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 Shooting Stars

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PostSubject: Shooting Stars   Sun Feb 13, 2011 10:05 pm

Ok I'm intent on getting this off right and this will be the third and last time, after all; the third times the charm... So without further adieu...

Another shot at perfection

"This is a mess!"

"Speak for yourself, this is phenomenal!" Another man said, in front of them a computer screen scrolled through page after page of data, indecipherable to the untrained eye but like plain English to the three men reading it. "They documented everything, the process, the materials-"

"-and the results." The first said. "Aside for the doctors lavished attention on Ambertwo his efforts on the matter were paltry, Ambertwo remained in embryonic state for several years and when he accelerated the process four out of five of the clones flatlined. " Marik pointed at a chat on the screen and read down the list. "Bulbasaurtwo: Deceased, Squirtletwo: deceased, Charmandertwo: deceased... Ambertwo-"

"Deceased, I get it. But Mewtwo Survived. And without any modifications." Professor Bastion stated.

"He survived, killed the doctor and his team, went berserk and leveled our last headquarters." Marik said, glaring at the professor. the third figure had thus far stood silent, a mirror image of Marik aside for the large grey tail. "Giovanni was less than thrilled about that little turn of events, especially after all the money he put into. the fact of the matter is the Doctor was obsessed with he's daughter, the process was designed to bring her back to life, not replicate ancient pokemon.

"Yes but with my modifications we'll have complete control over it, and with this new strain we'll be in control of a pokemon the likes of which has never been seen on this earth!"

"And your sure your modifications will work, no foul ups?"

"No foul ups, I guarantee you."

Marik considered it for a moment and looked to his doppleganger. Don't look at me. was his companions only response. "Fine, I'll go with it but your giving the report to Giovanni."

"Agreed." Bastion said in a low voice.

After looking over Bastions proposed improvements Marik was skeptical but agreed that this might actually work. After crossing the facility the three stepped into a meeting room, Bastions took a seat at his normal position towards the center of the large table as head of pokemon research in this region. Marik stood beside a large screen mounted on the wall and dialed a code into the number pad build into the frame. The screen lit up but remained blank for a minute but eventually a womans face filled the screen; Giovanni's secretary. After a moment she finally spoke. "Can I help you?"

"Executive Marik reporting from the Harran region with informations that must be received by Giovanni directly."

She nodded before the screen went blank for another moment, when it lit up again Marik recognized the red business suit, short trimmed hair, and the Persian that always had a place in the mans lap. Giovanni stroked the Persions head while it glared through the screen with similar red eyes to his double. "What is it?"

"I'm sorry if we bothered you sir but my associate here has an interesting proposition for you." Marik gestured towards the professor as he finished. Giovanni's gaze shifted as Bastion stood. Over the course of the next halfnhournhe outlines his plan to again attempt a ppkemon cloning program with his new modifications, how his improvements would ensure success and the results for team rocket as a whole if he in fact did succeed. Giovanni was silent for a moment before answering.

"Very well professor, I'll provide funding and materials for your operation. When can I expect this to be complete?"

"By the end of the year at the latest sir."

"Good, I'll want monthly reports until then am I understood." Not sure who he had intended the question for both Marik and Bastion agreed in unison. With that the screen went dark again and the room was quiet.

"It looks like you have work to do professor." Marik said as he and his double turned to leave the room.

There it is, no turning back! I'm going to the end of this one paddle or no paddle...
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Shooting Stars

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