and in a certain way, Murtagh. Who was enslaved by the king but, Eragon still believed that he could be saved.

She replied playfully “Like Arya?” She noticed Eragon was blushing so she gave him a dragon smile.

“Like you, Arya, Roran and Katrina, as she is in our family now” he replied, after hesitating.

Saphira nodded and Eragon continued “I wonder if we will ever find peace” he said questioningly, staring at the clouds.

“We will, someday, we have to start by..” she interrupted herself as she heard something coming from the woods. It sounded like a twig breaking, or a tree falling.

Eragon looked at Saphira, smoke was coming out of her snouts. He quickly grabbed Brisingr and unsheathed it. The sun was reflecting on it, so much, that Eragon pointed it at the woods. The light was so bright, he could see everything in the forest for almost a mile long. He continued looking until he saw a young Varden messenger whom was wearing a red tunic and black leggings, just like all messengers. He was terrified, apparently. He walked up to Eragon and transmitted the message.

“Sha-Shadeslayer...” he said nervously.

Eragon nodded to him. He nodded back and continued “Nasuada requests your immediate presence for a war meeting of great importance”. He then closed his eyes, thinking this was the end.

Eragon was speechless as he heard the messenger. He had told Nasuada that he would not come to any meetings, unless it was of a grave matter. “I will be there soon, now leave” he said, calmly.

The messenger quickly opened his eyes, turned around and ran towards Feinster and the Varden camp.

Eragon contacted Saphira “Should we go right away?” he simply said. Saphira knew that Eragon wanted to stay here, his voice could prove it.

“I think so, she would not have asked you to go it it was not important” she replied, on the defensive.

“Fine then” he answered.

Eragon sheathed Brisingr, packed up his bags and mounted Saphira. She took off as soon has she sensed him on the saddle. She took direction towards the clouds and Feinster.

She got above the clouds and yelled with her mind “Even tough I flew hundreds of times, I still enjoy it has much!” She was doing air maneuvers, she flipped and Eragon almost fell off but, due to his straps, he was hanging there.

Eragon closed his eyes and enjoyed the moment, he had not felt so alive since the battle for Feinster. “Me too!” he replied with a smile.

Saphira landed in the middle of the camp, near Nasuada's red command tent. Eragon dismounted her and was faced to a Nighthawk. Eragon kept an emotionless face as the Nighthawk announced his arrival “Lord Shadeslayer requests an audience!”. Nasuada's leader voice answered, coming from the tent “Let him enter!” she yelled.

It had one big table with numerous chairs in it, there was also five mirrors. Around the table there were Orrin, Nar Garzhvog, Roran, Nasuada, Arya, Jormundur and Orik and Islanzadi in mirrors. As Eragon entered, Nasuada got up and said “At last Eragon is here, now we can begin. Have a seat, Eragon” Eragon sat next to Arya, whom seemed emotionless but, Eragon knew she was hiding them.

Nasuada started “Welcome, all of you.” she paused nefore continuing “As you all know, we are all here to discuss what we will do next and about Belatona” she said with her leader's voice. “I propose to send some troops to Melian to boost recruitment levels, they are going down by hundreds”.

“Agreed” Orik replied.

“Agreed” The others replied, simultaneously.

Eragon wanted to stay back, he didn't want to take part in war meetings. It seemed Arya was doing the same. Nasuada then turned to Eragon.

“What about you Eragon? What do you think we should do?” she replied questioningly.

He gave out a sight “Melian seems like a good town to capture, they should not try and defend themselves and I don't think the empire has send troops over there.” he said. Eragon then fell back on his chair, he wanted this meeting to end so that he could go back to the forest. He looked around, admiring the tent, as he had nothing else to do.

Nasuada had a satisfied look on her face “Its settled then, we are going to capture Melian” she said cheerfully.

Orik started “What about Belatona?”.

“When will be getting near Belatona, we hope the Dwarves will be there to help us take the city.” She said. Orik nodded and she continued “I am counting on the Elves to be at Dras leona when we arrive there too” Islanzadi nodded, mimicking Orik's actions. “I am also counting on the support of the riders in both of the battles” she said with a quick look to Eragon.

Eragon received an image from Saphira, it was a deer in a wide-open plain. This was to show him that she was hunting. “I will be there, Nasuada. If we can gather more dragon riders until Dras leona, it would be perfect.” he was thinking about Murtagh and the green egg, he hoped he could rescue them before the green egg hatches.

Islanzadi then started “We will capture Teirm before arriving as it is the empire's trading center and it would cut off a lot of supplies from Uru'baen if we take it” she said with a large smile across her face.

Nasuada nodded and continued “This will conclude today's meeting, dismissed” she said, satisfied of the meeting.

Eragon got up and saw Queen Islanzadi, Arya, Roran and Nasuada staring at him. He understood what the meaning of this was and sat down again. He has been in this situation more then once.

When all the others had left, Roran started “Eragon, we know the pain you are in at the moment but...”

Nasuada continued his sentence, cutting him off “We think that it is best if you stay here, in your tent, we want you to be here in case there is an attack from the empire or if Murtagh attacks”. She ignored what Eragon had lost in this war, she had no idea of what the lost of his masters caused him.

Eragon went from sad to angry “Nasuada, I would like to be released from you. I am the lead rider now as Oromis and Glaedr died”.he said in a strong tone. He did not want Nasuada to think

“I agree, no races should have power over a Dragon rider” Islanzadi said, calmly.

“So do I” Arya said. She was soon mimicked my Roran.

Nasuada has a terrified look on her face and hesitated before starting “Will you remain with the Varden after you have been released?” she asked.

“I will” he replied.

“Okay, then I guess I have no choice” she said regretfully.

Eragon presented her with his sword putted on knee on the ground “My lady...” he said. She toked his sword.

“Dragon rider, I free you from your obligations with the humans” she said, still hesitant.

Eragon got up, received his sword back and smiled. He hadn't been this happy since Ellesmera, where he could always have fun with Saphira and Arya. The moments he enjoyed the most were his lessons with Oromis. Just thinking about him brought a tear to his eyes, so he stopped and focused on the present.

“We will have to do this in public” she said, staring at Eragon like if she had never seen him.

“Yes, I know” he replied with satisfaction.

“Very well, you are all dismissed” she said going back to her desk which was far in the tent. She seemed distracted by something else but Eragon didn't bother to much. If it was important she would've have told him.

Roran went forward, heading for the forge while Arya and Eragon went left, heading for the forest.

They walked without a word until Eragon broke the silence “Arya don't let they're deaths bother you so much, you almost haven't said a word in the meeting” Eragon said, calmly, not trying to enrage Arya, whom was likely to slap him out of anger.

“I know Eragon but, I can't help it..” she replied, sadness in her voice. She stared at him for a second, then looked forward again. It seemed she was blushing.

They arrived at the forest. Eragon looked at a dead tree, said a word in the ancient language and it molded itself into a wooden log, which was perfect for sitting.

Eragon sat and Arya joined him a few minutes later.
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PostSubject: Re: My Book 4: Domia Abr Garjzla   Wed May 19, 2010 6:11 pm

Chapter 2: Defiance

The sun was appearing in the sky, it was reflecting on Thorn's ruby-red scales, and soon the whole dragon hold was lit. Murtagh was scanning the clouds outside, looking for a miracle. He thought about his father and about how he hated him, he thought about his and Eragon's mother and how she was nice with him and he thought about Eragon and how he was hurt when he learned that he was Morzan's son. He wanted his life to end, he wanted Galbatorix's life to end, he wanted his father to suffer in the void and he wanted the Varden to succeed in freeing Alagaesia. The last hope he had was that, one day, he would change his true name and join the resistance. He felt guilty about the misery he was causing, guilty about attacking Eragon and guilty about killing Hrothgar when he hadn't been asked to. He felt hurt, as if someone had stabbed him with a sword. He didn't want all this misery, Galbatorix wanted it.

“We will make him pay for what he has done to us” he thought, angrier then ever, he gave a look to Thorn..

Thorn was lying down on the ground, he had been tortured a few hours before and had some blood coming out of some wounds that Galbatorix didn't bother to heal. He had made Murtagh swear in the ancient language not to heal Thorn “Murtagh, we have to find a way to escape him” he said, with a low and painful voice. He tried to turn his head towards Murtagh but roared due to the pain and fell back on the ground.

Murtagh was shocked at the hope his dragon had “Yes, we have to, but how?” he said questioningly, turning his head to face Thorn “I do not want you to get tortured because of me” he said, fear across his face.

“Defy him Murtagh. Like Eragon said, you should change your true name and by defying him, I think you should change it, or at least part of it” he put his head on the ground and closed his ruby-colored eyes, looking for sleep.

“I..I can't..” He muttered, insecure.

“Why is that Murtagh?” Thorn replied, without opening his eyes.

“If I de-defy him, he may either torture me, kill me or worse, torture you” He was worried at the idea of Thorn being tortured, that would be the worst punishment for him.

“He wouldn't kill you Murtagh” He opened his ruby eyes and stared at him. Murtagh could not support the deep, red and powerful stare of his dragon, he looked away. “We are far to precious for him”. He finished.

“But, if I defy him, he will make me swear more oaths in the ancient language!” he shivered at the idea.

“Not if you have changed your true name” he muttered in his mind “He can't make you swear oaths if you have changed it” He said. Thorn stopped staring at Murtagh to look at his tail. It was partially cut off. “That golden dragon didn't miss me” He said with a sad voice, looking desperately around for a way to bring him back to life.

“I didn't want to kill them..” Murtagh said, Tears starting to form on his face. He looked at Thorn, whom appeared as sad as him. “We will help the Varden, one day” he thought, tears still in his eyes. Dragons could cry, but that would mean an ocean of tears, Thorn had to restrain himself. They heard the dragon hold door open and then close but, they figured it was another messenger.

“So, want to leave the castle?” Another voice said. Although he knew who it was, Murtagh turned around and saw Galbatorix. His long and dirty hair going down his face. His black eyes, full of evil, his black tunic with the empire's logo on it. He then said, insanity in his voice “You know that it is not going to happen, Murtagh Morzansson” Murtagh's sadness amplified when he heard his father's name after his but he hid it.

“Like always, Galbatorix” he said on a defying tone.

“Looks like you need some lessons today” he gave out a fake sigh “I think you will stop defying me after this one” He said with a sad tone.

Galbatorix had a fake, sad smile. Murtagh looked into his fully corrupted eyes and saw happiness “He enjoys torturing me!” he thought, outraged.

“Well, he is Galbatorix, the one whom corrupted thirteen dragon riders and slayed Vrael” Thorn said while staring at Murtagh.

“I guess you're right” he said with disappointment. He then said out loud “Fine, you corrupted fiend” He got up and walked towards the dungeons, as he passed Galbatorix, Murtagh stepped on his foot intentionally, he continued his walk towards the dungeon.

“You're going to suffer this time” He said with laugh, Galbatorix gave a quick look to Thorn whom was laughing with a weird dragon laugh. He simply followed Murtagh towards the dungeons.

Roran was going towards the forge, he needed a new hammer and a new shield. He was sad at the idea of getting a new hammer but, his old one had broken when he was practicing a few days ago.

The forge was the largest tent, even larger then the command tent. Blacksmiths needed a lot of room to make weapons and armor. In the tent there was ten separated areas with the same material, there was actually ten blacksmiths at a time there. The others were either at their tent or testing the equipment they made. Horst was among the blacksmiths in the tent today.

Roran was looking around the tent to find a blacksmith he knew, he then finally saw Horst “Hello, Horst!” he yelled with joy.

“Well, well, look who's here! What can I do for you Roran Stronghammer?” he said, also joyful.

“I need a new hammer” he said, sadly. He thought about all that his hammer had accomplished, killing the twins and killing nearly two-hundred soldiers in one battle.

Horst looked at Roran, unsurprised “Well, after all those battles! Its about time it broke!” he said.

“Well...I was actually practicing when it broke” he said with a smile.

Horst started laughing “You're so...” he stopped as he laughed again “Lucky!” he laughed again “If it had broken in battle, you would've been killed!” he finally managed to restrain himself from laughing “Sorry, its just funny how lucky you are” he said with a last smile.

“Its okay Horst, I'll admit, I was lucky” he said with happiness “Oh and, I need a shield too”.

“Come back tomorrow, Your hammer should be done. I should have your shield by tomorrow night” He said, serious for once.

“Thanks Horst” he said, happily.

He then left the forge and walked towards the command tent. He thought about Katrina and decided to scry her, he hadn't seen her after Feinster. He walked, still thinking about his love for Katrina. He approached the tent and announced himself to the Nighthawks.

An Urgal Nighthawk, Urgals and humans had been mixed, yelled to Nasuada “Roran Stronghammer requests an audience!”

“The answer came from far back in the tent “Let him in!”.

Roran entered and was forced to close his eyes due to the bright light “What are you doing my lady?” he said, emotionless.

“Oh, I asked the Du Vrangr Gata to put a spell in front of my tent so that one that enters is blinded by light until a magician arrives” she said and continued “One is always in my tent” she said with a funny voice.

“Yes, I am always here” a voice answered.

Roran recognized Trianna as the spell's effects whore off “Thank you, Trianna” He said and looked at Nasuada again. “I am here to request the scrying of my wife, in my tent” he said.

“Of course, Roran” she said with comprehension “Trianna, would you..” she didn't have time to finish that Trianna cut her off.

“Fine..” she said with disappointment, she wanted to stay with Nasuada as she was the leader and was of higher grade then Roran. She left the tent and Roran followed.

They walked without talking until they reached Roran's tent. Trianna looked around and found a shaving mirror, she muttered “Draumr kopa” and Katrina appeared in the mirror.

Trianna simply said “Enjoy, Stronghammer, I will be outside for when you want to terminate the spell” and left.

Katrina was making her bed, Roran was in her mirror. She was beautiful, wearing a white maternal dress, her belly was huge, the baby was coming soon, it had been 6 months since Katrina got pregnant.

She was in Aberon, the Surda's capital in a large, simple but beautiful room, it had two big beds, two big night tables, two shelves and two closets. Roran saw Gertrude in the background and figured she was living in the same room as Katrina.

Roran simply said “Hello my love”.

Katrina startled as she saw Roran in her mirror. Then the largest smile Roran had ever seen came to her face “Roran! I thought you died! No-one contacted, so I thought that..”she stopped to catch her breath.

Roran smiled.

“You had died..” she finally finished.

“I do not have much time right now my dear, I was contacting you to make sure someone had told you I was alive but, it appears no-one has” He said with disappointment, he wanted to stay with his wife for ever.

“Okay Roran, please remain alive..” she said, sadness reaching her deep eyes. She looked at him once more, scanning every inch of his body. “I will miss you my love” she said.

“I will miss you too Katrina..I promise we will live a peaceful life after this war” he said fatefully.

Roran called Trianna, she arrived and terminated the spell.
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PostSubject: Re: My Book 4: Domia Abr Garjzla   Wed May 19, 2010 6:13 pm

Chapter 3: Another Threat

Eragon was sitting on a log with Arya. It was night time, the stars were shining, reflecting on the nearby river. The moon was yellow, the prettiest moon Eragon had ever seen. He was thinking about all that had happened, since he became a rider. Carvahall, life as a farmer, traveling with Brom, without knowing he was his father, Farthen-Dur, where he killed Durza the shade, the Burning Plains, where he fought Murtagh for the first time, Helgrind, where he slayed the Ra'zacs and Feinster, where he fought Varaug with Arya. The worst of all was his confrontation with Murtagh, he never wanted to fight him again, but then again, he had to. The Ra'zacs were extinguished, he hadn't to worry about them anymore, he still couldn't get them out of his head.

“What is bothering you Eragon?” Arya said questioningly, but with no emotion showing.

The question surprised Eragon and he remained speechless for some time “I'm just thinking about all that has happened since I became a rider” he finally said and looked at her.

“There is something else Eragon..”she said and paused “I know you better then anyone else in Alagaesia, except for Roran” she finished.

Arya turned her head to meet with Eragon's stare “There is something else..” he then paused to think, he decided to talk and continued “The Ra'zacs” he simply said, fear across his face.

Aryas emerald eyes widened in surprise “What about them?” she asked.

“I don't think we are finished with them..” He said, this time, showing no emotions.

“That's impossible Eragon, you slayed the last of them” she said with fear.

“What if the Ra'zacs had gave their eggs to Galbatorix for protection?” he said.

Arya shivered at the idea “Let it go for the moment, will you Eragon?” she said, annoyed.

“Sorry...” he said and paused to look at the stars “They just caused so much misery in my life..” he thought about his uncle Garrow, how his farm had been destroyed, Brom, who was killed by the Ra'zacs and his old village, Carvahall, brought to the ground.

“Just let it go” she then said with a comprehensive voice.

“Fine..I'll bring it back later” he said with a smile.

They just sat there for a few more hours, admiring the stars and the moon. They heard Saphira land behind them with a large Thud!.

She spread her mind so that they could both hear her “I caught a beaver!” she said, Eragon sensed immense joy in her.

Why is that so impressive Saphira? They don't provide enough meat for you to eat.. Eragon said while smiling at Saphira.

Not a lot of dragons can catch a quick and small beaver! She jumped near Eragon who fell off the log due to surprise.

Saphira put a paw on him and immobilized him on the ground. Uh oh.. Eragon thought to Arya.

Saphira smiled, showing her gigantic and pointy, full of blood teeth. Eragon's eyes widened as he begged Saphira “No, No! Not that please!” he said while still smiling, he knew it was going to happen anyways.

“Sorry. Little One” She said and unleashed her tongue upon Eragon.

She licked every single inch of his body, even his back “Please Saphira, stop now” Eragon said while laughing.

She withdraw her paw from Eragon's chest “Sorry, I couldn't help it..You're so ticklish” She said smiling to herself.

Eragon got up, soaked. He gave a look to Arya who was lying on the ground laughing to death, Eragon had always enjoyed to hear her laugh, a melodious laugh. She sometimes stopped to look at Eragon but started laughing again.

Eragon muttered a spell in the Ancient Language and was dry again. He then walked up to Arya “Looks like you enjoyed” he said with a smile to Arya. He gave her a hand to help her up.

Arya grabbed it and got up “Yes, I did enjoy this!” she said still laughing.

Eragon sat back on the log, as did Arya. He then contacted Saphira alone It's good to take her mind of Oromis and Glaedr, I'd like someone to that to me too.. he said.

Saphira turned her head and met with Eragon's stare, I can tickle you more often if you'd like she said with a dragon smile.

“I should get back to camp..You should too” She said and got up.

Eragon mimicked her “May I offer you a ride, Arya Drottingu (sp?)?” he asked while showing Saphira.

“Stop it Eragon, you know I hate formalities” she said and started walking towards Saphira.

“I know you do, I just like teasing you” he said with a small laugh.

“We'll see who is going to have the last word, Lord Eragon” she said with a smile.

“Unlike you, I like formalities, but not from my friends” he replied.

They both mounted Saphira who took off. From their height, they could see everything up to a big hill to the north. The view was beautiful, the stars were reflecting on almost everything in Feinster and the Varden camp. Eragon had a smile and looked at Arya. She was also smiling and shining, the stars were reflecting on her too.

Saphira landed near the command tent, they had to do reports to Nasuada every night. He was faced with another Nighthawk “Lord Eragon Shadeslayer and elven princess Arya Shadeslayer request an audience!” the nighthawk yelled.

“Let them enter!” an annoyed voice responded.

Eragon and Arya entered and were soon blinded by a bright light “What is this, Nasuada?” they said, simultaneously.

“Trianna, would you please?” Nasuada's voice asked.

“Of course my lady” Trianna answered.

Eragon and Arya both retrieved sight “What was that?” Eragon asked, questioningly.

Trianna added this spell for extra precaution, we know there is a lot of spies among us” she said with authority “We need to discuss something of highest priority” she then said, with a worried voice.

“What would that be?” Eragon said.

“One of our scouts just got here and..” she had a terrified face “he says he saw two flying beasts with something, or someone on them, heading for Belatona” she said.

Eragon gave a look to Arya, she blushed and looked away “Ra'zacs...” he simply stated and paused “He still had some eggs, he must have accelerated the growth of two of them..” he finished.

They have returned Saphira, whom had been silent till now, said, confidence in her voice Galbatorix has probably gave them elven abilities since he made the mistake not to with the other Ra'zacs Saphira stated.

“You are right, Saphira” Nasuada said.

“The empires spies will probably be active this night, Since the Ra'zacs have arrived at Belatona, they will want to take, or kill someone of great importance in the Varden. Be on your guards everyone” she said with a leaders voice.

“What about you, my lady?” Eragon asked with a worried voice “You need protection” he said firmly.

“I will remain in the command tent, two Nighthawks will be guarding the inside of the tent, ten will be guarding the outside, and Trianna will remain with me” she said, confident.

Eragon appeared satisfied “What about Roran?” he asked, with a worried expression.

“Four Nighthawks will be sent to his tent, I do doubt he needs protection but, to be on the safe side..” she stated, proud of having one of strongest humans in the Varden.

“I will take my leave now, my lady” Eragon said, satisfied once more.

With that, Eragon and Arya left the tent, Saphira was waiting for them outside. They mounted her and took off towards Aryas tent.

Her tent wasn't really far, for elven speed. Eragon still insisted to ride Arya back. She dismounted Saphira “Thank you Eragon, I had a lot of fun tonight” she said with a smile.

“My pleasure” he said and paused “Arya, I know you are able to defend yourself but, be on your guards” he said, worried.

“I will Eragon, don't let this bother you” she firmly said.

“Here is something just in case” he took a bracelet from one of Saphira's saddle bags “Wear it just for tonight, if you are in danger, I will know” he said with a low voice.

“I will Eragon, Thank you” they exchanged a last stare and she entered her tent.

Saphira took off and landed a mile away from Arya's tent, where Eragon's was. He could go from Arya's tent to his in a minute by running but, he liked flying a lot more. Though tonight, he was bothered, so he couldn't enjoy.

Eragon dismounted Saphira as she landed. He entered his tent, Saphira lied down besides it She'll be okay, Little One

Eragon gave out a sigh I know, I just wanted to be sure. I wonder where Blodhgarm and his guards are.. he asked.

Right in front of the tent, Eragon, you need some sleep She said with authority.

Okay, mom Eragon said, playfully. He sensed some embarrassment in Saphira.

Oh, just go to sleep She said with a laugh in her mind.

Eragon didn't reply to Saphira, he knew he needed sleep. He rested his head on the warm feather pillow and pulled the blanket on him. He felt Saphira already sleeping, it was soon his turn.

Eragon was soon awoke by a loud sound in his dreams, it came from Arya's tent. He had put a ward on it so that, if someone whom was not from the Varden approached her, or if she was in danger, a sound would wake him.

Eragon quickly got up, grabbed Brisingr and left the tent. He didn't even give a look to Blodhgarm and the guards, Arya was in danger, that's all that counted right now. He ran as fast as he could running past the tents, he then had Arya's emerald-green tent in sight. Six men, as he count them, they could be more, were in front of the tent, it appeared they were hiding something, if they were waiting for the right moment to strike.

Eragon ran forwards, as fast as he could and unsheathed Brisingr. He was now a few meters from the tent, the men had seen him and they too had unsheathed their swords.
Eragon charged at the first, he slammed his sword as hard as he could on the man, his blow was parried, Eragon was surprised, the strength of his blow should have knocked his sword flying. He passed to the other men, he would deal with that other one later. He swung Brisingr diagonally, the man's arm was cut off, he then pierced his heart. He parried a blow that was coming from the right, then parried another from the left, slammed his sword onto the sword of one, this time, his sword went flying, Eragon then chopped off his head. Three remained, Eragon flipped backwards to dodge a blow that was aiming for his head, he landed and disarmed one easily, then pierced his heart. Eragon was covered with blood by now. One was remaining How is that possible? There were 3 of them a second ago! He thought to himself. He then heard Saphira land with a large thud! Eragon! I'm here! She claimed.

Get that one Saphira! Eragon said while pointing towards the man. He entered Arya's tent.

To his surprise, he saw someone he knew with a knife on Arya's throat, whom appeared knocked out.

“Edric! You're a spie?!” he yelled.

“Indeed I am Eragon, I actually wanted Nasuada to kill your cousin for not obeying me, but it seems he only got whipped” Edric said with an evil smile upon his lips “I have been gave Elven speed and strength by Galbatorix, soon after Roran got whipped” He said.

Eragon was now angrier then he had ever been “What is it that you want, Edric?” He asked with anger.

“I don't want anything, Galbatorix does, he knows you like her” he moved the knife on Arya's throat “He wants to use her has bait, for you” he finished with an evil smile.

“It will not work, you won't be going back to Uru'baen tonight, Edric” Eragon said.

“Oh yes I will..” he interrupted himself as another elf entered the tent, it was Blodhgarm “Shadeslayer! What is happening!?” he asked, questioningly.

“This man..” He pointed Edric with Brisingr “ a spie, has elven abilities and has a knife on Arya's throat” Eragon said leaving Blodhgarm speechless. He then knocked at the mental barriers surrounding Blodhgarm's mind, whom let him in Leave, I will do this Eragon said.

He seemed hesitant, but bowed to Eragon and left the tent My gift to you, Eragon Shadeslayer Eragon felt a flow of energy go trough him.

“Okay, Edric, is there someway you could leave without Arya?” he asked.

“Duel me, one-on-one, if I win, I get to leave peacefully with her, if you win, I get to leave peacefully without her” Edric said.

“If you loose, you stay with the Varden as a prisonner.” he said, modifying Edric's demand.

He seemed hesitant but realized there weren't many choices “I want your word as a dragon rider! I can recognize the Ancient Language now! Edric said, anger in his voice.

“Vel einradhin iet ai shur'tugal” Eragon promised.
They left the tent and started the battle.

Blodhgarm, Saphira and the elven guards were watching.

They both waited for the other to charge, Edric eventually did.

Eragon parried the blow with ease, then kicked Edric in the chest, whom panted and fell to his knees, he got up and prepared his sword. Eragon charged first this time, his blow was parried, and he was then kicked in the guts, he didn't fall to his knees but panted a little. Eragon then managed to twist Edric's sword and hit him on the shoulder, Edric screamed in pain and charged once more. Eragon jumped and landed directly behind Edric, whom turned around, Eragon parried his sword and twisted it in circles, Edric lost control and his blade went flying. Eragon put his sword on his throat and said “Dead”.

Edric fell to his knees, two elven guards grabbed him and ran towards the command tent. Blodhgarm approached Eragon, whom was now holding Arya in his arms “She is alive but, she needs attention” Blodhgarm said.

Eragon nodded and put Arya in Blodhgarm's arms “Don't stop, just go for the hospital tent” he said with authority.

“I will, Shadeslayer” he responded with a last stare to him.
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Chapter 4: Painful Lessons

Murtagh was walking toward the dungeons, he was going to get tortured, he knew it. Galbatorix was walking behind him, his face had an enraged expression. They passed by the treasure room, where Galbatorix hid his stolen dragon rider swords. Murtagh had always wanted to have a look at them but Galbatorix had never let him. They passed by the Eldunari room, where the dragon heart of hearts were kept. No-one entered that room except for the tyrant.

They finally arrived at the dungeons, rats were crawling on the slightly wet stone floor, skeletons were hung up on the ceiling, a lot of people had died here, Galbatorix seemed proud of it. A prisoner, here, would be fed one piece of bread per day, they would die out of hunger before they died out of pain. The only riders whom were able to resist his torture were the ones who fought for their loved ones as love is the most powerful thing in the Alagaesia.

Murtagh entered a room which was crawling with rats. Galbatorix came in with some rope that appeared reinforced by magic, he tied him to one of the ten poles which were in the room.

“You will learn to obey me Murtagh” he said. Murtagh remained silent, which annoyed Galbatorix a lot. The tyrant then went to a nearby room, Murtagh had nothing to do except listen to the squeaky noise of the rats. Galbatorix soon came back with a box in his hands, he opened it and took a metal-coated whip, a jar full of seithr oil and more torture equipment.

He putted a spell on Murtagh so that his body would not suffer major damage but, he would still feel the pain. He first stabbed him in the stomach, on the back and on his side. Murtagh yelled in his mind as the black sword struck him but remained silent, he heard a roar of agony in the castle and figured it was Thorn, whom was enduring as much pain as him.

Galbatorix had a maniac smile and poured seithr oil on his wounds AAAAARRGHH!!! he yelled in his mind, he heard another roar from Thorn.

“Have we learned a lesson, Murtagh?” Galbatorix's diabolical voice asked. Murtagh remained silent “Oh I will break you” he added.

He then added a spell on his sword so that the pain would be amplified and struck at Murtagh's back. He remained silent although screaming in his mind I.. have.. to.. survive.. this.. he told himself, panting.

“I didn't want to get to this point but, you leave me no choice” Galbatorix said, amused. He reached the metal-coated whip and reinforced the spell that prohibited the damage done to Murtagh's body. He then muttered under his breath “Brisingr” and had a diabolical smile.

Flames started to erupt from Murtagh, his whole body was burning although he would not die from the burns, he would die from the pain. Galbatorix then whipped his back with a large Tchwack! Murtagh could not endure the pain and yelled “AARRGGGHH!! MAKE IT STOP!! PLEASE!!” but he yelled in vain. Galbatorix whipped him again with an even larger noise “AAARRRGGHH!!!” with another loud noise, all went black.

Murtagh awoke in the dragon hold, where Thorn was kept Are you alright Murtagh?! A voice said in his mind, slightly after he woke up.

Murtagh recognized the voice has Thorn's I had never seen anything like this..How could someone even think of doing that.. He sat the best he could and put a hand over his head.

I sensed your pain from here, I took as much as I could but, It was just too much.. Thorn said, sadness and misery in his voice.

Murtagh turned around and saw Thorn's deep ruby-red eyes staring at him. He tried to get up, managed it walked towards Thorn, he sat besides his belly.

At this point, a messenger entered and yelled, “Murtagh Morzansson, king Galbatorix wants you to be off to Belatona” he said.

“Of course” Murtagh said with a low voice. Although he was going there for a different reason then to serve Galbatorix.

He mounted Thorn whom took off.

Arya entered her tent and gave out a sigh. She put on her nightgown and went to bed.

She was soon woke by light footsteps outside her tent, she could hear them with her elven hearing. She attempted to find out who it was, she spread her mind towards the footsteps. She recognized one consciousness but could not determine who it was. She reached her Elven sword and unsheathed it. Her heart was racing, she knew they were spies. She got out of the tent and saw about ten men with diabolical smiles on their faces.

She charged forward and attempted to stab one in the heart, her blow reached the men but only hit him on the shoulder. One men then attempted to stab her in the back, she quickly turned around and parried the blow. She backed up and jumped forward, she landed behind the circle the men were making around her. She stabbed one in the back then swung her blade in the 'X' style as she killed another man.
She jumped backwards as a man attempted to stab her in the heart, dodged a blow on the right and parried another on the left. The blows were coming from everywhere, she could not handle all of them. One of the men seemed a lot faster then the others, she figured it was their chief. She attempted to make her way towards him, parried a blow that was coming from the left and stabbed a man in the heart. She ducked as a blow was going for her heart again, she got up and swung her blade at the man whom fell under the strength and was stabbed in the abdomen. She jumped over the remaining men whom were guarding their chief, she attempted to stab him in the heart but her blow was parried with stupendous speed. She looked up at the man and recognized him has Edric, the one that used to be a captain in the Varden's army. Her emerald eyes widened in surprise has she saw him, she turned around and parried a blow from the man. She then gave a look to Edric which seemed to mean Why?. Edric laughed, a man attempted to back stab Arya, she turned around and parried the blow. She then felt enormous pain on her head, and then, everything went black. The last thing she saw was a blue light reflection.
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Chapter 5: Heart of a Dragon

The sun was rising behind the tents leaving a beautiful aura of pink and orange. The Varden still had no idea of what had happened the night before. Eragon was still thinking about his battle with the spies, how he won against Edric, how he killed six man by himself and how he saved Arya. He had healed his wounds, but due to a spell on Edric's sword, they healed slower than normal and the pain was unbearable. He had talked to Blodhgarm whom said that his wounds would only heal with time. His shoulder was the most painful wound above them all. He had random seizures where he could not move his arm. He didn't really bother because he was ambidextrous and could fight with the left hand.

The Varden tents were all reflecting from the sun, Eragon was walking towards the command tent, he wanted an update on Edric. The Nighthawks had introduced extra precautions to prevent assassins to enter.

Eragon was soon faced to one “We must search you before you can enter” the Nighthawk said. Eragon walked by without even giving a look to him, all he said was “I am the Lead Rider, do not try to stop me” he said with authority, he did not have any time to waste. The Nighthawk seemed hesitant but, deciding Eragon must not be a threat, he nodded and let him in.

He was soon blinded by the light “Nasuada, could you?” He simply stated.

“Oh, sorry Eragon...Trianna?” she responded.

Eragon heard a loud groan “Of course, my lady” she seemed tired of being in Nasuada's tent. She muttered in the Ancient Language and Eragon regained sight.

“Oh fine, you can have a break, send me another magician of your way back” Nasuada said while smiling at her.

“Of course, my lady” she said with joy and left the tent.

Eragon was now alone with Nasuada to talk about the events from the night before “I want to know what is going to happen to Edric” he said with authority.

“He will be hanged tomorrow morning at dawn” she said with an emotionless face.

“No...” he said and paused “We need the information he holds, ask the Du Vrangr Gata to search his mind” he finished with a hint of anger.

“I have already tried, Eragon, his mind seems unbreakable...” she said with disappointment.

“I will try tonight, I'm planning to spend the rest of the day in the hospital tent, next to Arya” he said, emotionless.

Nasuada sat behind her slightly wet, black desk “Okay Eragon, be careful, there may still be spies among us” she said with a worried tone.

“I will Nasuada” he replied, a little on the defensive.

With that, he left the tent. The sun was up in the skies, it was reflecting on Brisingr's diamond. The clouds were white and the sky, blue, it was a perfect day for what concerned the weather. Eragon was walking towards the hospital tent now, Arya had been unconscious all night. The healers said that she should be up this morning or, at least, this afternoon.

The hospital tent was the second biggest of them all, just after the forge. It was silver, light was reflecting on it. No noise was coming out of it as all the wounded were tired or unconscious. A few elven guards were guarding the tent, Blodhgarm and six of his elves were still at Eragon's tent while these at been sent to protect Arya. The elves nodded to Eragon, he nodded back and entered the tent with a light walk.

Arya was lying on the biggest bed of them all, it was white and had gold trim over it. The two beds besides her were empty. It seemed that the healers had considered Arya has highest priority.

He pulled a chair from besides another bed and sat next to Arya. He contemplated her emerald-green eyes which were reflecting the little light that came in the tent. Her eyes were the prettiest thing in the world to him.

Saphira sent him an image of a deer running in an open plain, she was hunting.

Suddenly, Arya stirred a little, Eragon looked deeper into her eyes. Her eyelashes were moving a little, she was waking. Eragon got up so she could see him if she waked. He was wearing a jet-black tunic with forest-green leggings, his hair was a mess and Brisingr was hanging on from his hips.

Arya's eyes started opening slowly, they were half opened when she startled. She looked at him, sat and said with a panicked voice, “Eragon! The spies..Edric...Empire.....” she then fell back on her pillow due to exhaustion.

“I tooked care of them, Arya” Eragon said with an emotionless voice, although he was happy to see her conscious.

“But, how did you manage to slay all the remaining spies?” she then said with a low tone. She stirred a little and rested her head.

Let's talk in your mind, you will spend less energy Eragon said in her mind, her mental barriers were down as she was nearly out of energy First, I killed the regular spies, then I battled Edric in a one-on-one duel, the prize was you he finished with a smile to her.

Her face showed a relieved and relaxed expression I thought I had been captured again she said.

I will never let that happen again, I promise he thought in the Ancient Language.

Arya had a surprised expression on her face Did you just... she started but Eragon cut her off.

I did Arya, now you must rest he said.

You really have the heart of a lion...But the brain of a reckless beast she added with a small smile.
he smiled, Thank you for everything, Eragon she thought coldly.

“You are welcome, Arya” he said and left the tent.

The guards entered the tent in a hurry. Eragon walked back to his tent, it was still day light. He had been happy to see Arya conscious.

Saphira was now besides it, her color matched with his tent, her head was resting on her paws. She waked Eragon stated through their bond.

Saphira startled and removed her head from her paws Great! It's good to see her conscious again.. she was looking in Eragon's memories.

Indeed it is, Saphira he said and entered his tent. His bed was sapphire blue, just like Saphira. On his bed was something wrapped in earth, Saphira herself seemed surprised of that Probably the elves... he said.

He opened it delicately using the Ancient Language. Inside was a ring similar to Aren, the ring from Brom, it was basically the same except for the diamond, it was emerald green Looks like I found another ring to store energy in... he said sarcastically.

Arya would probably need it, she knows how to take energy from objects she is in physical contact with Saphira said, still admiring the ring.

He put it on his finger, it looked just like Aren. Then, Queen Islanzadi suddenly appeared in the mirror “I have come to inform you, Naegling has not been found, Murtagh may have took it away” she said with a sad voice.

“It's alright, your highness” he replied, himself disappointed. She nodded and disappeared from the mirror.

Eragon jumped on his bed, told Saphira to wake him when Nasuada arrived, and stumbled into his waking dreams.
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Chapter 6: Hope

The elven guards entered the tent with worried look on their faces, Arya had a similar look. They sat next to her and were silent. One of them seemed depressed, his eyes were staring in void, his hair was a mess and his mouth was open.

They kept staring at her until she finally broke the silence “I'm fine” she said coldly.

The depressed elf said, “We are sorry, it was our duty to help you, your highness..” with a sad tone.

Arya rolled her eyes and gave out a sigh “You do not have any duties except for protecting Eragon” she replied with an emotionless voice. She extracted her thin legs from the blankets and sat on the bed “Please leave now” she finished.

The elves got up with a surprised looks and left the tent with heavy steps.

She stepped on the cold floor, she put on a forest-green tunic and emerald-green leggings and left the tent.

The sun was up in the skies, the light was reflecting on the nearby tents. A gentle gust of wind pulled her raven hair back, her emerald eyes reflecting the light from the sun, her skin was as light as the sun. She thought about the war, about her father, Evandar and all she had lost in the war. A tear made its way to her eyes. She stepped forward as the Varden soldiers stared at her in amazement. She wanted to go to the command tent to acknowledge the new plans.

She, again, thought about Eragon's promise, If I'm in danger, he will have to come and help me! He is reckless once again! She thought with a smile to herself.

She continued to walk through the camp, admiring the birds whom were flying in the skies and the soldiers and their wives.

The blood-red command tent was now visible to her eyes, she saw it and sprinted, walking took to long.

She arrived fast and was soon faced to a Nighthawk “We must...” he started but Arya entered the tent without even giving him a look, her face left no emotions.

She was not greated by the usual blinding spell, she looked at the desk at the back of the tent and said, “What happened to the spell?”.

Nasuada was wearing a dark-yellow dress, a same-coloured bandana and her hair was comped has usual.“I asked the Du Vrangr Gata to disable it, the magicians just got annoyed from staying here with me” she said in a breath.

Arya nodded and sat on one of the numerous chairs “I am here to acknowledge the new plans” she said, coldly.

“Of course, Arya” she got up and sat next to her.

“The elves will attack Teirm shortly” she then paused and looked at her “We would still like Eragon to take out the upcoming ambushes we might be encountering” she finished.

Arya had a surprised look, she had thought that Nasuada had abandoned making Eragon go away to fight.

“He will refuse again..” she knew he would not come back on his decision.

“I know, it would save us a lot of deaths if he agreed..” she said with disappointment.

“We can't force him to leave.” she moved slightly to the right.

“Indeed...Let us leave that subject aside for the moment” Nasuada said with authority “Now to our plans, we will start walking tomorrow, as soon as the troops from Melian arrive, we should be arriving at Belatona in a few weeks” she finished.

Arya looked deep into Nasuada's eyes, whom couldn't stand her stare and looked away “Everything seems so simple to you..” she said with a smile.

She smiled back and continued “Eragon will try to break Edric's mind tonight, he will be hanged if he remains unbreakable” she said, showing no emotions. Arya had a surprised look but remained silent.

“We will have to go get him soon” Nasuada stated.

“Indeed” Arya replied, coldly.

“I can't stand traitors...I wish I could just hang Edric right now” she said with a ferocious look.

Arya suddenly turned to face her and said, “You know we can't...He holds a lot of information about the empire”.

“Yes, I know” she said with a sad smile.

Both kept staring at each other, Nasuadas deep brown eyes and Aryas emerald-green eyes crossed paths.

“What about Glaedr? Is he talking?” Nasuada asked.

Arya had a surprised look “How could I know? I was unconscious” she answered coldly.

“Looks like we will have to ask Eragon tonight” she walked to her desk and sat.

“I will take my leave now” she responded after a short time.

“Of course”

She left the tent and gave out a sigh, I didn't think so much rested on Eragons shoulders...He has quite a lot of pressure she thought.
She started walking, heading towards her personal tent. It was close by, a few hundred meters, she simply sprinted for a second and arrived.

She entered her tent, everything inside was emerald-green, a drawer, a table, a bed and chairs. She felt home when everything was green, it reminded her of Ellesmera, the place where she grew. She missed her father, she missed Faolin and Glenwing and all of her friends whom had perished. Why am I thinking about this? I had never thought about it until now... She had a sad expression.

Oh, Faolin...I miss you... she said, tears starting to form in her eyes. She jumped on her soft bed, rested her head on her feather pillow, she still believed that Faolin was alive, she still believed that he would come back and care for her, she just couldn't accept he was dead I don't have anyone left except for my mother and she never cared a lot for me she thought.

She then started crying, her tears going down and soaking her bed No, I have to concentrate...The Varden needs me, the elves need me... She then paused to think And...Eragon... she gave out another sigh and fell into the dream world.
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Chapter 7: Authority

A few minutes away from Belatona, Murtagh and Thorn were still thinking of a way to free themselves from the king. They had thought about escaping while at Belatona, fighting Eragon and winning or even destroying the Varden camp to be granted freedom. The last option seemed the best to them but they just could not do it, they supported the resistance. They also had doubts that Galbatorix would even consider granting them freedom.

Will we ever escape him Thorn? Murtagh started with a desperate voice.

Thorn turned his head a little to see him, his ruby-red eyes staring directly in his Of course we will Murtagh, we are stronger than he thinks we are he said.

Since when can he think? Murtagh said with humor.

Thorn's dragon laugh was louder then before Yes, you're...Right... he said, still laughing.

Murtagh remained silent and rested his back on the saddle. Gentle gusts of wind were making his hair position itself straight up Well hello there spiky Thorn said with a smile.

Murtagh gave a smile Whatever he said.

Thorn landed in Belatona's market place which was a wide open spot as the population was too poor to buy anything. A few merchants were at their stands, they looked depressed due to the lack of customers. The stands were full of fruits, vegetables, meat, toys and various other objects. Murtagh approached a fruit and vegetable merchant “I would like to buy twenty apples, would that be possible?” He wanted to boost the town's economy. Although, he knew that buying twenty apples would not help a lot.

The merchant was wearing purple tunic and leggings, he shivered and groaned at Murtagh's words. Then, suddenly, he jumped in joy “Of course sire! I thank you!” He said enthusiastically. He picked up apples from behind him and carefully counted them “Twenty...They are all there, have one free! For being my best client!”

Murtagh smiled and handed over ten gold pieces which was way more then the apples were worth. He saw a glare in the merchant's eye. He took the gold pieces and nodded. Murtagh nodded back and headed back towards Thorn Have those apples...I'll only take one he said, grabbed an apple and chewed it a little.

Alright... he responded and ate all the apples in a ferocious bite. He didn't chew it, he just swallowed Ugh...Why did I eat that? It's disgusting! He said ferociously.

I should have known you wouldn't like apples Murtagh said sarcastically. He bit the apple and swallowed the little piece.

Thorn gave him a ferocious look before turning around and aiming his tail at his head Any last words? He said cheerfully.

I wonder why dragons are so fat? Murtagh responded playfully You would sense the pain too if you hit me haha he said in a breath.

The answer came from far back in his head It's worth the risk... Murtagh's eyes widened as he turned around and started running...Fear was in his eyes and Thorn wrapped his tail around him with a loud noise, he pulled Murtagh closer to his head.

Let me go! He yelled in vain.

Have we learned a little lesson today? A voice said in his mind.

Yeah! Let me go now please! He yelled with a smile.

Thorn dropped him as he hit the ground with tremendous force. Murtagh groaned, Thorn only shivered a little I can resist more pain than you can Thorn snapped.

Yeah, yeah... Murtagh responded, feeling stupid not to have thought about that.

At that point, five guards whom were wearing red-iron armor and a longsword on their hips along with a rich-looking man entered the market. As the man walked towards Murtagh he said, “Ahhh...Welcome to Belatona sire..”.

The man was wearing silver from head to toe, he even had a diamond amulet “And who might you be?” he said. He saw one of the guards shiver he looked scared of the answer.

“I happen to be Belatona's governor and you should show me more respect” he said with authority.

“Quite the contrary my lord, it is you who should show me more respect” he responded ferociously “I have been sent by Galbatorix himself” he did not feel proud of it but it seemed the only way to escape this situation.

This time, all the guards and surprised looks and shivered. It seemed the governor himself was afraid “I am sorry, my lord... I did not know...” he said desperately.

“It's alright, make sure you don't do it again” he said coldly. He walked up to the governor “Now, I want Thorn to sleep in the dragonhold, I will sleep near him...Be sure to place a bed there, just in case” he said with authority.

“Of course, my lord” he responded in a breath. The governor left, going to execute Murtagh's orders.

* * *

Little one...Little one...Wake up Little one... A voice said in his mind.

Yeah? What is it Saphira? Eragon responded coldly.

Nasuada wants to see you, it's for Edric she replied.

Oh, I must have forgotten about it he said.
He got up and stepped onto the cold floor, he shivered a little. He put on a jet-black tunic and dark-green leggins. His hair was a mess, he did not bother to replace them, he tied Brisingr on his hip. He had to try and break Edric's mind today.

He left the tent without messing around, he was determined to break Edric's mind...Fire was in his eyes We will break him Saphira... He said in his mind.

Eragon jumped onto the saddle. Of course we will Little one she responded.

She took off as gusts of wind flowed through their bodies, light reflecting on Saphira's sapphire-blue scales.

She soon arrived at the command tent as it was only a minute away when running at human speed. She landed with a large Thud! This time, the Nighthawks did not bother to stop him, they knew it was useless, he entered the tent.

It was as beautiful as usual, except that a few generals were sitting near the giant table. Nasuada was there, near her desk, she seemed to be explaining something to her generals. She had a flashy smile on her face, it seemed something was worth celebrating. The Varden leader was wearing a silver dress with rays of gold on it. Her hair was tied on the back of her head making a small pony tail.

“As I was saying, the elves have captured Teirm!” she said with immense joy.

All the generals screamed, following their leader, throwing their helmets into the air “Hurrah!” few said, “Yes!” another few stated...

Eragon remained silent and waited for Nasuada to notice him...While waiting he noticed Arya sitting in the back chair of the table, she seemed as cold as usual, or maybe more.

Nasuada finally noticed him “Ahh! Of course Eragon!” she already knew why he was here “Nighthawks!” one came running in, he was wearing a red tunic, he seemed to be a Nighthawk messenger, he had a fear-looking face “Go get Edric the spy” she asked “And I'll need an Urgal Nighthawk here” she finished.

“of course my lady” the answer came from a low voice. The Nighthawk left the tent appearing terrified.

There was a moment of silence in the tent, no-one knew what to say. They did not want to embarrass themselves in front of three important persons, which were Eragon, Arya and Nasuada. All the generals were wearing dark-gray uniforms along with a red-sheathed sword hanging from their hips. They all had serious faces.

As the Urgal Nighthawk came running in, they all starred at him in hatred. The Urgal nodded as they understood vengeance.

Then the messenger-Nighthawk entered with Edric tied from head to toe. He appeared tired and unwilling to talk. The Urgal approached him, untied him and held him with stupendous force.

Eragon gave a look to Nasuada, she nodded. He gave look to Arya, she nodded too. He then attempted to break Edric's mind barriers. It was made out of ten feet tick steel, he bashed and hit the wall numerous times...Nothing to do, it was unbreakable. He then think of something Saphira, could you help me please? No responses came but he sensed something merge into his soul. Together, they hit and crashed the wall, no cracks seemed to appear..Eragon was getting desperate, he tried one more time, bashing harder than ever...Nothing to do, the wall was unbreakable. He retracted himself from Edric's consciousness

“If you do not let us in, you will be stabbed” Eragon said. He didn't move and remained silent.

“Someone stab him in the stomach, it is the only way we will be able to get some information of him”.

Without arguing, Nasuada ordered a Nighthawk to stab Edric. Who did it with surprising enthusiasm.

Eragon waited a little, for enough time so that Edric would be nearly out of energy. He entered his consciousness again, this time without Saphira, he managed to break it in little time, due to the lack of energy Edric had. Surprisingly, Edric did not know anything except that two Raz'zacs were waiting for them at Belatona and that they were full of Eldunari.
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Matt this is by far my favorite fanfic and I am so glad to hear that you are gonna comtinue it once more. Please hurry up with the update and thanks again for continueing.
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No problem...It might take a little (or a lot) longer then expected because of the final exams...

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Well its been a lot of time I was jsut wondering how the next chapter was going?
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It is coming along on that train there.... SEE? oh now its gone, you missed it so sad to bad, Matt we have to skip a chapter.....

There are so many people out there who say, "You can't."
What you have to do is turn around and say, "Watch me."
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Ex Staff
Ex Staff

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PostSubject: Re: My Book 4: Domia Abr Garjzla   Sun Aug 01, 2010 10:14 am

It's comin' along, should be up shorthly, or longly depending on my free time >.>
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Twin Dagger
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Chatz Master

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PostSubject: Re: My Book 4: Domia Abr Garjzla   Sun Aug 01, 2010 12:02 pm

Ok thats awesome. Do you think it will be up for me by the time I get back from camp so that I can read it when I get back?
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Ex Staff

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PostSubject: Re: My Book 4: Domia Abr Garjzla   Sun Aug 01, 2010 12:32 pm

Depends, when are you coming back from camp?
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Twin Dagger
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Chatz Master

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PostSubject: Re: My Book 4: Domia Abr Garjzla   Sat Aug 07, 2010 4:32 pm

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Ex Staff

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PostSubject: Re: My Book 4: Domia Abr Garjzla   Mon Nov 29, 2010 9:31 pm

I feel like an *** hole for not continuing this story and it seems that I have regained inspiration... All I need is to re-write my summary, 'cause I lost it... I'm starting it now, should be done in 2 days ish...
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Twin Dagger
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Chatz Master

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PostSubject: Re: My Book 4: Domia Abr Garjzla   Fri Dec 31, 2010 2:05 am

Matt I have faith that you will get to it eventually, so just remember that your fans are waiting. Just try not to keep us waiting for years.
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Ex Staff

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PostSubject: Re: My Book 4: Domia Abr Garjzla   Sun Feb 06, 2011 11:14 pm

Heh, I'm stupid.

I'm trying to get to it, but every single time that I think that I have time, there's a homework around the corner D:
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Twin Dagger
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Chatz Master

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PostSubject: Re: My Book 4: Domia Abr Garjzla   Sun Feb 06, 2011 11:15 pm

Your nto stupid, no one stupid could write like you can.

Homework comes first, and we dont blame you for putting it before the story.
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Ex Staff

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PostSubject: Re: My Book 4: Domia Abr Garjzla   Mon Feb 07, 2011 10:35 pm

Meh, I still feel dumb.
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PostSubject: Re: My Book 4: Domia Abr Garjzla   

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My Book 4: Domia Abr Garjzla

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