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 RULES!! read before posting!

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Old Amsterdam
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Bow Before Thy Master
Old Amsterdam

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RULES!! read before posting! Empty
PostSubject: RULES!! read before posting!   RULES!! read before posting! Icon_minitimeFri Mar 12, 2010 11:25 am

Here's the rules for all written works:

1- Do NOT submit work that is not your own unless you have permissions from, and give credit to, the original author.

2-All works are Copyrighted to the user/member/person who created it. Anyone who copies, saves, or does anything else to the work without the posted consent of the author will be banned. No exceptions.

3-Spam will NOT be tolerated. Any spam will be deleted, and the poster will receive a warning. Any further offenses will result in suspensions, and eventually ban.

4-Do NOT post unless you have something to add/say about the work. Posts such as "When's the next update?", "That was good", etc. shall be considered spam, and rule 3 will be evoked. If you thought the work was good, state why. Also, if you have something negative to say, post it as criticism, not as something like "That was the crappiest [insert type of work] EVER! You suck!" Those type of posts will be considered spam as well.

5-The author of a work is allowed to double post in their topic where they posted the work. ONLY THE AUTHOR IS ALLOWED TO DOUBLE POST IN THEIR TOPIC. They may double post for updates, and updates only. That is to say, they can post their update after their post, or post after their update. It would be stupid to make them wait (or have them edit in their update into a post) for someone else to post.

6-DO NOT post a story you will not continue...Posting 2 stories or 1 poem and 1 story is not recommended, try and boost a few chapters on the work you prefer instead of trying to balance it.


Thanks for listening, now go post/critique something!

As authors, it is our Duty
To create lovable, enticing Characters
And do horrible, evil things to Them.

RULES!! read before posting! Bleach
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Lone Wolf
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Lone Wolf

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RULES!! read before posting! Empty
PostSubject: Re: RULES!! read before posting!   RULES!! read before posting! Icon_minitimeSat Mar 13, 2010 7:35 am

Another one people!

6-Please offer constructive criticism, and accept the offered critique in a civil way. Any sort of flaming, trolling, or slamming will NOT be tolerated. If you see anyone breaking any of the rules, make sure to report the post to a staff member.

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RULES!! read before posting!

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