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 Moon Called's works.

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Moon Called

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PostSubject: Moon Called's works.   Mon May 24, 2010 1:06 pm

~::Amber Castles, and Beating hearts.::~
Unable to grasp the rustic chain,
and friction sets me afire
as I fall.

Amber crystalizes,
over a still beating heart.

The beat echoing into the chamber,
I've fallen to.

Surrounded by the remains,
of everything pure.
And the heart beats louder,
as more skulls fall beside me.

The heart of desire,
of a deadly collection.
Dreams and Betrayal,
cling to it.

This is the heart of nightmares,
of long days,
and nights that fade too fast.

The heart is of lust.
Fiery and false.

And inscribed on it's crystal castle.

"Oh vanity, and greed, gluttony and envy,
I lust for you all, and now love, you've been slain,
I replace you here, in this crying statue. For I am the new

And the statue beside the crystal wall,
Sure as the greed aside it,
was crying tears of crimson.

One day the statue may give-way,
the heart will slowly cease.
And then true meaning takes control.

Lust will give-way to love,
a new heart will beat.
And flow out from the heart,
we will all see.
And finally...

See, what we've done.

No stories have followed
The ancient foretold
of our bitter resentment
To evisceration unfolds.

On the bodies of dead,
do we lie in vain.
Of sweet pain and sorrow.
We eradicate shame.

For blood's in our nature,
and fear in our hearts.
To pierce through the frailty,
Yet death never parts.

Away from the grave do our saviors rise,
in utter blasphemy and ever derived,
from our own bitter conflict..
Shall it bring our demise.

Lose all infatuation with living at all,
and swear to your blade..
You'll never let fall.

Rain over the thunder,
of roaring fire and claim...
that you've never before seen a better day.

Than that in wich the village burns,
to music flawlessly played upon broken bones.
The dead dance effortlessly upon our souls.

Cry to the heavens you falsly claim yours.
And to the realms open yourself.
And daggers to pierce every beign,
setting claim to a throne that never existed.

Never have I seen a better day,
then when my lifes set on desire..
watching the cities in flame.

~::Ignis Sollemna::~
Quam Sanctum des pectoris,
glacia en tentationem.

Ignis castitus lux sollemna.
L'anima mortum des non somnia,
en crourem serena recedo.

Confuto adduco veritas,
ut ferrum captio spero.

Totus es moror a fragilitas umbra.
Iacio ut erro forrem,
en a infractus infinitas.

The sanctuary of the heart,
frozen in temptation.

Chastity burning in a solemn fire.
Oh, restless dead souls.
Serenity sleeps in blood.

Silence brings truth,
to a hope imprisoned in iron.

All that's left is a frail shadow.
Cast to wander forever,
in a broken eternity.

Is there nothing I can say to you?
To bring you back to reality.
I can see the fear decaying inside you,
seething around the atmosphere.

And I, the shadow..
Skulking around the depths of unheard sound,
stalking your miserable image.
Soon, I too, will be shut down.

Chambers were built of glass,
breaking the barrier might break you.
You say, you can see through my walls.
And I, through yours.

Crawling through my skin,
my veins afire with temptation.
A last breath lingering to my lips,
let the blade of the scythe fall...
I was born broken,
and evolved into a shadow.

~::Reality, Or is it?::~
Reality is falling apart at the seems,
pull at the trembling borders..

Let it fall apart faster,
into the nightmare you can't wake from.

Push past the border into a surreal dark.
Isn't this future tantalizing?

Such unexpected manipulation,
of hearts that once beat.

We couldn't see this coming,
what was in such open sight.

I've been to the same border,
foot on the edge of insanity.

Overdosing on my own desire,
to never have to see dawn.

Step past this line,
erase what you thought was permanent.

Misconcieved ideas..
In a dream-like progression.

Let us exist, without moving forward.
Simple and connected.
Communication is long-dead..

Because that border,
had never seen fit, to be crossed.

In fact there is no true barrier,
except the desolate one you've created.

Society is so unforgiving,
lost and unfitting the natural world.

I seek what was meant to exist,
and simply just do so.

Burn with your failing hope,
your ash is asphyxiating your mind.

Something that should be so clear,
has become distorted, tormented.

Come clarity,
let them see as I see.

Open the eyes that sealed shut.

Make life mean something more,
than selfish desire, and barren misery.

~::Crimson stained Air::~
Now every time that veil falls..
like a scarf of innocence conceiling dreams.

Wishing Night forever comes,
a darkness so pure.

No more brilliant white guiding flames.
This path now gleams red and swollen.

Eyes stare into the ice.
Ice so frozen, set on fire.

Every step taken cracks.
Each crack screaming redemption.

Severed wings scattered about.
A shimmer of a lie still lingering.

Oh, this baneful air.
Why must you surround me?
Have I not bent to your every whim?

The whispers you solemnly speak.
Torturous to the well trained ear..

Fur ruffling desires howl out.
I've left my prints on the path.

Now i'm forever a shadow.
Following myself..
Watching my every move, mimicing.
as if to mock my moving limbs.

Screams of injustice rise as I wake.
A luminescence from my skin.
Lighting the night, but tainted..

Carressing the now deviant light.
The moon glowering menacingly,
daring me to draw breath again.

For should I see day come,
would I drown in it's warm sorrow.

Lend me your hand now goddess.
Lead on, down the broken path.
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Ex Staff
Ex Staff

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PostSubject: Re: Moon Called's works.   Mon May 24, 2010 5:12 pm

Woah! That's long! :D

It's really good...Rhyming and rhythm is awesome...Maybe you could improve your punctuation a little but that's it Razz

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Eternally lazy

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PostSubject: Re: Moon Called's works.   Tue Jun 08, 2010 3:20 pm

Aah, these are quite something. Exceptionally in depth. Got to say, you've got an amazing vocabulary. Its also good that you don't let yourself bother with making the stanzas rhyme, and instead concentrate on getting the meaning right. Use of metaphors and similes is incredible. Keep writing, I'll say...

Wake me up when you find some sense.
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PostSubject: Re: Moon Called's works.   

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Moon Called's works.

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