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 Doctor Who

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Guitar God
Guitar God

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PostSubject: Doctor Who   Tue Jan 18, 2011 5:22 pm

Well. Yes. Doctor Who? Who likes and who doesn't and so on?

I suppose I'll yammer on about the most recent episiode. That be the Christmas one. If you haven't seen and are interested, there may be something to the effect of spoilers here. So I advise no more reading. Smile

So where to start. Dumbledore in Doctor Who? That was a little... erm. Well I was apprehensive. Mainly because I thought Michael Gambon was just terrible in HP. But he did a pretty good job in this role, so that was fine.

This was also one of Matt Smith's funniest episodes to date. I could slosh out a list of quotes, but they won't make sense, so I'll leave that be. He's always a bit eccentric and very amusing, but especially in this case, and in particular his reactions to situations. The Marilyn Monore stuff for example, and also the little boy telling him to be quiet. Razz

Well then...Cathering Jenkins. *sighs* What a waste that was. Ruined any hope of good plot, to tie and try the singing part in. Though I did love the song. Oh and also, "the silence is falling" lyric in the song. Are they still hinting something about the Pandorica? I can barely remember what that's even about now.

The slight inconsistency was there when old Kazran hugged little boy Kazran, because through what Russel T Davies told us about time travel, that sort of thing shouldn't really ever happen. A bit of trouble with inconcitency between script writers I guess. Stephen Moffat doesn't set 'rules' for time travel the way Davies did, so my poor brain gets a bit stuck trying to fathom what's going on sometimes. Embarassed

It was also nice that for once they had a Christmas episode connected to Christmas and I also appreciated that they didn't try to hide the links between this episode and A Christmas Carol. Other than the obvious failures in plot ingenuity, the acting and amusement of the episode wasn't great. And the means by which they adapted Dickens to fit into this sort of sci-fi thing was really nice.
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Captain Tezuka
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Captain Tezuka

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PostSubject: Re: Doctor Who   Tue Jan 25, 2011 10:07 pm

Who doesn't like Doctor who? I've seen all of the new series except for the mat smith ones.
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Doctor Who

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