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 The Dragon War

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PostSubject: The Dragon War   Tue Mar 16, 2010 5:31 pm

Since someone asked me to post my fanfic here because of unknown reason, I will do it Smile (*cough* SBF! *cough*). You don't mind if I copy-paste it, do you? Eh nevermind, people never read the author's notes.

Hello, my name is Sinitar and I have recently joined this forum(*cough* Giorgia *cough*). Considering that Inheritance forums are down and I have just discovered this site, I will make my contribution to the fanfic section by posting this fanfic, which is not your average IC fanfic in my opinion(there are many OCs-original characters, the plot is entirely created by me( Paolini did not mention a lot of things about it, so I have a lot of freedom with this one), and it has a dragon POV!

I would like to add the fact that english is not my main language, so I apologize in advance for the possible grammar you find in this fanfic. If you come across theses type of mistakes, do not be hesitant to tell me. This is also my first attempt at a fanfic and I hope it will at least prove to be a decent read. Without further ado, this is the first chapter.

Chapter 1: An unexpected encounter

The sun was starting to rise on the horizon, illuminating the pink sky as the veil of night was starting to fade. A layer of mist was starting to form as the cold night was giving way to the warm day ahead. Sparkling drops of water were adorning the fresh pine needles of the trees. A lonely hawk was flying over the vast forest situated at the base of the Beor Mountains, searching for a rabbit to sate its hunger. In a small clearing not far away from its location, the remnants of a fire were smoldering, emanating a thin smoke.

"Wake up, ye lazy hunter! That's all what you are good at: sleeping until your stomach demands food".

"Alright, just don't do what you usually do. We have a long way ahead of us and no river nearby to replenish our water supply." answered the other dwarf lazily.

"Then lets get moving! I don't have the time, nor the patience to linger here forever, and we both know that you really take your time before you are ready to depart", he added in an angry tone.

"Will do, just let me grab a bite, will ya?" as soon as he finished the question, he reached for his sack, grabbing a hunk of bread and a piece of jerky. Lifting the tasty morsel, the dwarf stopped when the shrilling sound of metal against rock reached his ears.

"What's that for Sagnar?" asked the dwarf with a curious expression.

The dwarf known as Sagnar was a middle aged dwarf, and was slightly taller than most of the dwarves. A two inch black mustache was forking from above his lips. A similar colored beard was decorating his lower jaw and his brown eyes were contrasting with his deer skin jacket and his black leggings. His thick eyebrows were frowned almost all the time, as if he was under constant stress.

"This, my friend, is for when trouble seems imminent. You can't drive an angry Shrrg away by shouting at it" said Sagnar, chuckling. He continued to sharpen his axe until he was pleased with the result.

"I'm ready!" answered the other dwarf, clearly satisfied that he sated his hunger." Ah, and such fine meal it was. You cannot embark on a journey without fuel to burn, you know", he said as he rubbed his belly happily.

"It was about time, Furin! We have a time limit for this journey, and I do not want to face the consequences for being late. You are well aware of the king's attitude when he receives a late response. Is every miner eating as much as you do? I would not be surprised if you ask me to stop in the next hour for a break" added Sagnar, frowning, while tapping his foot impatiently.

"Fine, you convinced me. You just go ahead while I gather my things and equip myself", he replied with a hint of exasperation in his voice, clearly not happy being rushed like this, as he threw away the little hunk of bread that remained in his hand.

Sagnar noticed this and departed without adding a thing, muttering quietly something that only he could understand.

The dwarf noticed that his companion wasn't in the best mood so he tried to move as fast as his legs would allow him so he could catch up with his companion.

Furin was slightly younger compared to the one he was traveling with, had bronze, short hair, and a bushy beard that was much shorter than of the other dwarves. His eyes were black as night, and a scar could be visible across his right cheek, which was starting from his eyebrow and ended up at the lower half of his jaw, a reminder of his dangerous work. He had an impassive expression on his face, given the fact he was much lazier compared to the other dwarves.

He first met Sagnar when he needed to buy several pelts for his job on behalf of the miner's guild. Greedy as always, the hunter charged him more than the pelts were actually worth. At first, his intention was to see if the miner actually falls for it, and he was surprised that he did. Having no time to argue over a few coins, Furin paid the full amount and left. Pleased with the quality of his products, the miner became a loyal customer, always accepting the bitter price of Sagnar's items. When a new merchant arrived, selling different stuff cheaper than Sagnar, Furin was furious for not realizing the dwarf's treachery. After a mild fight which resulted with several guards needed to calm the two angry dwarves, the king decided to punish them by sending them together in the search of a possible mining site where their skills would prove valuable. Without the chance to voice their disapproval, the dwarves embarked on the journey, leaving a part of their conflict aside as their cooperation was needed if they were to get along. Even if he was not showing it, Furin has always envied Sagnar for his skill with the axe, his courage and mainly his job.

Sagnar looked back and, noticing that his companion was catching up, asked loudly.

"So Furin, what exactly are we looking for? As a miner, you have to be familiar with this kind of task" questioned Sagnar, raising an eyebrow as Furin stopped by his side.

He took a moment, catching his breath before answering.

"According to the details the king has provided us with, a new mining site was discovered, and what a site it is! The farmer who discovered it couldn't stop talking about the shining stones he found inside the cavern. If what he says it's true, then we are about to uncover something which will bring tremendous riches to us…, and of course, our king" his mind was starting to drift towards the rich colored, sparkling stones, but he was quickly brought back to his senses by a howl in the distance.

"What was that?" asked Furin, clenching his hands on the bag he was holding.

"It's probably a predator trying to keep the other animals away from its territory. You are not going to run away because of a little Shrrg, are you?" Sagnar smiled, and continued to move on.

"You can't possibly believe that I…." he suddenly stopped as he heard a strange noise. "Wait, did you hear that?" the dwarf asked suddenly, as panic could be visible on his face. Waiting for a second to get himself together, Furin pushed his fear aside and quickly reached for the dagger which was hanging on to his belt.

"It's probably your imagination mate. No beast can deceive a hunter, especially one like me. Dozens of beasts have fallen before my axe and, and sometimes, my bow. My experience is uncontesta…."he tried to finish, but his attention switched to the trees on his right. Whatever it was, the leaves and bushes were concealing it.

"Barzul! You have managed to transfer your panic to me! That's what happens when you travel with a…" With an angry grunt, a nagra stormed out from between the shadowy trees, targeting the two dwarves. Sagnar quickly rolled to his left, avoiding the charging nagra by a hairsbreadth. Taking advantage of his current position, he brought down the axe in an attempt to hit the nagra's backside, but to no avail. For such a beast, it was surely agile.

The nagra, which was a native species to the Beor Mountains, was a bit shorter than the two dwarves, and its tusks weren't as developed as they should be, hinting that the animal had yet to mature. Still, it was much larger than the usual boars, and while it couldn't kill a dwarf with the same ease as a full grown nagra, it could still injure them badly.

"Furin, what in the world are you doing? Don't just sit there, watching! If we are to bring down this beast, we have to work together" he shouted angrily at the confused dwarf, and tried to distract the angry nagra as long as he could to come up with a plan. After a brief while, something came up on his mind.

"Lets try to circle it. This basic tactic always works. I hope it is not too big of a deal for you" after he finished explaining his strategy, he stared at the dagger which Furin was holding.

"In Guntera's name, why, of all the weapons which were available to you, picked such an insignificant one? yelled Sagnar, his voice filled with frustration.

"Next time I will make sure to bring my pickaxe, if that pleases you."
The nagra turned around, forgetting about the dwarf which was making loud noises to distract it and fixed it's eyes on the other one, targeting Furin. It looked like it was going to charge once again.

That incompetent miner will not help me as I would like to. If someone is to do this right, then that person is me! As soon as the nagra started to build up speed, Sagnar threw a dagger at its side to get its attention. And it worked. Enraged by the feeling of pain, the nagra suddenly stopped from its current action and eyed the one who has hurt it.
Not wasting any moment, the dwarf started to run towards the beast, lifting his axe in the process. Once he was close enough, he jumped, bringing his weapon down with all his strength. The sound of metal cutting through flesh and bone filled the forest. Birds left the trees, fearing for their safety. The beast was dead.

Furin watched in shock as the nagra was lying dead, a few meters away from him. Then, his gloomy face gave way to a large grin as he began to cheer.

"I knew it! I knew you could handle it, lad,." he said enthusiastically as he approached his companion which was lying on the ground next to the nagra, covered in stains of blood.
But, much to his dismay, the hunter's reaction was much more different than he would expect it to be.

"Shut yer mouth, Furin!" he yelled. "You know that I did all the work to bring it down, and your contribution was close to nothing. If I didn't manage to get that lucky strike, we would both probably be badly injured, or worse, dead." He continued his rant about the encounter with the nagra until he noticed that Furin was looking away, clearly not interested in what he had to say.

This enraged him even more, and as he got up he poked him hard in the chest.
"Are you even listening to what I have to say? He frowned. "Never mind, you wouldn't even understand that. You are a miner, after all.", he spat as he got away from him and looked at the dead nagra.

Furin, realizing what Sagnar said was true, and that he was more of a hindrance to him, replied apologetically

"I know that it wasn't easy to kill that thing, Sagnar, and that I could have done more to help you, but as you said, I'm a miner. I know little about fighting and my place isn't in a forest hunting dangerous creatures like you do.", he said, hoping to lessen Sagnar's anger at least for a bit. Being abandoned and having to go alone all the way to the mine was a thought that scared Furin to the bone, adding the recent encounter with the nagra.

Sagnar turned back and laid a hand on Furin's shoulder. "I know that. That is one of the reasons why I was forced to come here with you in the first place. But next time, make sure to get a bigger weapon!", he said and then both of them began to laugh. After they stopped laughing, Sagnar added:

"I think it is time to resume our journey. This delay was pretty significant, and I do not want to cross this forest after the sun sets. There are dangerous beasts living here, some that even I cannot best" with this, Sagnar gave Furin another look before turning around.

It was noon already. The sun was high in the sky, projecting its warm rays through the thick forest. Not far away from the two travelers the Beartooth river was flowing tumultuously, its clear waters reflecting the sun's light.

"Lets stop here for a moment" demanded Sagnar, as he stopped by the river to cleanse the blood that stained him when he killed the nagra. The rugged terrain was wearing the travelers quite a bit, and this was a good moment for them to replenish their strength and to check on their water supplies.

"It was about time" Furin sighed. "My legs are starting to ache."

"Do not make yourself comfortable mate. We will not spend our entire day here if that's what you had in mind." Those last words were exactly what Furin didn't want to hear.
More traveling….great he thought to himself.

After he replenished the water skins, Sagnar motioned Furin to follow. He did so without questioning his motives, as he knew that what they were searching for was not that far away. All they had to do was to complete the task the king handled to them and to return to their beloved city.

When I arrive home, I will lay in bed for a day.
Furin smiled at the pleasant thought and accelerated his pace slightly to reach his companion.

After one hour of walking, a huge cave was starting to shape in front of them. They both gasped with awe at the sight in front of them. Never have they seen such a wide cave.

"That's a pretty impressive sight. I can honestly admit that it is by far the biggest cave I have seen" said Furin, clearly impressed by the sheer size of the place. "And this is just the beginning. Who knows how far this cave stretches?" searching through his pack, the dwarf lifted something which looked like a torch and added with enthusiasm:" There's only one way to find out." With this, he picked two medium sized stones from his pack and lit his torch by creating sparks with those two stones.

"Well, that didn't take so long as I would have expected, especially when it comes from you" Sagnar chuckled.

"Eh, I'm not that clumsy", he replied blankly, and with that he ventured into the cave without even waiting for Sagnar to follow him.

Normally, it was an uncommon sight for Sagnar to see his companion being the first one to venture into the unknown, but this was part of his life as a miner.

"After all, that's what you do. Braving damp, dark places such as this one" commented Sagnar with an ironic tone. Of all the places I have been to, caves are the worst ones.

With that, he ran to Furin's side, as he was the one bearing the torch.
Disgust was all that he felt at that moment. The floor was slippery and the walls were sticky. It was not long before he started questioning himself if they will ever find something in such inhospitable place.

"Do you see anything except the usual?" asked Sagnar with impatience as he touched a slimy wall, steadying himself as he lost his balance because of the slippery floor.

A calm reply came from his companion "No, not at all. I do not expect to find precious stones situated near the entrance for obvious reasons. We just have to keep going."

This was not the answer Sagnar expected. He wanted to get out, and he wanted it to happen soon. But something caught his attention. A spark of red was seen not far away from them.

"Rubies! Shouted Furin, his voice filled with excitement. His eyes widened with delight at the pretty sight ahead of him. Several blood-red stones were adorning the walls of the cave. To his dismay, their location was not accessible to him.

"Do not let this demoralize you. I'm sure we will find more if we venture further." Sagnar's intervention was merely to comfort his greedy companion, which obviously wanted to take some stones for himself.

With a new determination, Furin increased his pace "You are right! By the end of this day, we will be rich!" Those words were soon going to become a reality. In front of him, a few sapphires embed in stone could be seen, reflecting their characteristic color in the dim light of his torch.

"Barzul!" He shouted with frustration. Again, the stones were not accessible to him. But something in front of him cleared his mind of all his negative thoughts. Ahead of them, a large mass of red stones were residing, sending red rays of light across the cave. Not wasting any moment, he quickly grabbed his dagger and tried to push a stone out of the tough rock. His mind lost to the beauty of the rubies, the dwarf struggled to pull it out.

"Furin, something is not right.I have never seen such a collection of rubies in one place. Doesn't it seem unusual to you? And what's with this unusual sound?" Worry was visible on his face, yet his companion totally ignored him.

Lost to his desire to pull the stone out, Furin replied with a grimly look "It's the wind. It is always like this in these caves. Don't bother me with what you do not understand"

Suddenly, the rubies shifted their position and a low growl echoed inside the cave.

"By Guntera's beard! What is going on? yelled Sagnar in surprise.
Two sparkling eyes were visible in the distance.

"Th-the rubies! They are alive!" shouted Furin, backing away. "Lets get out of here!"

While the dwarfs were heading for the exit, a red light illuminated the whole cave, engulfing the dwarves in the process.
While it is not what you were expecting for a prologue(Duh, dwarves and the dragon war? what the....), it will prove to be of importance in the future.Here is a hint for you: this happened before the elves arrived.Interesting, isn't it? Unfortunately, more info leads to spoilers.

The next chapters will be posted in a fast sequence, considering the fact that my story reached chapter 8 already. You are free to tell me your opinion about this piece of work.

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PostSubject: Re: The Dragon War   Tue Mar 16, 2010 5:32 pm

Chapter 2: Journey

Tiredness had finally taken its hold on Eraniel. The young elf stopped, admiring the vast forest around him. Even though a few clouds were noticeable on the horizon, the sun was still managed to sneak itself through them, warming the forest that was just waking up. The magnificent view put a smile on the elf's face, as he was lay on a boulder, somewhere in a clearing. This beautiful spring day had brought a somewhat warm feeling to him, despite the painful past that has left its inerasable marks on his soul.

These forests are totally different compared to the ones I am used to
, pondered the elf, remembering the vast and luxuriant area of trees that seemed to have no end.

Eraniel was quite young for an elf that was already roaming around the world, but this experience was remarkable for one like him. The environment in which he grew forced him to either adapt or to end of having the same tragic end his parents had. His long, light brown hair was hanging loose, and his two black eyes seemed like they were reading you like an open book. He wore a green tunic and a pair of black leggings, resembling the image of a young hunter.

Meanwhile, the elf withdrew his water skin from the knapsack, the cool liquid refreshing him instantly.

I should keep moving. My water supply is running short and I do not have the time to linger for so long, considering this journey has yet to come to an end. This thought troubled him somehow, but his objective sounded loud and clear in his mind.

After a while, the forest started to thin out. It opened into a vast plain, stretching far and wide, confusing the traveler with its size. Spotting this rich earth were tall grasses and shrubs that dominated the rolling terrain. They threw no shade around their base, thus the hot sun pounded down on his unprotected back.

This was a good morning exercise, laughed the young elf, almost sarcastically.

A cool breeze was just making itself noticeable, spreading the smell of grass and wild flowers. It was the only relief he had from the blazing sun.
Various thoughts began to roam through the elf's mind, none of them of any importance. Those journeys were not unusual to him, having been forced to quickly become familiar with them since childhood. Having been orphaned from an early age, Eraniel was forced to cope with the hardships of life on his own. Because of his suffering, the elf never managed to fully integrate into the society, being a more lonely person.

To survive, he sometimes ventured into the forest which was situated at the edge of the village to gather fruits and whatever goods he could find. Then, he traded these goods in exchange for a roof to sleep under when the nights were getting too cold.

However, his gamble didn't always work and he was forced to sleep under the night sky multiple times, lost in his grief. This harsh lesson of life has stretched over multiple years, but Eraniel never gave up. He wanted to prove something to the world, and nothing could stop him from achieving his goal.

A ray of light penetrated the darkness from within his grim life once he reached the proper age to begin his military training. The orphaned children that had nowhere to go were trained to fight as soldiers to defend the elven people from various threats like occasional Urgal attacks, and fend off dangerous beasts that became a threat for the village.

The elf was blasted into full awareness as a sudden roar broke the silence. Troubled and confused, Eraniel looked from side to side, searching for the source of that unusual noise, but to no avail. Lifting his shoulders, he realized that someone had probably got eaten and continued his journey like nothing had happened.

After a long while, before the sun was starting to set, the elf stopped and looked at his surroundings. He then proceeded by lying on the soft, green grass; being careful not to disturb the ants that had made their home into what used to be a hole probably made by a mole.

After that, Eraniel reached for his knapsack and took out a couple of fruits and started to eat, formulating plans in his mind about what he should do on the other half of his journey.

Well, taking into consideration the distance I covered so far, I should be able to reach the outskirts of Iserion Lake by the time night settles in. If I hasten my pace, that is, thought the elf, making a gesture with the piece of fruit in his hand.

After he finished eating, newfound strength built up in his weakened body.

I will keep running for as long as my strength allows! chuckled the elf, filled with determination. And with that, he began striding across the vast plains, gradually increasing his speed as the striding turned into running.

Even If he moved incredibly fast, his footsteps barely made a sound. Elves were really the most graceful beings in this land.

With the coming of the evening, clouds began spreading across the orange colored sky. The setting sun had cast its dying rays over them, illuminating their pure white bosoms into an array of many shades of pink, purple, blue, and orange. With this, crickets started to emerge from their shelters, alerted by the dying light to begin their soft chorus, this creating a pleasant buzz that filled the still evening air. After a little while, though, the sun slowly disappeared, leaving room for deeper darkness. However, the silver lights of stars began to rise into the sky, flinging their searching tendrils upon the sluggish earth.
Panting, Eraniel's run came to a stop. He was pleased with his progress.

Iserion Lake shouldn't be that far, thought the elf as he swallowed the last droplets of water. Even if this extended effort wasn't what the elf would have liked, it was more than necessary for him to travel at this pace. If he did not, his dream would not happen.

A cool breeze signaled the presence of the lake. Strengthened by the pleasant blow, Eraniel quickened his pace in hope of reaching the shore before the last ray of light was to fade away. After a little while, the image of the lake appeared before him, its crystalline water reflecting the thick, silvery clouds that covered the sky.

This doesn't look like a bad place to spend the night, said Eraniel to himself while he was filling his water skin. After he filled it, the elf proceeded to pile up a bunch of dry branches and other kindling that he had found in the forest. When he was pleased with their position, the elf shouted, "Brisingr!"

Out of nowhere, a flame pierced through the surrounding darkness, the high temperature setting the branches of fire without much trouble. Placing his knapsack under his head, Eraniel lied down on the cool grass, gazing at the warm fire as fiery tendrils danced above the red, crackling wood.

The training area contained different tools, accessories, and training dummies that had only one purpose: to increase the fighting capabilities of those who trained there. These objects ranged from training dummies, that were made from different materials to serve whatever purpose intend for them, to wooden circles that lacked any important significance from the elf's point of view.

"I didn't expect to find someone here so early," said a deep voice that came from behind him. Turning around, the elf was surprised to find a tall, impeding person who wore a brown tunic and a pair of black leggings. Judging by the look of his face, this elf seemed to be a formidable warrior. He had quite the impressive build. In contrast with his body, however, his almond eyes were full of gentleness.

"Well, since you arrived here so early, would you mind practicing a bit? The others will be here when the sun is high in the sky," the elf said in an impressively deep voice.

Not wanting to be disrespectful, Eraniel asked with a hint of curiosity, "Are you the one that will train us how to fight?" The innocence of the elven child put a smile on the warrior's face.

"That would be right. And from this moment on, you will address me as Ebrithil. Now, come to my side and I will show you an exercise that is perfect for warming up."

Full of enthusiasm, Eraniel ran towards his new master's side, unable to cover his

emotions. The master chuckled when Eraniel almost tripped over a loose stone in his hurry.

Speaking in a serious tone, the elder elf told him, "These kind of moves that I'm going to show you are part of an exercise named Rimgar. If you are not going to take this seriously, then you have no place here. Did I make myself clear?" The seriousness in his voice intimidated Eraniel a bit, but he cast out this uneasy feeling from his mind and nodded in approval.

"All right, pay attention to how my body moves. If you miss anything, you won't be able to do it," he said sharply. "Now, let us begin…"

Eraniel couldn't help but to chuckle at the sight before him. The elder elf looked somewhat funny due to the strange, body-twisting stance he had put himself in. Fortunately for him, his mentor was too focused on the task to discipline him with a slap. The master's exercise suddenly stopped, taking Eraniel by surprise. Catching his breath, the master signaled Eraniel to repeat what he has just seen. With a bit of a doubt creeping into his consciousness, Eraniel tried to smile, but his muscles refused to obey. Trying to build up the courage needed to start, Eraniel said to himself: If I cannot succeed in doing this ridiculous thing, I will never become a warrior!

"Alright! Watch me Ebrithil."
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PostSubject: Re: The Dragon War   Tue Mar 16, 2010 5:32 pm

Chapter 3: Taelmarlis

The chirping of the birds signaled the start of a new day. The shining sun was blocked by the clouds that had not dispersed over night. Lifting his knapsack, Eraniel continued his journey without much trouble. The village of Taelmarlis was half a day ahead of him and, given the circumstances, he didn't have the luxury to take his time.

After a long, tedious journey, the plains were finally coming to an end. From afar, a dense forest could be spotted. The Talemarlis village was located on the opposite edge of this forest. The desire to reach his destination faster, forced Eraniel to cut his way through the woods. With the help of his speed, it wasn't long before the forest began to thin. White smoke was visible in the distance, signaling the presence of the village. Content with his accomplishment, Eraniel hurried to the entrance of the village.

The villagers had built a wall made of wood in an attempt to keep the beasts, which were venturing into the village at the cover of night in search of food, at bay. The moment he entered this village, the sheer number of people who were preparing for the upcoming festival surprised Eraniel. The paths were full of people that were forever busy, doing one thing or another. Several males were busy placing the training targets and the dummies in the training area. The merchants were tidying their booths (*booths!) getting ready to please their customers. Among their goods, Eraniel sighted some bows, each one unique in its design. The bows came in a wide variety: from simple hunting bows to bows made of a reddish wood, which was rumored to be among the best type of wood for a bow. Winding lines and symbols were adorning the beautiful hunting weapons.

I can't even imagine the value of such weapons, said Eraniel to himself, slightly envious. His only weapon was a simple bow manufactured by him.

In the hands of an elite hunter, each weapon will fulfill its duty, thought the elf, trying to drive away the desire of being in line with the others. Each with his own fate.

Various dwellings could be sighted on both of his sides, most of them having no distinctive features. The houses were all alike in every way. Taelmarlis was an unusual village with its circular configuration. The houses were placed randomly, not following a distinct pattern. The paths started from the center of the village and meandered between houses. It was obvious that its inhabitants were not focusing on the aspect. What mattered to them was the purpose of a certain object: do not invest futile effort in useless things. This way of thinking was pleasing Eraniel. The elf himself ignored the various trifles that others benefited from. This whole anxiety was disturbing to Eraniel, who preferred the more secluded places.

Making his way through the sea of people who were blocking the path, Eraniel headed towards what he believed to be the center of the village. Along the way, a slight difference was noticeable: the houses were bigger and more attention was given to the exterior of the dwellings. Finally, the path came to an end, leaving place to a wide, circular area filled with various merchants and their goods. Looking around, Eraniel observed the variety of the items which were being sold: ranging from majestic bows to hunting tunics, various linen goods, and clothes to accessories such as hunting daggers. The only thing that captivated the attention of the elf was the pleasant smell that came from the food selling booths. In an instant, hunger had taken him over, forcing him to track the source of that smell. He found it. In front of his sparkling eyes, a fire was burning. Above the fire was a haunch of meat being cooked. Having some difficulty restraining his hunger, Eraniel headed toward an elder elf that was busy cutting a large piece of meat.

Trying to be polite, Eraniel asked, "Pardon me for interrupting you from your work. What do you want in exchange for a piece of meat, medium in size?"

The butcher put down the knife and turned around to face Eraniel, speaking in a low voice, "Greetings, young traveler. Is there something you wish?"

"I would like a chunk of that thing," answered Eraniel, pointing towards the piece of meat that was hanging above the fire, barely holding up his anticipation.

"That…" replied the elf, making a gesture towards the piece of meat, is roasted Nagra, and it is reserved for the important guests which will arrive tomorrow to take part at the Festival of hunt."

Figuring out that something was amiss, Eraniel asked without giving much thought to it, "Shouldn't a cook handle this? You are nothing but a simple butcher."

The elf let out a small laugh and answered quickly, taking Eraniel by surprise, "So you have noticed…well, to make it short, for now, I'm both cook and butcher. Because of the event that is going to take place tomorrow, I have to take advantage of every moment. Now, given the circumstances, I cannot trade you a piece of that meat, but I have a solution." After he finished what he had to say, the elf grabbed a piece of meat that was lying on the booth and showed it to Eraniel. Noticing his interest, he added, "I will trade you this piece of meat for this plant," answered the butcher slyly, reaching into his bag and pulling out something that looked like a flower. "Pay no attention to the flower!" he yelled. "It's the leaves I need. There is nothing more to know except the location of this plant," said the elf, pointing towards the west, where the nearby wood was. "If you are fast enough, you might get yourself a warm meal." The elf laughed.

Annoyed by the recent dialogue, Eraniel turned around to leave without bothering to reply. It wasn't worth the effort. Driven by hunger, Eraniel made his way through the thick crowd of elves and headed towards the forest.

With the picture of the plant in his mind, Eraniel began to search through different shrubs and plants whose leaves were not that different compared to what he was looking for. Frustrated because of the multitude of useless plants, Eraniel pulled out his dagger and started to cut everything that had no use to him.

While he was staring at a plant, observing its features, a cool blow made itself noticeable, drawing his attention for a reason even he was not able to explain. Looking towards the sky, he glimpsed a deep orange silhouette pass over the treetops with blinding speed. He gasped in awe at the sight that had lasted no more than a second.

I wonder what that thing was, he thought.

The protest of his stomach at the lack of food interrupted every thought that just happened to cross his mind at that moment. Lowering himself to the ground, the elf resumed the search. It didn't take long before he found it. Rising, he smiled, happy at the thought that those leaves will bring him a piece of tasty meat. Running as fast as he could back to the village, the elf went straight to the merchant's place where his reward awaited.


Eraniel finished the exercise, panting. Judging by his standards, he did well, but the look on his master's face pointed the other way around. Walking towards him, the older elf put a hand on his shoulder and added with a gentle tone, "It is obvious that you lack training, Eraniel. You did half of what I have expected from children of your age." He smiled and continued, "Do not let this bother you. The more you practice, the better you will become. Let this be your way of thinking in life: if you are not good at something, work extra hard to succeed."

Even if he had difficulties to gasp the concept behind his master's words, Eraniel was glad that his master trusted him. This had not happened before, maybe that's why it warmed him the way it did.

[/i]Maybe I am not the best when it comes to this type of activities, but I will prove, Ebrithil, that through sheer determination, work, and effort, I will manage to surpass the others![/i] said Eraniel to himself.

Meanwhile, the master headed towards the sword rack and returned with two wooden swords. He threw one at Eraniel's feet, who gave him a puzzled look.

"Ebrithil, what are those for?" asked the child, raising an eyebrow.

The answer came with a calm voice, as always. "Now that we have some spare time left, I will teach you something about the sword fight." With that said, the master headed towards a stone bench, motioning Eraniel to follow. After he sat comfortably, he continued.

"Before we proceed, I will tell you a little story. As you know, our people have always prided with the skill our warriors show in combat. Over a long period of time, the dedication, skill, and precision, which the elven masters displayed while handling this weapon, had turned this fighting style in a form of art. Legend says that Vrimith, a simple villager who has dedicated his life to improve his fighting style, had been forced to fight a small army of Urgals to ensure his people time to retreat. He fought the beasts until dusk, not showing any sign of weakness. It says that, along the way, his mate couldn't bear the thought of using him as a tool to provide the necessary distraction needed for the mass escape. Because of that, she returned to the village. When she finally arrived, she couldn't believe the sight before her eyes: Vrimith was alive, standing in the center of the village, two bloodied swords in his hands."

The little story fascinated Eraniel, who was astonished by what he just heard. Wanting to hear more, he asked quickly, "But how did he manage to survive against so many opponents? Aren't Urgals formidable warriors?"

The master smiled. "That is true, but size leaves no room for agility. Through speed and finesse, Vrimith succeeded in slaying every single Urgal. Even if they posses fantastic strength, it does not help if they cannot hit their target." The elder elf paused for a moment before continuing.

"It is said that after that incident, Vrimith became famous among the villagers. The king himself traveled to the little village to see him in person after he had heard of his heroic deeds and skill. Impressed by his abilities, he offered Vrimith the position of master, so he could train his warriors.

Filled with enthusiasm, Eraniel hit the ground with the wooden sword. "Ebrithil, I want to learn this fighting style!"

"Eager to learn, are we?" asked the master, the same smile on his face. Touching his sword with his, he added, "Don't get your hopes up. This fighting style is passed exclusively to the warriors who are already trained in sword combat. Because of this, we are going to start from bottom to reach the top." With that, he hit Eraniel's sword with enough force to send it flying. "Grab your sword and follow me"

Eraniel quickly obeyed. Lifting the sword, he ran towards his master. Outlining the image of a warrior in his mind, he said to himself I will become a great warrior like Vrimith. Mother, father, I will make you proud.


It was almost dusk when Eraniel finally reached the village, panting. The mass of people that were gathered in the market square had shrunk more and more as the inhabitants left to their respective dwellings to prepare for the next day. A group of young elves were discussing with much enthusiasm about the day that was about to come, a day of significant importance in a hunter's life.

Eraniel passed by them, not wanting to waste his time in a probably useless discussion. When the elf reached the center of the village, he could notice that more than half of the merchants were packing their goods, preparing to leave also.

Heading towards the place where he met with the butcher, Eraniel was surprised to find the fire that was cooking the chunk of meat barely burning. The meat was missing, along with its owner. All of a sudden, a hand touched his back. Shuddering, the young hunter turned around to see the face of the merchant that he met not long ago.

"It was not my intention to scare you," he said calmly, but Eraniel could notice on his face that he was rather impatient. "So, what is your business here, at this hour? Is there a special reason behind this?" asked the vendor, bewildered.

"I brought you these leaves. Earlier, we had a deal, I was to bring you these leaves, and you were to give me a piece of meat in exchange." Eraniel tensed and frowned a bit, wanting this trade to be done with as fast as possible. Reaching into his knapsack, he revealed the leaves to him.

"Ah, it's you! Have you any idea how long I've been waiting for you, boy?" barked the elf. After a short while he calmed down, realizing that anger will do no good. Then he proceeded to explain this to Eraniel on a much calmer tone. "My goods cannot wait forever, you know. And since this meat sells best when it's freshly cooked, I did what I was supposed to do," said the vendor motioning towards his booth that was almost empty.

Listening to the merchant's apologies made Eraniel lose his calm. The hunger and the tiredness clouded his judgment letting his emotions run free. "I ran as fast as I could to get to that forest. I wasted more time than you would imagine in trying to get your ridiculous plant that looks like every other plant in the forest! Have you any idea what I have been trough to get these leaves?" said Eraniel with indignation. He then inhaled, trying to hide his frustration. "So, are you telling me that you have nothing else to trade?" asked the elf raising his tone.

After he listened to Eraniel's rant, the vendor was slightly disappointed to find out what the young elf went through to uphold the end of the bargain. This couldn't be said about his person. "Well, there would be something…" he said, frowning, and then he headed towards his booth, grabbing a small sized piece of meat that was lying under a cloth, covering it from sight. Then, he handed it to Eraniel.

It looked more like a bone with a few straps of meat on it. Frowning, Eraniel suddenly gripped the meat from the vendor's hand without adding a thing, and then he offered the handful of leaves to him. Smiling, the vendor reached with his hand to accept them, but Eraniel pulled his arm back and commented with distaste.

"You are playing a dangerous game, old man. Do not have the impression that your actions won't have repercussions in the future," and with this he threw the bunch of leaves on the ground, leaving the shocked merchant behind.

It was a warm spring night. The cloudless sky was adorned with sparkling starts, each shining with a different intensity. Eraniel made his way to the forest as fast as he could, barely holding his anticipation. The first thing he was going to do was to cook the piece of meat he received from the merchant. Spotting a clearing ahead, he gathered several branches and ignited the fire by using the same spell as before. He put the piece of meat above the fire, patiently waiting for it to get cooked. As he lay there, waiting, he was able to hear several footsteps. He grabbed his bow as fast as he could and nocked an arrow. Tracing the sound, he fired an arrow at the moving target. A golden light flickered and his arrow was deflected in an instant. Figuring out what that was, Eraniel smiled as he lowered his bow, moving towards the source of the light. Between the trees, a figure similar to Eraniel was noticeable.

"Blast it, Eraniel! You sure know how to greet me," sounded a voice, which was coming from the same spot Eraniel fired his arrow at.

"You should not take me by surprise like that," he apologized, lowering his head. "If it wasn't for quick intervention, you could end up dead. You were always talented at deflecting enemy attacks, Dorinth."

Another one enters the scene! Who might Dorinth be?And what's the Festival of hunt? You will find an answer to those questions in the next chapter, obviously.I'd like to ask a little something from you readers: If you find my story interesting, please post a review. It doesn't have to be big as long as you add your thoughts in a proper are of significant help for new writers such as me. If you have one or two minutes to spare, please help me in this.

Now, I'll take my time to explain a couple of things to avoid creating a confused mass of readers.

First of all, I will address the question of the elves. First of all, the elves are not immortal because the pact with the dragons has yet to happen. Because of this, I have taken the liberty of adding different habits to them, such as hunting, eating meat etc.

Well, the first thing that you would notice is that elves inhabit that village, Taelmarlis, and it's not a village like Ellesmera or another one in Du Weldenvarden with trees shaped into different dwellings, it's a normal village.
The buildings look like human dwellings, except the fact that they have an elvish touch to them.

The second thing is that the "Festival of hunt" is mentioned. You can probably guess it's meaning from the name, and wonder: "Eh, hunt? But elves do not eat meat!"
I agree on this subject, but Paolini didn't say a thing about how elves lived before the pact with the dragons and the dragon riders were created. It's also mentioned the fact that an elf killed a dragon for sport, like he would a deer. From this, I assumed that they were a race of hunters before since they killed deers and probably other animals.

Third, all elves can use magic, though they have to train themselves on how to do it. It's not something you can do whenever you want without the proper training, and more complex spells need better training also.

All in all, the elves which I portray in this fanfic are a bit different than the ones you know from the IC because they were a new race to Alagaesia.I might also add a reason behind the exodus from Alalea, but for now, I have no plans to do it.
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Chapter 4: An old friend

From the cluster of the trees appeared an elf that appeared to be about the same age as Eraniel. However, judging by his face and stature, his experience was much greater and superior to the young, aforementioned elf. Long, silvery hair ran down his broad back that seemed to ripple like a silver-hued waterfall, alight with hoary moonlight as he moved or when a gust of wind would brush past him. His eyes shone the same color as a clear blue sky, glowing upon his well-proportioned face. Upon this handsome face lay no trace of the events that had just recently transpired.His body was equally handsome and well-proportioned. It was covered by a light brown tunic and leggings. At his hip rested a well-crafted hand-and-a-half sword.

He frowned as noticed Eraniel, who stood just before him, and then said in a rather high voice, “That would be right. Next time you should just charge at me or use an enchanted arrow which cannot be deflected by magic to make sure that I won’t counter your attack.”
With that, he smiled and moved closer to the one who watched him solemnly though a glint of amusement danced in his eyes. “It has been a while, Eraniel. I almost didn’t recognize you if it were not for your cautiousness.

Eraniel shifted his body posture so he faced the approaching elf directly. “Spare me, Dorinth,” he replied in an almost mocking tone. “I’m not in the mood for your greetings. What is the reason behind your visit to this village? I know for sure that you haven’t come here for the festival. Your parents assured you that there wouldn’t be needed to prove either your strength or your bravery through these kind of events.” He ended his short rant on a hesitant note.

With these words ringing in his head, his bad mood began to accentuate. Moving near the fire, he took an arrow from its quiver and poked the piece of meat with its head, raising it above the fire. Its color and leaner shape proved that it was cooked. He frowned slightly at the fact that that meant he had even less now to eat. Brushing the thought aside, he sat down and began to eat.

With a slight acknowledgment, Dorinth didn’t give an answer to Eraniel right away. Instead, he sad down near the elf who was promptly eating bite after bite, his hunger akin to a ravenous beast that had not eaten for days. His blue eyes were sparkled as the orange light of the fire illuminated the surrounding area. Finally, he responded, “I know very well the kind of difficulties you had to pass, Eraniel.” He paused then continued slowly, “I was among the few that accepted you and I continued to watch over you because I believed that you would become a better person. I know what meaning the following day has had for you and, for that reason, I won’t be involved in such a useless discussion.”

After he had finished telling him what he had wanted to say, Dorinth noticed that Eraniel’s expression had altered. It was apparent that he regretted what he said earlier, but he struggled to keep his feelings hidden. His face was an almost comical twist of distress and irritation. He obviously had more difficulty with hiding his feeling then he had first considered. However, Dorinth had known Eraniel for quite a while. It was not very hard now for him to understand his character and, at times, the emotions that raged rampantly inside him.

After Eraniel had finished eating, he felt a bit better even though he was still annoyed with himself. Well, probably more than annoyed. He was irritated that he had lost his calm so easily earlier. Because of that, he had said things he regretted saying to his old friend.

With wary eyes, he turned to look at Dorinth. The elf lay upon the lush, green grass with his blue eyes staring up at the multitude of sparkling stars that shone above them. He followed his gaze and realized why he would be doing so. From this place in the land, no light shone to block out the magnificence of the sparkling giants. Stars winked out of existence and new ones would appear in their places. It was an eerie beauty.

Finally turning, he opened his mouth to speak but was interrupted by the one next to him. As he spoke, he sat there with his mouth-hung open wide with unspoken words on his lips. “So sparkling… so beautiful,” said Dorinth in a quiet, almost inaudible voice. The elf that lay before him remained silent, his thoughts wandering somewhere far among the distant stars he silently watched. When Eraniel finally decided to leave him and go to sleep, Dorinth continued his dialogue, a bit louder to make sure that Eraniel heard what he had to say.

“On my way to Taelmarlis, I met another elf. This one, who I can tell didn’t have a place to live and probably very hungry, followed me. He continued to babble on and on about food, until he mentioned saw something completely out of the ordinary.” Dorinth paused and turned slowly to look at his friend, eyes blazing. “I found myself very curious about what he said. Not much exciting things occur now a days so I asked him what it was he going on about. But, as always, information doesn’t come for free, especially when it is something important.” He chuckled slightly at this, his eyes now dancing in amusement. “I pretty much traded about half of my provisions for something seemingly...stupid. This ‘out of the ordinary thing’ could have very likely been something made up anyone needing some food…” He chuckled again before he regained his serious tone and continued.

“Finally, he told me that, just not long ago, on a cloudless night, it occurred. He described it as thus: the rays of the over-head moon were cast down upon the silent earth, their silvery fingers brushing against it with a gentle touch. It created the most serene landscape, he says. As he was out there in the forest searching for kindling, he noticed a large ‘something’ in a clearing ahead causing him to gasp in awe.”

At this, Eraniel caught interest in what the absent-minded elf was saying and asked loudly, “So, what was it? Get to the point!”

Apparently, his friend didn’t understand this very well because he replied on a very irritated tone, “That’s what I don’t like about you, Eraniel. You sure know how to spoil a moment with your impatience.”

Eraniel sadly restrained himself from debating on this any further. Sure, he wanted to but it would do no good at all to keep arguing.

Dorinth continued after a long pause, glaring at his friend’s impatience. “The elf was gathering kindling in the forest when in a clearing just ahead he saw something that he described as ‘the most beautiful and majestic being he had ever seen’. Continuing, he described it, basically, like this: when the shimmering rays of the moon alighted on its hide, it glistened like the purest silver. The light created a shimmering beacon of light in the darkness that permeated the surrounding forest.

“Captivated by the amazing sight, he got closer to see what this being could possibly be. Sadly, though, he accidentally stepped on a branch. His weight caused the fragile piece of wood to fracture with a loud crack in the silence. This echoing noise attracted the attention of the being, which looked straight at him. He panicked, thinking that he could end up dead if that mysterious creature was dangerous and hostile.

“Instead of fleeing, however, he found himself drawn to the creature. As he approached, he could see more of its features clearly. But suddenly… it vanished from his sight. How it did it, I do not know.”

Eraniel, puzzled by the sudden ending, decided to press Dorinth for more answers, hoping that he could find the same being also. “It…vanished? Just like that? There has to be an explanation for this,” he said, thinking about what could have happened. Then another question occurred to him. “What did it look like? Did that beggar give you any more details?”

Dorinth, becoming frustrated at Eraniel’s spontaneous questions, replied in a harsh voice, “For one thing, he was not a beggar. Show the elf some respect! Secondly, he didn’t want to tell me the details, for some reason. I tried to press him for answers but he simply didn’t want to talk about it. As for how it vanished, he said that it unfurled its great silver wings and took to the skies.” He clearly didn’t expect such a result from him after he had finished telling him the story. At least Eraniel’s foul mood was gone for now. For a brief moment, silence reigned; both of them pondering over that event, each in his own way. Dorinth was the one to break the silence.

“Eraniel, do you believe in this kind of story?”

He didn’t think much about the question before replying. “I do not know what to believe. You know well that I’m not the type that likes those kind of stories.” Eraniel rose from the ground and walked a few meters away from the fire before lying down on the cool grass. He thought it best not to tell his friend about what he had seen in the forest not too long ago.

“We should get some rest. Tomorrow is an important day for me; an event which I have been preparing for since…” Eraniel suddenly stopped. He did not really want to talk to Dorinth about it, at least not yet. Standing up, Dorinth added, “I will be looking for a few more branches to keep the fire going.” With that, the elf slowly disappeared into the surrounding darkness, leaving Eraniel alone. There he was lay, with his back on the cool grass and his face raised towards the sky, gazing at the pale, bright moon.


More and more children began to gather around the training grounds, content in watching the fight between Eraniel and his master.

“Raise your arm, Eraniel! Move; do not hold your ground. If you do not move, your opponent will find a weakness in your defense immediately!” He gave an agitated sigh as he twirled his makeshift sword around. “Even if it seems easier to fend off the attacks if you hold your ground, in reality it is a great weakness.” With that, the master approached him. He smiled and tried to stab him in the chest in an attempt to take him by surprise. Big mistake. His master easily dodged the blow with an almost bored expression on his face. As Eraniel moved for another attempt, he was caught by surprise as he master made a slight turn, twisting his wrist, and brought the blade point to his neck. He froze.

“Do not be overconfident while fighting. The moment your enemy can predict your move, the fight is over for you. Remember that.” Lowering his sword, he headed towards the mass of younglings that were applauding the move that they have just seen. He informed them that the training would begin shortly.

Panting, Eraniel scouted the group that had numbered about eight children, analyzing them with his ebony eyes. Most of the elves appeared to have a similar age. However, there were exceptions. The younger elves were probably more talented than the others considering they were going to train together.

Finally, the master beckoned Eraniel to join the group. He ordered them to form a circle around him before he was going to talk. After the young elves were settled, he began. “I am happy to meet you. From now on, I will be your master, and you will address me as Ebrithil. Now, I want you to get into groups of two and pick a sword from that rack,” said the master, pointing towards the swords which were awaiting to clash in a fight. The group of children ran towards the sword rack, ignoring the first task that the master gave them. He smiled and waited for their return.

“All right, is everybody here?” asked the master, on the verge of laughing at their naivety. “Before I split you into pairs, I will tell you something about the sword fight. As you know, the elven race has always….” Eraniel was slightly bored, having to listen to the same speech he has just heard that same morning. Because of that, he kept staring at a child with silver hair and blue eyes. He was slightly disturbed by his actions. He was interrupted, however, the moment their master finished what he had to say.

“Eraniel, come here!” demanded their master. “You will team up with…” he was surely taking his time while finding someone to pair up with Eraniel. “Him!” He then pointed towards the same child Eraniel was staring at earlier. The elf approached him without saying anything. The master continued to form the other pairs until four groups were made. Pleased, he continued “What I want you to do now is to practice the sword fight after watching my moves.”

Eraniel seemed pretty confident considering that he has been through this training already, thus he had no doubt about who was going to win the first fight. This impressed the others around him because of it. After the master has finished his demonstration, the four groups occupied the center of the training area, each of them having to fight the one he has been assigned with. The two elves were face to face, awaiting the start of the fight, their swords steady in their hands. After the fight began, Eraniel rushed towards his opponent who seemed to have forgotten to draw out his sword from its sheath. Smiling at the pathetic sight, Eraniel raised the sword, getting ready to attack the head of his adversary. This was a sure victory. When he was close enough, he prepared for the blow that he planned was going to end the fight. His sword flew towards his opponent’s head, but was suddenly stopped by another sword. Eraniel was shocked by the speed that his adversary showed. He probably anticipated his move from the start. His opponent tried to take advantage of this and slashed at Eraniel, but he dodged the hit.

He is good, but I will defeat him, he said to himself, aiming towards his enemy’s legs. His opponent jumped forward and thrusted his sword toward Eraniel’s chest. Not wanting to lose this fight, Eraniel parried the next blow and prepared for a counter attack. The elf easily blocked the hit and they locked their swords in a tight grip. Even the strength of his opponent was greater, forcing Eraniel to use all his strength to avoid losing his balance. Tired of the prolonged fight, the elf hit Eraniel in the thigh. It was enough to weaken his guard. After that, three successive hits followed: one in the chest, on the right arm and the last one in the neck, ending the fight.

The young elf smiled and said, “It seems I have won this fight.”

Angry because of his loss against the younger elf, Eraniel pushed the enemy’s sword aside with his hand and hit him in the stomach. Observing the treacherous act, their master intervened, disarming Eraniel in the blink of an eye. Frowning at such behavior, he disciplined him with a reproachful tone. “Eraniel, how can you do such thing? It’s just a training fight. Why are you behaving like this?”

Not losing his temper, Eraniel replied with indignation, “But I am better than him! I have trained longer than he has! How can he defeat me so easily? It’s not fair!” his voice turned into a low scream, attracting the attention of the surrounding elves. His sadness started to rise until he felt the need to do something.

The master tried to calm him, using a more realistic approach “Not all warriors are equal, Eraniel. There are those who are stronger, and those who are weaker. It is the nature of things. It’s not shameful…” he didn’t even finish the sentence. Eraniel dropped his sword and ran towards the forest that was situated near the training area, lost in his sorrow.

Awestruck by what just occurred, the young elf looked at the master and asked with a puzzled look, “Why did he run away, Ebrithil? You didn’t even finish what you had to say.”

He looked towards the forest, adding, “Eraniel is a special kid. He lost both of his parents in the battle against the Urgals that had taken place three seasons ago. He is desperately trying to prove to the world that he is strong enough to become a warrior return the honor that his parents lost.”

The young elf looked away, shouting while he was heading towards the same forest Eraniel had run into. “Do not worry, Ebrithil, I will bring him back for the next lesson.”

Eraniel continued to run until he reached a clearing. Stopping, the elf crouched, tears visible on his face. This fight had affected him pretty badly for an unknown reason.

Why? Why didn’t I win? Am I so weak? Everyone who is laughing at me is right? What should I do? What should-? Eraniel brought his head to his face, wiping the tears that had begun flowing down his face. No. I am doing the wrong thing if I am not capable to face my fears. My dad always told me that every journey in life begins with the first step. If we cannot take it, then they journey before us remains untread. We will never know what we could have accomplished if we never tried! . He stopped, more tears running down his cheeks. I have to be strong... a picture of his parents entered his mind, for them. If I am not strong enough, I won’t be able to make them proud!

The swish of leaves behind him caught his attention, making him turn around. Behind him was the same elf that he has fought earlier. Eraniel suddenly got up, running towards the kid without thinking of a way to best him. Everything that mattered to him was to land a hit, no matter how. His opponent side stepped and stretched his foot, causing Eraniel to trip. He fell on the grass face first.

Without giving him the chance to get ready and prepare for another attack, the silver haired elf told him, “I’m not here to fight you, so please, do not repeat that.” With that, he stretched out his hand to help him up. This gesture surprised Eraniel, who had never been helped by anyone before in his life. He was always an outcast... in everything. Leaving part of his sadness aside, he accepted the elf’s help, not without bending his pride first. The blue eyed elf looked at him and smiled. Why wasn’t this elf mad at him? First, he treacherously attacked him and now he ran towards him for a second attack. Many would consider this behavior inappropriate for his age, yet the elf in front of him seemed to not mind it at all.

After Eraniel was standing on his feet, the elf turned around, saying, “Lets go back to the training area, else we will get punished. I do not want to get punished because of you, so I’m asking you not to refuse me.” Observing that Eraniel was not moving, he sighed, and headed back to the training grounds.

This behavior puzzled Eraniel. So many questions were crossing his mind at that time, questions which had no answer. He kept staring blankly at the elf that was gaining more and more distance. All of a sudden, he shouted and ran towards him. “Wait! What’s your name?”

Without turning around, he replied, “Dorinth.”

Now we have an insight of Dorinth's past and how he met Eraniel. . The next chapter will contain an explanation about the Festival of hunt and the starting of it, given that it keeps its actual size. With that said, I hope you liked this chapter.
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Chapter 5: Magic from within

Eraniel awoke with a start, hearing the rustle of leaves emanating behind him. Turning suddenly, he noticed Dorinth tossing a piece of fruit up and down in his hand, his blue eyes gazing merrily at him.

"About time you woke up," he stated nonchalantly, "I was beginning to worry that you would sleep all day. The only good thing that would come from it would be that you wouldn't participate in that stupid festival." Dorinth took another bite from the fruit before throwing the remains in a random direction, and then continued; "I have heard rumors that Anethelron will be there to initiate the festival this time. I'm quite surprised though, and I wonder if there isn't any other reason behind this."

Eraniel didn't understand a large part of what his friend said. He was still sleepy, and the sun was barely creping above the horizon. It was a pretty cool morning for this time of year, but thanks to Dorinth the fire had been burning relentlessly. Still, that didn't stop Eraniel from shivering constantly. Standing up lazily, he brushed his hand over his clothes to remove the debris that was dirtying them. He then began to remove his knapsack, raising it to search for some food. However, he didn't find a thing, much to his dismay. Turning his attention to Dorinth, he asked on an irritating voice, "Do you have anything to eat? This is the least you could do since you woke me up so early. Look at the sun, it's not even in the sky!"

Even if Dorinth wasn't so eager to share his food, he grabbed his knapsack, searched a bit through it. After a bit of time had passed, he pulled out a piece fruit and threw to Eraniel.

Analyzing his newly received item, Eraniel quickly expressed his disappointment. "How am I supposed to eat that? Look at it, it's starting to rot!"

"This is all I got," he retorted somewhat irritably, "I haven't got a lot of supplies for this journey, and if you remember, I traded half of them for that piece of information the homeless elf gave to me. I will try to get more supplies from the village, but until then you should be happy with what you have. You will need energy for the festival, so I strongly suggest that you put aside your disgust and eat that fruit," answered the elf wickedly, being fully aware of what will happen next.

The moment he heard Dorinth's words, Eraniel didn't even look at the fruit before he swallowed it whole, no matter what state it was in. All that mattered was to quench his hunger. Right after that misadventure, he walked over to his knapsack and lay on the grass, putting it under his head. Before he closed his eyes, he said sleepily, "Now, if you don't mind, I would like to sleep a bit more. I talked with a few elves from the village and they told me that the festival will begin when the sun is high up in the sky."
Dorinth decided to follow his example and crouched near the fire, thinking about what had transpired that today.

The Festival of Hunt was a celebration in honor of the kings and queens of the past. It is said that it all began with a certain legend. In this, it is alleged that at some point, a grand king reached the age at which he could no longer rule. He did not know which of his two sons would be fit to rule in his stead. After a lot of advice and suggestions, he decided that the one who will demonstrate his bravery in the greatest way would become the new king. The elder son, being proud and full of himself, decided to follow a band of Urgals that had been plundering every village they encountered. But, it turned out that the information was not reliable and the son came back to his father with his tail between his legs, announcing to everyone the misfortune that had befallen him.

Meantime, the younger son decided to follow the way of the hunter and ventured into the forest in search of a dangerous beast. Luck shined upon him as he found and killed a female Wolvern. This deed had never been accomplished before. It was said that they were the most ferocious of beasts that defended their young stubbornly. Because of this, no one has ever attempted to incur the wrath of a female Wolvern.

Proud with his accomplishment, the younger son then cut one of its claws as a proof of his deeds, and brought it to his father. In this way, the heir to the throne was chosen.

When his father died, the elf decided to honor his memory through the Festival of Hunt, which was taking place every spring in a village situated near a forest. With that, the hunters had the opportunity to demonstrate their courage, and in exchange for their acts of bravery, they received the respect of the whole village, or even more, if the deed was something never accomplished. Besides, the young elves that wanted to bear the name of hunter needed to procure the hide of an animal to demonstrate their cunning.

This time, Eraniel was the one who woke up first. Two birds were fighting in a tree not so far from him. More light penetrated the forest, warming it up. Stretching and letting out a yawn, he got up to observe where the sun was in the sky. I must have slept longer than I have intended, he thought as he looked towards the sky above him. The light blinded him for a moment, but it was enough to decipher its position. The sight didn't please him, for he quickly rushed to Dorinth's side, shaking him as hard as he could. It wasn't long before he got a response in the form of a scream mixed with surprise.

"Get your hands off me, you filthy Urgal!" he reached for his dagger which was hanging on to his belt instinctively, but Eraniel grabbed his hand before he could pick it. Blinking several times, Dorinth looked at the hand that tightly gripped his arm, then straight into the black eyes of the elf above him.

Puzzled by what has recently happened, Eraniel released Dorinth's hand and asked him with a hint of irony. "Do I look like an Urgal to you? From now on, I'll be sure to remember not to wake you up ever again."

After coming back to his senses, Dorinth realized what happened and tried to mask his awkward display with an irritated laugh. "Oh it's you Eraniel. What is the reason for waking me up all of a sudden? Can't you at least ask me nicely to get up?" Not wasting any more time explaining his reason, Eraniel pointed towards the sky and grabbed their belongings with great speed, motioning Dorinth to follow.

Annoyed by his friend's passive attitude, he stomped his foot on the ground and shouted. "Dorinth, hurry up! Or else I'll just go without you. I do not want to miss the start of the festival. It is the most interesting part! Tradition says that the king himself will address the young elves, inspiring them with his words so they can successfully prove themselves by hunting the most dangerous beast they can find." He paused. "I'm waiting…"

The silver haired elf finished packing his belongings and made sure that the smoldering fire was extinguished for good. After that, he ran as fast as his legs allowed to catch up with Eraniel, who already had quite an advantage. After a short while he came to his side, panting.

"The king? That's nonsense. I heard he would be absent because of some important matters he needs to attend to. Now here's the strange part. Anethelron will be present also, even if this is not what he usually does."

Eraniel gave him a puzzled look. It was the first time he heard of this name, but he felt like there's more behind Dorinth's words. He stopped to drink some water, and asked Dorinth. "Anethelron? Who is he?" he inquired curiously, "Does it even hold any importance to the task ahead of us?"

"I don't know much about him, only that he is an important person if he is going to talk instead of the king," he began slowly, not glancing back. "He has numerous advisors and others who might take his place, but, for some reason, Anethelron will be the one to do it." Both elves resumed their walk, each step getting Eraniel closer to the village.


A warm blow signaled the presence of a sunny summer day. The forest situated on the

outskirts of the village had changed, each tree now filled with an abundance of emerald leaves. Among the branches, medium size fruits were noticeable, hanging on the thin branches until they were ripe. All that remained of their cycle was to fall on the forest floor, which was covered by grass and a few fallen leaves. Groups of flowers with different sizes and colors adorned the floor in different places, mostly where the sun managed to sneak its rays past the branches of the trees. This effect acted like a natural shield that would not allow the light to pass. These patches of flowers added incredible patterns to the forest floor, making it look like a work painted by a mediocre artist. Not far away, in a clearing, the same group of children could be sighted in the training area. They were positioned around the old elf that was going to teach them something new.

None of them changed very much with the passing of time except the master who now wore a forest green tunic and leggings that were matching. The look on his face was the same though: imposing and earnest, a look that was inciting even the laziest students to either fulfill their duty, or face the consequences.

Eraniel started to get along with Dorinth, who was asked by the master to keep an eye on him whenever he was with him. At first, it was simply an assignment, and the silver haired elf did not really like to be Eraniel's personal stalker. However, as they spent more time together and learned a bit about each other, he started to see Eraniel for who he really was: a child with a sad past who wanted to prove something to the world, instead of a freak like every other children made him look like.

Though Eraniel had a strange personality and could be annoying due to his sudden mood changes, the young elf tried to cope up with him and tried his best not to engage in a debate. This could very easily degenerate into a fight.

Because of Eraniel's loss, Dorinth sympathized with him, but he didn't like the idea that Eraniel wasn't willing to change. He tried to tell him on numerous occasions that he should put his past behind him and live in the present 'because his actions now will shape his future'. Sadly, he always answered with the same thing, 'he had a goal in his mind and wanted to achieve it, no matter the cost'.

After he was pleased with each student's position, the master signaled him or her to shut up, a sign that meant that he had something important to tell him or her. After everyone's attention was directed to him, the master began.

"Today I am going to teach you something totally different compared to what you have learned so far, so I'm asking you to pay extra attention. Not many have succeeded in using this talent called magic." The children started to talk among themselves, enthusiastic at the thought that they will soon going to use magic. The master coughed and everyone was silent.

"First, I'll take my time and explain you the basics of the magic. The origin of magic is unknown. A theory says that it is a force equal in strength with the force that has created this world. Now, you might be wondering what magic actually is. Very well, then. Magic is the name for the manipulation of the magical energy that flows through every one of us. Each elf is born with this energy in him, possessing a different amount of power.

"There are those who possess more magical energy, and those who possess less, but this is irrelevant in our first lesson. Today, I will try to help you find the magical energy that lies dormant inside of every one of you. This magical energy is used to cast different spells, each with its own utility. To cast a spell, you need two different things: magical energy and the word that determines the shape or the purpose the magical energy will take. For example, "Fire!" shouted the master, raising his hand towards the sky. An orange flame was visible, but it quickly disappeared. Every one of them shuddered at the display of magic, astonished by what they have seen just moments ago.

Not wasting a second, the master continued, "What I did was to determine the trajectory with my hand, the quantity of energy released and the name of the shape which the magical energy takes. Of course, you cannot control the quantity of energy yet, so do not worry about the last part. Now, I want you to concentrate and try to discover the magical energy inside of you. You may begin!"

Each elf closed his eyes, concentrating on the task at hand. Noticing that Eraniel didn't close his eyes, Dorinth hit him with the elbow, obtaining an immediate response. Eraniel soon closed his eyes, imitating the others.

"Concentrate! Discover yourself in the process! The magical energy is the bright door in the surrounding darkness that exists within your mind! Reach towards that door!" The words of his master motivated Dorinth even more, who detached himself from what was around him. It was only he and the nature.

"Try to push aside everything around you! Concentrate on finding the source of the magical energy. Search deeply into your mind and you will succeed." Try as he did, Eraniel couldn't gasp his master's words. How could such a source of energy exist inside his body without him being aware of it? It was impossible!

Meanwhile, Dorinth concentrated even more, ignoring the surrounding forest. He was alone in a dark place. Everywhere he looked, was dark, save for a flash of light. What was that? Reaching with his mind towards that place, Dorinth felt an alien presence in his body, something that he has never felt before. Realizing what that was, he shouted. "Brisingr!" A spark was visible for a second, and then it vanished. The other elves opened their eyes to see what was going on, but it was too late. The master turned around and eyed Dorinth.

"Congratulations, Dorinth. It seems you are the first one to discover the magical energy." He raised his voice for everyone to hear. "As you have noticed, magic needs a lot of practice until you are able to use it at its maximum capacity. At first, you will not be able to use it at all. In time and with training, you will be able to understand its secrets. Now, continue with your training."

As much as he tried, Eraniel couldn't understand what the old man was babbling about. The silence has been broken when another impatient student has given up on the search for his inner magical energy.

"Ebrithil, what happens if we use a powerful spell? Is this energy unlimited?" the master was not very pleased by the lack of focus his students were experiencing, but he had to answer this question, sooner or later.

"A good question that is. The magical energy is not unlimited. Before casting a spell, you must know your limits, for if you ignore this, the consequences will be severe. You also have to take emotions into consideration. Some emotions, like anger or fear, might help you connect with the magical energy easier, but do not be foolish to exhaust yourself in the process. Nothing good comes when emotions are governing you. Remember that." The master paused, not wanting to divulge everything about magic in their first lesson.

After this brief stop, he resumed. "You will learn about all those things at a later time. For now, please focus on the task at hand. By the end of the day, I want every one of you to find the mystical pool of energy."


It wasn't long before the village of Taelmarlis came into sight. From that distance at which they stood, the two elves could observe all of the commotion that was taking place inside the village. Eraniel increased his pace, eager to find out what was happening. Making his way trough the thick crowd, he headed towards the market square where the festival was going to take place. The only significant changes he could observe were the lack of booths to provide more space to accommodate the entire crowd. A platform caught his attention, which was probably the place where Anethelron was going to hold the speech. It was a good spot, he thought. The entire village would be able to see him from there.

After a while, Dorinth joined him, amazed by the sheer amount of people that surrounded the central platform. Hundreds of elves awaited this moment that was going to mark a new beginning in their life. As he looked around him, Dorinth had no doubt that most of the elves were young, almost as young as him. He hit Eraniel with his elbow, adding with a sarcastic tone. "I wouldn't want to be late to such an important event. It seems time was on our side."

Some of the italics might not be present, I will fix this tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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Awesome Mate, BTW thanks for the reveiw, I will write some more of chapter 2 tonight.

Will you bring this up to the level the others are at?

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Of course. All in due time. I posted 5 chapters in 2 minutes! Beat that! I will put a better review for the next chapter, as I lacked time when I wrote the first one. I forgot to mention the riddle, but I didn't know the answer anyway, so I have an excuse, even if it is pathetic :D
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Hey there! I already critiqued your story on IF and I couldn't really find anything TO critic so...I don't think I'll find anything here either, considering it's copied and pasted Razz

I really hope you'll update fast Rofl
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Chapter 6: A bold decision

Eraniel tried to ignore the children who whispered to each other and closed his eyes, focusing on the task at hand. Finally feeling something, he shouted, “Break!” The branch stirred slightly so he grew exultant. He had done it! This time, however, it would actually work. But, as he prepared to do it again, everyone around him suddenly burst into laughter.

Tethran sauntered over to him with a wicked smile on his smug face. Trying to stop himself from laughing, he said, “So, did you feel anything? Because, for some strange reason, I felt it also!”

Puzzled, Eraniel tried to defend himself by snapping, “I really did feel something. It’s not that hard after all. I only have to concentrate a little more.” Closing his eyes, he tried to locate the source of magic but was abruptly interrupted by even louder laughter.

After joining the group, Tethran shouted. “That’s not magic you untalented fool! The only thing you felt was the wind, and for your information, we feel it too!” he started to laugh frantically.

That was it; Eraniel couldn’t take it anymore. Running towards Tethran, he did what was only natural. He attempted to punch him in the face, but his fist met the wooden sword the offender was currently holding. Everyone started to laugh even harder at the pathetic display, clearly unimpressed. It looked almost like Tethran was having a ball, playing with Eraniel who tried to do everything in his power to land a punch.

Anger swept over Eraniel when, after several attempts, he could not hit his mark. On top of it all, he had hurt himself. Though, he didn’t mind because all that mattered was to show these younglings that insulting and making fun of him would only end up in agony.

“I will make you pay for this! Do you hear me?” cried Eraniel, pushing another student, who almost lost his balance. “Give me that!” he yelled with anger, picking the wooden sword that was resting at his hip. Tethran didn’t even flinch. It was just another duel he was going to win. Gathering his strength and letting his rage guide his blow, Eraniel charged his opponent and prepared to strike him with all his might. He almost reached his target, but lost his focus and changed his direction when he was distracted by a shout.

“Stop it, all of you!” commanded a voice that had made itself noticeable from the distance between them. The young elf immediately recognized his master’s voice, and knew that he would be in deep trouble if he were to be caught fighting with the other younglings. The fact that they were provoking him didn’t matter at all. His anger turned to fear as he looked around, trying to find a way to get out of here as fast as he could. Noticing that all the younglings were looking at the master, who was approaching fast, Eraniel seized this opportunity and ran away towards the forest with tears in his eyes. He didn’t want to spend another second with those emotionless kids. The master didn’t bother to stop Eraniel, as it was common for him to run away from the various troubles he was getting himself into. He headed towards the group of younglings to find out what happened. It was not hard for him to understand what had occurred.

Noticing the wooden sword among the branches, the older elf muttered a word and the branch cracked, letting the sword fall freely. “Dorinth, go after Eraniel.” Ordered the master with a commanding tone and handed him the sword.

“I will,” replied the kid with a bit of distaste and ran towards the forest.

After Dorinth left, the master inspected everybody with his emerald eyes, making them feel uneasy. Deciding that this mental threatening will lead to nowhere, the master finally spoke.

“I want one of you to tell me what happened here and the reason behind your foolish act.” The young elves took a step back, not wanting to be held responsible for what seemed to be a joke to them. To their dismay, they found that their master was not going to give in to their pleadings as he kept his cold stare on a brown haired youngling. This youngster finally succumbed to the master’s obtrusiveness and began to tell him everything he wanted to know.

With each step, Eraniel was moving further and further away from those younglings who knew nothing about him. Will nobody accept me for who I am? Am I so different? These thoughts plagued his mind, making him question if he would ever truly be able to overcome the obstacles hurtled at him and fulfill his only objective: to make himself noticeable to the world and at the same time to make his parents proud of him.
However, the other younglings weren’t making this easy for him, and every time an incident like that happened he slowly began to lose his confidence in himself and his abilities.

Suddenly, he stopped running both from exhaustion and from an idea that unexpectedly occurred to him at the same time. No, I cannot let myself be deceived by those fools. They know nothing about me, and in time, I will show them that I am not the loser they make me out to be! Anger... an anger that he kept hidden for so long, anger that wasn’t directed at a particular person or object, but on the whole world, began to rise as he let himself be driven by his emotions. A wicked smile appeared on his face that, along with his black eyes that held a determined stare, gave him an evil appearance.
No, I will not step back. I will prove to everyone that I’m not weak… at any cost, even if that means to change who I am. Yes... yes, and I will begin with those fools! Evil thoughts flooded his mind, thoughts that were hidden deep within him and awaited to be uncovered.

Dorinth kept running as a steady pace, hoping that he would catch up with Eraniel before he could venture farther into the forest, where it will be much harder to track him down. He constantly looked in every direction he could to catch a glimpse of him, and, much to his surprise, he found him staying near a tree. His rugged clothes contrasted with the deep brown bark.
He slowly advanced towards him, now knowing how to deal with him, hoping that he had calmed down a bit after that incident.

“Eraniel, are you alright?” he asked in a low voice, careful not to startle him.
Then, suddenly, Eraniel turned his head around and fixed him with the coldest stare he was capable of, that maniacal grin on his face.

“Now, I will show you what I am truly capable of!”

Eraniel suddenly woke up. It was just one of those numerous moments when the whole world was rejecting him, but he learned to cope with it. There was nothing he could have done for now, he just had to wait for the opportune moment to strike and to finally prove who he really was.


“Eraniel!” shouted Dorinth to his absent-minded friend. “Eraniel, say something!” shaking his head, Eraniel looked at Dorinth who was watching him, his eyes wide with concern. Trying to remember what had happened, Eraniel blinked several times before replying.

“What’s the matter? Can’t you just ignore me and do what you want for a second? It’s not like you are bound to me, you know.” He voiced his thoughts with a slightly angry voice, which surprised Dorinth.

The silver haired elf blamed the stress in an attempt to find an explanation for his friend’s outburst. Deciding not to search too deep because of its irrelevance, Dorinth tried to justify his reason.

“I just wanted to know what happened. You were just staring at that platform blankly. It doesn’t matter; let it trouble you no more. What do you intend to do?”

Eraniel looked around him before he walked away silently, blending in with the crowd.
The mass of people started to disperse, each elf going to his home to get the necessary equipment for the journey ahead of them. The sun was still high in the sky, and everyone wanted to leave as soon as possible to take advantage of the light, else they would be forced to set up camp sooner than intended. Eraniel observed several young elves, equipped with fine bows, run away in different directions. The village was bustling with activity, restless elves running down the streets. Some of them were asking their parents for advice or simply making plans for the trip.

Eraniel was not really comfortable in the middle of the boisterous village so he headed towards the exit of the village. He needed a quiet place where he could think clearly, so he increased his pace, forcing Dorinth to follow him despite the questions he wanted to get an answer for.

As soon as the exit of the village came into view, Eraniel’s walk turned into a stride. Dorinth decided to follow him and hopefully understand the reason behind his actions. It wasn’t long before the two elves entered the vast, luxuriant forest. Their run came to a stop when they reached a clearing, the same clearing where they had spent the night before. Eraniel sat on the cool grass, pondering about the possible areas to hunt. The mountains to the southeast seemed the best option to find dangerous beasts, so he settled with this idea. Noticing his companion who was watching a bird, Eraniel decided to get it over with so he could pursue his dream.

“I think it is best to go south and then head to the eastern mountains,” he bellowed as he got up, to make sure his partner will hear his idea.

“Fine. I have no…problems with it,” muttered Dorinth, a bit distracted. For him, the destination was not important. He just wanted to travel with Eraniel.

Taking a few steps ahead, he looked back at Dorinth and then turned around, saying in a low, almost inaudible voice, “Then I will get going. Night will soon settle in and I have no time to waste.” He grabbed his newly filled knapsack and started to move, feeling a bit anxious because of his plans.

Picking an oval shaped fruit from his knapsack, Dorinth took a quick bite as he looked at the elf in the distance. The elf found the taste of the fruit surprisingly good as he hurried up to finish it. He then looked at the sky, noticing that the sun was soon going to set.

“You can go ahead, I am going to-” he quickly discarded the last part of his fruit as he realized the full meaning of Eraniel’s words. “Wait! What to you mean by that?” A part of his eagerness was gone because of this new prospect. He soon reached his friend who kept moving, paying no attention to his surroundings.

Eraniel frowned when he heard the noisy elf behind him, disturbed by his continuous replies. Everything he said made no sense to him. All that mattered was his objective. Turning around, he fixed his dark eyes on the silver haired elf, displeasure visible on his face.

“You heard me well, so don’t make me repeat that. You know that I hate to repeat myself. It makes me look ridiculous.” He paused, searching for the right explanation that would describe his motives. His frown disappeared as he voiced his thoughts slyly.

“Dorinth, you understand the reason why I will have to ask you to leave. This is something I have to do alone. From now on, our ways part.” It was a difficult situation for Dorinth. He had to come up with something fast, or Eraniel will just keep his word and go alone.

“Eraniel, you heard Anethelron. There’s no harm done if I accompany you. It’s you who will get the credit for the kill-” he was abruptly interrupted by Eraniel’s harsh tone.

“NO!” He took a deep breath, resuming with a calm voice. “You do not understand. Besides, I am going to the mountains to hunt one of those big wolves the villagers kept talking about. I have trained too much to fail at such simple task.” It was not easy for him to hide his impatience and frustration, but it was the only way he could convince his friend to leave.

Noticing that mere dialogue was not going to get him anywhere, Dorinth decided to adopt a sly approach, hoping that Eraniel will fall for it. With a wavering tone, he expressed his concern.

“But there can be Urgals along the way! Numerous elves were talking about a band of Urgals which are roaming the south eastern mountains in search of various opportunities to prove themselves to their chief.” He stopped, a tint of anxiety making itself noticeable. Keeping eye contact with the elf in front of him, he continued. “Together, we have more chances to drive them away should we get ambushed, and we can keep an eye on our surrounding while sleeping by taking turns.” He waited impatiently for a response, his grip tightening on his knapsack.

Eraniel pondered what Dorinth said for a while. His gaze drifted to his surroundings, the vast amount of trees lowering his line of sight and the large trees, together with some of the bigger rocks making the perfect hiding for someone that wanted to keep its presence concealed. He’s right. If I will venture in a forest like this one I could very well be ambushed by someone, be it Urgal or an elf that wants to steal whatever trophy I may acquire. It will prove difficult to sleep and keep watch at the same time. The fatigue will eventually take its toll on me and I need to be in the best shape when I encounter the beast, the light brown haired elf noticed. For an unknown reason, the memory of the beast he glimpsed a while ago came into his mind. Surely it would prove to be a remarkable achievement if he would be competent to bring it down by himself. That’s what I have to do! I will track down that flying, scaly being and put an end to its existence to enhance mine. No other elf is skilled and keen as I am! Alone, I will do something worth to remember, and no one will ever laugh at me again. NEVER! His face acquired a wicked smile for a second. This thought filled him with enthusiasm. It was the opportunity he waited for all his life. Returning to his initial state, he turned to Dorinth and smiled with satisfaction.

“Of course you can come along. I could use your help, my friend. Two trackers are better than one, am I right?” He headed towards Dorinth, patting him on the shoulder. After that, he quickly turned around and started to move.

“Come! We have a long way to cover,” shouted the elf, his pace even faster than before.

This sudden change in his behavior puzzled Dorinth whose blue eyes shifted towards Eraniel, thinking about his earlier behavior. Never before has this occurred. Eraniel was usually a person who sticks up to the first idea that springs into his mind. Something was troubling Dorinth about this, yet he couldn’t put his finger of it. It was like Eraniel wanted to use him…
He felt a quick rise in his emotions, dislike at being used especially, but he quickly controlled himself as an idea occurred to him: he would go along with Eraniel’s plan until he will find out what his friend has in mind.

“Very well, it is settled.” With that, Dorinth ran to Eraniel’s side, joining him in his journey.

Oh my god! Does Eraniel really plan to track a dragon? He might be in for a surprise, but his past has already determined his path I believe. The next chapter will be a dragon chapter! Hooray! It will not be really interesting because it is more like an introduction, but I have something special for my dragons, you just have to bear with me until I reach that part.

On a side note, what do you think about the decision to track a dragon? Was it too fast? Too sudden? I want to hear your opinion on this one.
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Chapter 7: A different hunt

It was a gloomy spring day, heavy grey clouds filling the skies. The grey giants looked like they had swallowed the mountain peaks, enveloping them. The mountains of the Spine were barely visible. It was close to dusk, the light slowly fading away from the sky and land. Once in a while, lightning illuminated the dull, grey sky, strong bouts of thunder often following, shaking the hushed atmosphere. The vast forests situated at the base of the mountains stretched far and wide, basking the view with different shades of green. Pine trees, fir trees; all different arbores could be sighted, mixing in a random pattern.

The upper heights of the mountains were decorated with tall fir trees that offered a streak of colour to the steep and ragged cliffs that couldn't support any other form of vegetation on them. The fir trees were taller compared to the ones found at the base of the mountains, somehow adapting to the harsh conditions which they had to confront.

It was a still landscape; only the wind blowing through the corridors created by the mountains moved the leaves in the trees to disturb the peace that was brought before the storm. Every being which lived in the forest was searching for a place to shelter from the upcoming storm, afraid of the rumbling thunders which warned about what was to come.

But, despite the monotone landscape, a speck of gold could be seen gliding gracefully across the landscape. The graceful gliding was brought to a halt when the being swooped into a steep dive as it accelerated towards the ground, looking like it was going to crash. Birds flew out of the trees as the sound of animals scattering in panic alerted almost all the residents in the area of the impending danger.

You are a fast one, but there is no escape from a predator of the sky thought Sinedar, his golden eyes fixed on his prey, a pudgy deer that was moving fast despite its bulky body.

Usually, a dragon should take his prey by surprise and kill it before it had realized what had struck it, but because Sinedar was a young dragon, failing was part of learning the hunt. Because of this, the hunt – which is the art of stalking and opportune strike – turned into a chase among the dense forests.

The dragon kept following the deer idly, enjoying the thrill of the hunt as he followed his prey while at the same time he was careful not to hit some of the bigger trees that got in his way. When a clearing could be spotted ahead, the dragon ascended briefly before accelerating towards his prey with astonishing speed, digging the claws of his hind legs into the deer's flank, all while manoeuvring his body around so that he wouldn't hit any branches that could hurt him in the process.

Crack! The sound of branches cracking and the desperate cries of the deer filled the area, alerting any animals nearby that someone just lost its life to sate a predator's hunger. Sinedar roared with pride as the buck lied limp in his claws.

He released his prey – which fell motionlessly onto the ground – before he landed. He followed, dropping to the ground with thump. Satisfied of his accomplishment, he sat on his haunches to regain his strength as his breath slowly regained its normal rhythm.

Sinedar was a medium sized dragon for his age. He was roughly 4 months old, his body being the size of a rhino. The golden scales covering his body sparkled like suns, bright spheres of molten gold. The thin membrane of his wings was a lighter shade of yellow, accenting his scales perfectly. His muscular hind legs provided the necessary force to lift his body from the ground and his now bloodies paws were equipped with sharp, ivory claws. Trailing along his spine to the tip of his tail were different size spikes adorning his back bearing the same colour as his claws.

It's not how I thought it would turn out to be, but at least I got myself a fine meal, the golden dragon thought before proceeding to examine his injuries. He didn't notice any serious injuries; only minor small bloodied cuts that could be seen along his wing membranes which were more irritating than painful.

Well, it's better than the last time, and these will heal in a short time, Sinedar said to himself, tucking his wings to his body after he examined the wounds with his snout.
He began to feast on his kill, eating as fast as he could before the light would completely fade. Even for a dragon's enhanced sight, it would be hard for him to spot anything from a distance unless it provided some kind of light. Normally, night wouldn't be a problem if the sky was clear, but given the circumstances it would soon be pitch black and he didn't know how far the hunt had taken him from home.

After the dragon ate as much as he could from the carcass, he observed the mess he had made. He gave a draconic grin and then licked the blood off of his snout. He felt a light touch on his back and he turned around. Nothing. He sniffed the air but he couldn't smell anything but blood and rain. Rain! Sinedar looked up to the sky and was met with an unexpected force colliding with his snout, sending tiny droplets of water in different directions.

Sinedar snorted in irritation and more drops of water pelted his head. A chill swept through his body as a gust of wind whooshed around him. Bewildered, his cocked his head to the side and looked at the forest in front of him. His eyes widened when he saw a great torrent of downpour rapidly approaching him and he took to the skies, beating his wings furiously to avoid being smashed in the trees by the powerful air currents that came before the rain.

He was blind to where he was going, the night dark hiding everything and the rain running into his eyes didn't help. His energy was quickly depleting as he struggled against the rain and wind.

Blasted weather! He thought grittily. Realising the distance back to his natal cave was too far, he decided he should find a shelter of some kind from the weather but a part of him wanted to keep going so that he could reach his parents and sleep in their warm embrace so he kept flying.

As his mind drifted towards the familiar cave, a huge flash of lightning followed by a loud rumble sent him into full awareness and he landed as soon as he found a clearing, fearing for his safety as multiple bolts of lightning could be seen cutting through the stormy sky at different time intervals, followed by ear-splitting bangs.

Sinedar hit the ground with a loud thud but he lost his balance and hit ground face first, covering his lower jaw, neck and belly in mud. He was a bit disappointed that he somehow managed to fail at such an easy thing such as landing, but he didn't think much of it as he looked up at the sky, growling in frustration. It was completely black, exempting the times when forks of lightning lit up the sky.

He snorted and began to move, sometimes bumping into trees and different objects as he tried to find shelter as fast as possible. After some time, fatigue began to accumulate and Sinedar was growing increasingly tired but he didn't stop. Moving incoherently through the forest, the golden dragon continued his search. Rain continued to pelt him and some was beginning to slip through his scales, chilling his sensitive skin.

He eventually crashed to the ground under a tree with a frustrated wail, his limbs sore from the prolonged effort. The tree's thick foliage did little to protect him from the elements but it lessened the force of the wind around him. He didn't move from his place for some time, shivering because of the cold weather. In time, he gathered up what little energy he had left and curled up into a ball, the tip of his tail touching his snout, to preserve body heat.

The pressure of the rain was starting to lessen but the temperature was getting lower, forcing the exhausted dragon to find an alternate solution of shelter rather than to sleep out in the open.

He sluggishly got up with a low growl to signal his displeasure and checked on his surroundings. He was surrounded by trees and there was no visible place that could shelter him from the heavy rain, but as a bolt of lightning illuminated the landscape, he could notice that he wasn't very far away from a cliff face.

Getting his hopes up, Sinedar started to move as fast as he could towards the newly discovered refuge but the lack of light wasn't helping him so he had to wait for a few more bolts of lightning to light up the sky to see where he was going.

When he arrived near his objective, he quickly began to inspect the cliff face in search for a place that could at least shield him from the unforgiving and cold rain that was draining his body temperature rather quickly given the fact that his scales didn't completely shield him from the water drops and a drop or two could make their way towards his warm and sensitive skin located under his natural armour.

After some searching for any warm and cosy caves that he could sleep in, luck struck the dragon. In front of him was a middle sized cave which could provide the necessary shelter from the bad weather. Sinedar rumbled happily and moved towards it. When he reached it, he realized that it would be a tight squeeze. As he shuffled his body into the cave, the golden dragon was forced to lower himself onto his belly so that his wings would not touch the cold ceiling.

It's not home, but it will suffice thought Sinedar as he coiled his body, preparing for sleep.


Sinedar was suddenly roused from his sleep by an angry growl that came from outside of the cave.

Grrr! What now! Sinedar growled angrily. The golden dragon opened his eyes to see what the cause of his disturbance was. He looked outside the cave and noticed that the rain had stopped and the clouds dissipated, revealing a full moon that was shining its light across the landscape and thousands of twinkling dots that covered the serene night sky.

At first he thought that his mind was playing tricks on him and that he was still a dreaming but it was proven otherwise when he heard something approaching his location. He quickly got up from the comfortable position and using his sharp senses he could make out the form of the invader. It was a large bear, a bit smaller than him, but still a formidable opponent if the two of them would engage in a fight.

Sinedar eyed the bear carefully as it got closer, trying to predict the animal's reaction. The bear raised its nose and sniffed the air, smelling the strange creature that was residing in what appeared to be a good shelter from the bad weather but didn't get any closer as it feared that the creature may suddenly attack.

The dragon got bored of the bear's impassive attitude and decided that it wouldn't do any good to end its life, taking into consideration the exhaustion from his earlier ordeal and this would be just another waste of energy. With a loud roar, he sent the bear on its way, the brown creature running for its life. Sinedar snorted, amused by the bear's reaction.

That was a wise decision on your part. Life is more valuable than a shelter. He then let out a louder roar to prevent any inhabitant of the forest to approach that cave. It was his place for now. He slowly closed his golden eyes and with a low growl he fell back asleep.


He woke up the next morning feeling refreshed. He slowly got up, yawning and stretching his body. The cave was not really comfortable so he was forced to sleep in a rather awkward position. For this reason, his left wing was numb. As he left the cave, a cool rush of wind brushed against his scales, making the dragon quiver with anticipation of the approaching day.

After a little while, he looked up and tried to guess what time of day it was but the sun's light blinded him, forcing him to shut his eyes tightly for a moment. Bright spots danced across his vision as he slowly opened his eyes again. After he got used to the light, Sinedar started to explore his surroundings. He walked around the surrounding forest, trying to find anything that was familiar to him. He felt unsure, having never explored this part of his parent's territory.

I must be somewhere near the edge of our territory. He shrugged at the thought, grateful that he wasn't in the territory of another dragon.

Realising his parents were awaiting for him to come back, he stretched his sore wings then flapped them several times to make sure he was able to fly effectively. Even though his wings pained him a little, he dug his claws into the soft earth and used his muscular hind legs to propel him as he took to the skies, flapping his wings furiously to gain altitude. The pain made itself apparent as the dragon flapped harder but he had to push on. He knew if he didn't get home soon his parents would start to get worried and probably begin searching for him which wasn't that bad except the fact that he knew they would discipline him for being reckless. Various threats were lurking in these forests; threats that were especially dangerous for a young dragon such as Sinedar. Trying to push the uncomfortable notion aside, the golden dragon tried to think about his sister, but to no avail. Feeling a favourable air current, he veered to the left in hope of alleviating the pain.

The onrush of air made the pain subside for a bit as his wing beats slowed down, allowing the currents to do the job for him.

He continued to glide for a while enjoying the freedom he had while he was in the air, occasionally giving a hard flap of his wings to maintain the altitude which kept dropping despite the favourable air currents and his occasional wing beats. He soon stopped his wing beats and continued to glide towards a place not far away from his position, in which no trees grew. It wasn't the best choice to make a landing, but the dragon's small stature allowed him to touch down without any problems. He carefully manoeuvred his position in the air, and beat his wings slowly to slow his decent despite the pain which annoyed him more than it actually hurt.

When he was close enough to the ground, he unfurled his wings to their maximum length and landed on his hind legs with a small thud, then quickly placing his front legs on the ground, a grumble escaping his throat.

That went better than I expected, Sinedar snorted as he tucked his wings back against his body and began to explore the area around him.

Luck shined upon him as the sound of a stream caught his ears. He quickly moved towards the source of the noise and recognized the stream as being the one where he was playing with his little sister not to long ago.

Realizing that he almost reached his destination, the dragon let out a roar of happiness and proceeded to drink from the stream to quench his thirst. He only managed to drink a bit before he was interrupted by a familiar thud.

He quickly scanned the area around him to search for the intruder. Everything ranged from green, which were the leaves of the trees, to brown, which mainly belonged to the trunks of the trees. But among the different shades of green and brown, Sinedar noticed a speck of blue approaching his location fast.

He barely had time to recognize the figure as it plunged into its side, throwing him in the small stream, making the dragon yelp in the process. The blow was powerful, but much of the force dissipated when Sinedar was thrown into the water because of the force of the impact.

Sinedar tried to get up and make a run for it despite the pain coming from his right flank, but was pinned down by what appeared to be a larger sapphire dragon which was growling at him. He tried to communicate with him but it proved ineffective as the dragon had its mind closed from everything.

Sinedar panicked and tried to break free by kicking with his hind legs and moving his wings, but to no avail. The other dragon was bigger and more powerful than him, and if a fight would start between the two of them Sinedar would be gravely injured, or even killed, a prospect that frightened the younger dragon.

Realizing that aggressive actions won't lead him anywhere, the golden dragon simply laid limp, hoping that the other dragon, if he had any intention to fight, would have the decency to spare his life if he saw that he didn't want to put up a fight.

The sapphire dragon let out a loud roar as he leaned his head towards Sinedar's neck. Sinedar thought that he was going earn himself a bite and closed his eyes in the anticipation of the attack, but to his surprise it never came.

As he opened his eyes to see what was going on, Sinedar noticed that the sapphire's dragon nostrils were twitching as he sniffed his neck. Sinedar was bewildered by the older dragon's actions and tried to move, but before he was able to do something he received a quick nudge from the dragon, then he heard a deep yet very familiar voice speaking in his mind.

Dead! He then licked Sinedar on the neck. You did not learn a thing from what I have taught you, did you? If you are pinned, try to use your tail to imbalance your opponent or distract him enough to make your other move. The sapphire dragon named Serkath nuzzled Sinedar encouragingly and allowed him to get up.

Noticing that the golden dragon almost slipped on the wet rocks, Serkath chuckled. Do you need some help? Looks like you do.

Sinedar growled in frustration; was not in the mood for satirical comments. He dug his claws on the bottom of the river and, with the improved balance, he managed to get up. He let out a surprised growl as he found himself back in the water in the next second.

He snarled at Serkath, annoyed by his actions. What was that for? I'm not in the mood for games, father.

As soon as he got up he jumped to the river bank to make sure that no drop of water would touch his scales again if Serkath knocked him over again. He fixed his eyes on the sapphire dragon who was growling strangely, apparently laughing at his son's clumsiness.

That isn't funny! I was convinced that you were another dragon, ready to attack me for trespassing your territory, said Sinedar with a bit of irritation, shaking his body to remove the water droplets

The sapphire dragon became serious again as he approached his son.

Now that would be a surprise. From where did you get this idea anyway? I showed you the boundaries of our territory when you were smaller so you should have an idea when you are about to leave it. Noticing the sun's position, the dragon unfurled his wings, preparing to take off. We should get going. Your mother awaits your return. I presume you will tell me what happened along the way.

Circling above the golden dragon, Serkath wondered why Sinedar was having difficulties flapping his wings. He chuckled as he realized what the problem was. Now, don't tell me you can't fly. You truly are a hatchling…

Blood rushed through Sinedar's face. To hide his embarrassment, the dragon beat his wings with force and used his hind legs to launch himself into the air.

So, what do you think about my first dragon POV? This chapter was more centered on description, providing a little insight in a dragon's life. As I mentioned before I submitted the chapter, we will have two POVs from now on, as the story splits into two. Interesting, isn't it?As always, reviews are greatly appreciated and I would really like to know what you guys like/dislike about the story, what do you think about the characters, how is the plot so far, things like these. More comments= fuel to keep me going Smile" border="0" alt=").gif" />
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Chapter 8:Through rain and darkness

Slowly, the sun began to settle on the horizon, leaving behind a sky akin to a magnificent painting. The darkness was brushed by the orange hues of light left behind by the dieing rays of the sun; an artist's paintbrush settling on many tinges of pink that blended into the darkening sky to form a brilliant shade of purple.

As the two elves emerged, the moon began to rise slowly in the wake of the sun. It made its ascent into the sky where sparse diminutive clouds were illuminated, creating a silvery sheen across their surface. This gave light to the elves a pathway to find a profitable place to lay camp.

At Dorinth's suggestion, the elves decided upon a place where a few trees provided shelter against the gust of winds brought up from the unseen sea to their right. This spot also allowed the elves a good vantage point to scout for danger. Also, the fallen wood could easily be used to sustain the hungry flame of the fire they planned to create.

Eraniel had asked his companion why they couldn't simply sleep in the forest, a place he had slept many a night before. Dorinth grudgingly agreed, warning against the many dangers that could arise from this particular venture. The silver-haired elf wasn't willing to take any unnecessary risks. Until now, the travelers hadn't argued about anything important since the moment Eraniel came up with his plan.

As they rested, Dorinth told him about his life after he had finished his training as a warrior. Eraniel listened to him, without sharing his own past deeds to Dorinth. His past was not something he wanted to remember, something filled with many painful memories. However, it wasn't not making for an interesting story either, so Eraniel kept this for himself. Most of his time had been spent on different training methods to hone his skills and to increase his chances as a hunter.

After he had finished, Dorinth decided to go hunt for wood for the fire. Eraniel watched him leave, calculating a plan. I can't tell Dorinth about the beast I have decided to track because he would not understand. He lamented silently. He has always been against insignificant killing. He does not know how it is to be a hunter! More so, if that beast is as beautiful as that senseless story made it sound, he will be reluctant when it comes to help me. What to do…?

It was silence all around. The only sound came from the wind that was moving the branches of the trees, the leaves rustling against it. The elf picked a leaf from the forest floor, squeezing it in his hand. Everything in this world has a purpose, even this leaf. Dead leaves fall to the ground, decaying over time and enriching the ground with nutrients. In turn, it contributes to the growth of the other plants and ultimately to the various creatures that inhabit the forests. What is my true purpose? Eraniel mused.

He stared into the forest idly, rolling the remains of the crushed leaf between his fingers. He suddenly had an epiphany. We will split up. As soon as I reach my destination, our ways will part. It is my dream! My desire! He will not spoil the moment I have awaited my entire life. Eraniel thought excitedly.

He was very pleased with himself. However, he hadn't the time for self-praise when the shadowy figure of an elf made itself noticeable in the distance. As he approached Eraniel, Dorinth dropped the bundle of branches he had managed to gather. After he positioned the wood to his liking, he had started the fire with a simple spell. He plopped down near the fire, yawning.

"I'm always the one who tends to the fire… next time, it's your turn," Dorinth whined. Eraniel muttered something inaudible, but Dorinth didn't seem to care at all. Sleep was the only thing he had on his mind. It wasn't long before he succumbed, leaving Eraniel to watch for possible threats, Urgals being an obvious possibility.


The shroud of darkness dissipated as the first rays of light appeared on the horizon. Dorinth went to Eraniel's side, trying to wake him from slumber. Neither of them appreciated the new method of circumspection, but it was better than being caught unawares. A surprise attack would leave no room for different maneuvers, the ambushers clearly having the upper hand in that case.

Eraniel yawned, brushing his sleep-lined eyes. He quickly picked up his belongings and started to walk, leaving Dorinth behind without saying a word. His companion was not at all surprised by his behavior. Time was of the essence, and the trip to the mountains was a long one.

Different shades of pink and orange filled the morning sky as the sun appeared on the horizon. A cool wind refreshed the two elves who had, by now, reached the southern plains. Traveling at a steady pace with a quick break along the way, the travelers decided to do anything in order to reach the forest situated at the base of the mountains by nightfall. It was there where Eraniel was going to find what he was looking for.

Fatigue made itself known as the pace at which the elves traveled at did not recede even a fraction. They only stops they made were those made when they were truly exhausted and needed to catch their breath a short while. Sadly, those didn't happen very often. Dorinth was not at all fond of this type of traveling. He preferred to take his time heading towards any given destination. If he were to encounter an Urgal party or some other wild creatures, he would not have the energy to fight now, least of all outrun them in his tired condition.

This situation was not very different. Even if he traveled with a companion, it sometimes seemed like he traveled alone. Actually, Eraniel rarely said a word. The only times they would talk would be when they made their quick stops to catch their breath. Even then, they barely spoke a word to each other as they panted. The strain they put their leg muscles under made them forget about the conversation and concentrate on their recovery.

Continuing to travel late into mid afternoon, Dorinth finally insisted that they should take a longer break. They needed to eat something and talk about the journey. Also, they had to form different plans for when they arrived near the southeastern mountains.

Eraniel was reluctant to agree, but as the pain in his legs intensified due to the continuous running, he finally decided to do as his companion wished. He collapsed on the ground, trying to relax as best as he could.

Dorinth did the same, though he moved around in search of something, something that he quickly found as he moved towards a dirt mound covered with different plants. Obviously, it was a sign that whatever animal dug it was long gone from that area. He let out a groan as he sat on top of it.

Eraniel withdrew his water skin, panting. The cool liquid running down his dry throat instantly refreshed him. He had to remind himself to breathe as water spilt down the sides of his mouth. He swallowed the mouthful of water in his mouth and then lowered the waterskin slowly. He caught Dorinth eying him sceptically and shrugged.

"So," Dorinth said still frowning. "What happens when we reach the southeastern mountains?" Dorinth asked through gulps of his own water. "Do we just track your little beast and that's it? I certainly hope you have studied the location a bit, as our water supply will vanish in no time if we keep this pace." Unlike Eraniel's, his water skin had not been refilled before they left, an unwise decision on his part. All that he could hope for was that Eraniel's geographical knowledge will help them find a river when they enter the forest situated at the base of the mountains.

Eraniel felt a knot in his stomach when Dorinth's words reached his ears. He had no idea what to tell him at that moment, and the fatigue didn't help it either. His mind was going slower than usual, but he had to think of something to eliminate the suspicion.

The answer came with a half voice on a hesitant tone. "Well, first of all we follow the various tracks. And then…"He trailed off. Dorinth raised an eyebrow and Eraniel scowled. "You will just see for yourself. Have patience, will you?" He quickly snapped his mouth in fear of saying something he would regret later. Being questioned about his purpose was not something Eraniel liked to discuss. He valued deeds before words. It did not matter how his desires became true as long as they did; the end justifies the means.

Dorinth looked at him, his blue eyes scanning his face for a second. His answer had taken him by surprise. Did he have a word on this entire trip? Or was it decided from start? Deciding not to contemplate for too long, the elf sighed, putting his water skin back in his knapsack.

"I guess plans will prove futile when it comes to those beasts of the forest you want to track. Some of them might be smarter than you think and then you will regret for not having a back up plan."

Eraniel ignored what Dorinth said, finding his statement impossible. The elves were the dominant species because of their intellect. Every species was considered insignificant, a mere part of the world they were living in. If there was another beast as intelligent as the elves were, why was it hiding? Surely it had to leave some signs of its existence. But there were none, and because of it, this theory was viable. The dominant species had complete power over the others, shaping the world as they desired.

"Whatever, lets just go. Time is of the essence."

They both started to run, not intending to stop until nightfall. It was not an easy task and it required quite a bit of willpower to succeed, but the result was worth it. Of course, they did not manage to reach the forest in time so they were forced to camp in the middle of the plain without a fire to keep them warm. If they had managed to construct one, it wouldn't last long anyway. The relentlessly blowing wind would have quickly put it out. However, the worst was yet to come.

Clouds had been gathering since noon and by now thunderheads were rumbling across the dark, menacing sky. The elves didn't pay much attention to this, considering the gray mass of clouds a blessing. The occasional gusts of wind refreshed them a bit from their constant effort. However, the open plains provided no shelter from the rain and the two travelers soon learned this the hard way. It wasn't long before droplets of water started to fall from the sky, drenching the two elves. Dorinth stopped for a moment, catching his breath.

"Just when we were about to rest, the rain starts. Guess we'll have to continue walking until we reach the forest," he said, positioning his knapsack above his head. He tried to keep at least a part of his body dry, but without success. The wind picked up as the thunder grew in intensity and the elves found themselves moving against the wind.

Eraniel ignored his remark, continuing to walk heedless. They had no energy left for running, but taking a break was not a viable solution either, so they kept going despite the bad meteorological condition. They were greatly annoyed by the droplets of water which continuously hit them in the face as they moved. However, Eraniel placed his knapsack in front of his face to provide a temporary solution for this problem. Dorinth did the same, irritated by this spring rain.

After one hour of walk through rain and darkness, the rain subsided, offering the two elves a chance to rejoice. Dorinth seized this opportunity to address a problem which he considered to be of importance. He moved closer to Eraniel, hitting him with his elbow to get his attention. The elf eyed him with an unpleasant stare, but Dorinth looked in front of him to avoid meeting his eyes.

"We have to be careful from now on. Bands of Urgals roam the forests situated at the base of the mountains. If we are ambushed, I can't guarantee our safety."

Eraniel didn't seem to acknowledge the gravity of this situation and continued his walk as if he didn't hear what his companion said. This passiveness irritated Dorinth. This threat was something real, and Eraniel walked as if he was a veteran who fought hundreds of Urgals. He quickly moved in front of him, forcing him to stop, and expressed his uneasiness.

"Do you hear anything from what I have to say? Urgals are not to be taken lightly. Many elves perished in the wars against them, and you are going to join them if you ignore my advice. Tell me, Eraniel, how many Urgals have you killed? The seriousness on his face disturbed Eraniel His blue eyes were like spears driven through his ignorance.

"Fine, we'll do what you say," added the elf with a trembling voice he had attempted to hide. He feared the unknown a bit, but the instincts of a hunter had never left him down… ever. If they were to encounter those Urgals, Eraniel would surely put up a good fight. In a way, he envied Dorinth for his experience of the outside world. Traveling was a luxury he could not afford, for his destiny had something else planned for him.

Pleased with his response, Dorinth put a hand on his shoulder and said with a gentle voice, "Don't worry too much. They are big, but slow. They will never match our speed." He then smiled and continued. "It will be just like another training session when we were young. Learn your opponent's moves and use them to predict his actions. After that, make use of your agility and strike them in a vulnerable spot. Otherwise, you can just sit and wait until I kill them all," the elf laughed.

For some reason, Eraniel didn't get this joke well. He pushed aside Dorinth's hand and continued moving without saying a thing. Sit and wait… his inability to help his parents during that war had led to their death. Dorinth mused, angry with himself for saying such thing to Eraniel. How could I be so stupid? I can only hope my words will not bring back those dreadful memories to him. Trying to correct his mistake, he ran to Eraniel's side, offering him a round fruit.

"Here. Take this." He handled him the fruit without looking at him. He was ashamed for letting his mouth loose. Luckily, Eraniel accepted the offer. It seemed that all that he had managed to hurt was his pride as a hunter, and Dorinth was thankful for it.

Their walk through the plains proved to be uneventful. After a tedious journey which lasted for almost a day, the elves finally reached the edge of the forest situated at the base of the mountains. The rain stopped, offering them the chance to get some sleep, even if it proved to be something more difficult than they realized. The drenched forest floor was not the most comfortable place to sleep and their clothes were all wet, which caused them to shiver uncontrollably until Dorinth came with the idea to use some spells to light a fire despite the bad conditions.

With a bit of ingenuity, the silver haired elf dried some branches, placed a spell that kept those branches dry even if they were put on the forest floor and managed to light a fire. Eraniel witnessed what Dorinth had just done with a surprised look. He improved since he last seen him. Then again, Dorinth had always been considered a very talented fighter and a skilled magician. After that, they exchanged some thoughts about the next day and they fell asleep, tired from the extended traveling.


Dorinth suddenly stirred, waking up in an instant. He noticed that the clouds had dispersed, letting the rays of the sun touch the refreshed earth. A slight mist crept from the ground as the moisture slowly began to evaporate. The strong light also had an effect on the silver haired elf as he was forced to shut his eyes as he tried to look at the sun through the branches of the trees. It was daybreak and Eraniel was still sleeping.

In the distance he could see the huge mountains that seemed to penetrate the heavens. Something made him feel uneasy. Among the lush vegetation that lied ahead of him there was a slight commotion, like someone, or something, was disturbing the forest from its slumber. With a small sigh he got up and tried to take a better look at what was happening, but he couldn't spot anything because of the thick vegetation.

The silver haired elf quickly roused Eraniel from his sleep. The aforementioned one began to protest at his actions, but he stopped as soon as he saw the tensed face of Dorinth. Knowing that something was wrong, he whispered to him, "I suppose there's a reason why you woke me up like that. So tell me, what's going on?" He tried to mask his frustration as best as he could, but from his tone Dorinth noticed that he wasn't pleased to be woken up from his slumber.

Trying not to start an argument over something so insignificant, Dorinth looked straight into Eraniel's dark eyes with a very serious expression on his face. "Remember when I told you about the Urgals? We may just have encountered a band of them," he said as he pointed ahead towards the place where he noticed the commotion.

Eraniel didn't seem convinced when he diverted his gaze to his knapsack and began to search for something. This really did frustrate Dorinth. He tried to persuade him further to take this more seriously, but Eraniel spoke before he could. "Look at this forest! There could be anything hiding in it, from small critters to huge beasts. How can you be so sure that we stumbled upon a band of Urgals?"

Dorinth flinched slightly. Eraniel had a good point, and all his worry could be in vain. "Yes, you may be right, but I will still check it out," he said as he got up, took his knapsack and unsheathed his sword. "Wait for me here, I will come back shortly." He then sprinted towards the forest, not looking back.

Eraniel simply laid down again and looked towards the sky, the branches of the trees and the leaves that decorated them obscuring his view.
Fool, he will return when he realizes that I was right. Dorinth… he always worries too much about some things.

He continued to contemplate on the recent events, when a rush of wind caused the smaller plants to move and the leaves to rustle.

Eraniel, thinking that Dorinth has returned, asked in a high and mocking voice.

"Back so soon already? I thought that you were going to stay and chat a bit more with the Urgals you keep mentioning."

He waited a while for an answer, but it never came. Instead, he could make out the different sound of footsteps that were quickly approaching his location.

"Come on, there's no reason to be ang-" He never finished as he quickly rolled on the ground, barely managing to avoid being hit by a huge axe. Taking a few steps back to gain some distance, Eraniel looked at the one who attacked him. He froze when its features resembled an Urgal: huge, much larger than him and with a bulky body. Two twisted horns grew above its small ears and the two cold, dark eyes showed no signs of emotion. It was here for a single purpose: to kill him.

The Urgal charged, swinging his axe in an attempt to remove the head of the pitiful being in front of him. Eraniel ducked and drew out his bow while he moved to his left side to avoid another incoming blow. Jumping backwards, he withdrew an arrow from his quiver. However, he was forced to drop it, as he had to avoid a slash aimed at his torso.

The Urgal tried to ram Eraniel, but his speed saved him once again. Jumping to the side in a last moment, he notched an arrow and let it loose, hitting the urgal's back. Enraged, the Urgal turned around and prepared to deliver another blow. Eraniel dodged this one, but the Urgal seized this opportunity and hit him in the chest with his massive hand, knocking the wind out of him.

He stopped after being dragged a few feet across the forest floor, extreme pain running across his body. He was lucky that the Urgal didn't have enough room to gather his full strength, else he would be dead. All that pain prevented him from concentrating in an attempt to reach for the magical energy. Quivering, he reached for another arrow and managed to hit the Urgal in one of his eyes, blood pouring down its face. The horned creature let out a loud howl of pain, but was quickly silenced when another arrow locked itself in its head. Eraniel sighed in relief, but the searing pain returned, causing him to cough. He froze in terror as footsteps could be heard once again. The elf readied his bow and looked around frantically to detect the source of the footsteps. Out of nowhere, Dorinth leaped in front of him, a bloodied sword in his hand. The first thing he noticed was the dead Urgal with the arrow logged in his head.

"Not bad for your first time," he stated casually. Eraniel tried to reply, but he found himself unable to. Dorinth realized what happened and quickly muttered some words. Eraniel grimaced as he felt the oddest sensation of his insides being knit together. Eraniel thanked Dorinth, causing the elf to smile.

"You have earned quite a nasty injury. Several broken ribs and a damaged chest. Next time I might not be around to help you, so be careful. Follow me now. I have found something. It seems to be their camp, and it is not far ahead."

Eraniel glanced down at his chest and then back up to the retreating figure of his guide. "Sure no problem, let's take the injured elf to the enemy's camp." He muttered sarcastically as he got up and followed Dorinth.

Wow! Those guys actually came across a band of Urgals, and Eraniel seems to have difficulties fighting them. This is my longest chapter so far, summing about 4.000 words. Also, if you are wondering about it, the moment you are awaiting for will come.
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Chapter 9: Touch of destiny

As they moved towards the Urgal camp, Eraniel couldn't help but feel a bit tense. What if there were more Urgals lying in wait? What if that was only a scouting party and the camp is teeming? He tried to push these thoughts away, along with his uneasiness. If he was to fail here, it would mean death.

As he advanced, he noticed the bodies of a few Urgals littered along the path. Did Dorinth kill them all? How was that possible? He thought curiously. Eraniel had almost died trying to defend himself against one, yet his friend wiped out an entire patrol. However, what surprised him the most was the sight when they arrived at the camp. Several Urgals were lying dead; all killed with a stab to the heart or a slit throat. Among the corpses, different objects could be seen on the ground, most of them being Urgal belongings due to their humongous size. Amongst the pots and weapons was a chain mail, which was smaller and could not possibly fit an Urgal. Eraniel did not give much thought to it, thinking that the Urgals probably salvaged it from an unfortunate elf.

As he moved towards the corpses to inspect them, the stench of Urgal mixed with all the blood on the ground made him retch. It was a truly gruesome sight. He wiped his mouth as he watched with amazement as Dorinth moved agilely through the massacre to an Urgal and turned him over to reveal two sheathed swords.

"Those swords probably belonged to an unfortunate traveller who was ambushed by those beasts," Dorinth told Eraniel as he crouched down to carefully pick up the swords. "Doesn't look like they'll be bothering any more travellers," he added with grim humour.

He stood up and offered the swords to Eraniel. "Take them. You might find them useful along the way. Their previous owner won't need them any longer." His expression was one of unhappiness mixed with a black humour.

Eraniel accepted the weapons, puzzled. He was still amazed that Dorinth had been able to achieve such feat as killing a whole camp of Urgals. Eraniel had always looked up to Dorinth when it came to his fighting skills, always feeling a bit envious but now this feeling had escalated. However, there was always the possibility that Dorinth had help. The possibility was small but Eraniel just couldn't believe that Dorinth had managed to do this all by himself.

There's only one way to find out he thought as he gathered his wits and asked in a calm tone, not giving any hint of anger or envy. "Dorinth, how did you manage to slay them all?"

Dorinth had a calm expression on his face, apparently not even shaken by the recent events. He had dealt with Urgals before and, unlike Eraniel, he didn't give much thought to it once he was done with them.

He then looked at Eraniel and a smile appeared on his face. "It was not that hard. Once you know their position, they are as good as dead. Urgals have many vulnerable areas, and two of the most important ones are easy to access."

Eraniel nodded and looked away, a response fleeing him when he noticed the smile on Dorinth's face. Why would he smile? To make me feel even more inferior? Different questions and thoughts raged through his mind, reminding him of his past, which was not much different than this situation. It was always the same, his friend succeeding while he failed.

He tried not to ponder on the thought as his gaze switched to the dead Urgal in front of him who had been stabbed in three different areas. So you have improved a great deal my friend, but it's not only you who has trained meanwhile. I will show you the full extent of my abilities soon enough. Just wait, he thought, trying to get over his feelings of inferiority, but a side of him simply couldn't get past that obstacle. Dorinth was his friend, but he didn't stomach the idea very well that Dorinth could surpass him at fighting every time.

Not wanting to make a fool out of himself by letting his emotions ran loose again; Eraniel tried to reign in his emotions but failed as his face acquired a hint of frustration and his grip on his newly received swords tightening.

Noticing the look on Eraniel's face, Dorinth tried to comfort him with a gentle voice. "Don't pay much attention to it. I will help you improve if you want. Besides, you did well with your first Urgal. Be grateful you are still alive."

Eraniel gave him a curt nod, not trusting himself to speak lest he made a fool out of himself. Dorinth smiled again and then began to move around the remains of the camp, looking for some things that could prove useful to them on their journey.

Eraniel did not help but instead stood still and inspected his swords. The swords were plain, almost the same length as Dorinth's sword, but from the look of the leather-bound handle, one could clearly notice that these swords were not fit for a warrior. Their design was cheap and simple. Whoever crafted these swords hadn't thought much about their durability. Asides from the poor craftsmanship, the swords were in good condition. The metal blades had no stains, scrapes or any sign of deterioration that a sword would obtain when used for either training or fighting, proof that the elf had just acquired the swords and never had the chance to put them into use. He had probably been ambushed in his sleep without having the chance to fight his attackers. His death would have been quick and painless.

Eager to put his new swords to good use, Eraniel sheathed the weapons, leaving all of his troubling thoughts behind, and said with authority, "There's nothing more here. Let us leave this place. Our task is done." He clipped the swords to his belt, feeling more prepared now to tackle the winged beast. All that was left to do was to get rid of Dorinth.

Dorinth raised a hand in acknowledgement from the other side of the camp but continued to look around the camp. He quickly searched in the makeshift tents but only found a repulsive smell along with a few scraps of food. Not finding anything else – much to his dismay – he turned and ran towards Eraniel who already picked up his pace when he saw that Dorinth was not following when he called him.

When he caught up with him, Eraniel looked at his companion with a hint of irritation in his eyes. "It's about time you decided to leave. I was beginning to think that you had grown attached to your new friend's camp." He then looked at the elf's bare hands and knapsack, which had not grown any bigger since they had last camped 2 days ago. "I take it you haven't found anything of importance among the Urgal's belongings?"

Dorinth simply nodded and his blue eyes met Eraniel's dark ones as he looked at him expectantly.

"With the Urgal threat out of the way, I believe we have a stronger chance to find what we…" he coughed, correcting his mistake "what I am looking for if we split up." He ignored Dorinth doubtful glance as he went on with his plan. "I will inspect the northern part of the forest while you look…" he quickly looked around, trying to find out where to send his friend, "that way" added Eraniel while pointing towards the huge mountain to the east.

Dorinth was not pleased with what Eraniel had in store for him and tried to voice his opinion but his friend added firmly. "I'm only asking you to look for a wolf den. It's not a big deal after you had just slain an entire Urgal camp this morning. Besides, according to my plan, we will both return to this spot by nightfall to relate our findings. If I get lucky, we might as well leave the next day. Do I make myself clear?" Dorinth nodded reluctantly before asking Eraniel about the other animals he might encounter. Surely one of those big beasts would interest him. Eraniel's dark eyes scanned the ground thoughtfully before he nodded in response.

"It is settled then. May the stars guide you." The two elves darted away from each other, each with their own assignment.

As he ran, Eraniel grew bothered with the lack of information about the creature he was hunting. Where did they live? What type of environment did they prefer? What kind of bait could he use? After a while thinking and not finding a resolution, he brushed the thoughts aside. All that mattered was that a stupid beast was blocking his way to glory. All he had to do was remove it and then his parents would surely be proud of having such a skilled hunter as their son.

As time passed, excitement soon turned to frustration when he did not find a single clue to guide him to his quarry. It was like searching a needle in a haystack.

He kept running as fast as his legs would allow him but his strength soon diminished along with his enthusiasm when all he encountered was more and more trees along with a few shrubs and big rocks, which all served to slow him down, much to his displeasure.

Blast it! I've been running without stop for more than I can think of since we got separated and I have yet to find any signs of animal habituations. Am I so clumsy that I cannot even find a mindless beast? he thought, enraged.

Panting heavily, Eraniel stopped to regain his composure, both mentally and physically. He quickly scanned himself for any injury and was annoyed when he discovered he had acquired a few tiny cuts on his legs because of the fallen branches. He sighed and threw his knapsack on the ground. The elf slowly laid down and put his head on the knapsack so he was facing the sky.

As he watched a bird fly into a tree where it had the nest, an idea struck him. If these beasts are capable of flying like birds, they would prefer a higher ground to settle in for the night. He then looked at the mountains in the distance. Of course! The mountains hold numerous caves and places that can provide shelter to magnificent beasts such as those. Dorinth…

He poked his head in frustration. How could I escape such details? That inquisitive person who loathes useless killing will surely spoil my big moment if he finds my beast first. That will not happen. He rapidly got up and turned right. With a burst of speed, he made his way to the base of the mountains, clenching his fist in anger. By the name of my dead parents, I will not let that happen!
The cool air was brushing against Dorinth's face as he continued to make his way towards the huge mountain that could be observed from a very large distance. Well, I should have covered a bit of ground by now, but that mountain doesn't get any bigger. I wonder how large its base is if its upper sections are visible even from such a distance. The elf stopped for a moment to gain his breath and looked at the mountain again, but this time his curiosity transformed into disappointment.

With a vast area like that, it will take me a very long time to search for signs of any animal habituations. The elf sighed as he inspected the surrounding area. Even if I find something, I cannot be certain that it will stay in the same place until Eraniel arrives…. Why? Why did he choose this idea to split up if his prey will be gone long before he gets here?

To make things worse, the vast forest has eluded him, diverting him from his original direction. He did not know, but instead of running in a line, he took a weird detour and found himself going slightly to the north where Eraniel should have headed. It's not a big deal. After all, I'm not Eraniel's personal tracker. He can find his beast alone for what I care, thought the elf with contentment as he reached into his knapsack, revealing a red, round fruit.

The rays of the sun that passed trough the dense canopy soon turned from white to different shades of yellow as the bright sphere in the sky was beginning to set.

Dorinth continued his way at a steadier pace now that his energy reserves were getting lower. The elf was constantly looking at his surroundings to admire the view, the natural green of the forest and the different shades of yellow creating a very pleasant sight.

His lack of attention almost caused him to trip over a slightly large stone, but he quickly corrected himself as his running became slower and slower until it turned into a walk.

Advancing a bit more, Dorinth noticed that the terrain in front of him became more abrupt and rocky. Fortunately for him, it wasn't very steep so he was able to move down pretty quickly. As soon as he finished his descent, the slight sound of flowing water reached his ears. He looked around and could notice that the place around him was rocky and eroded in some places, a clear sign that trough this area once flowed a mighty river.

The elf looked around for a spot where rocks would not be present on the ground, and he soon found a proper place to relax. He threw his knapsack on the ground and lied down with a groan, clearly tired from his journey. He then put his head on his knapsack, facing the sky, which began to acquire tints of orange.

I suppose Eraniel wouldn't mind if I take a small break, thought Dorinth as he relaxed his body, the sore leg muscles still hurting him a bit. The pleasant sound of water rippling through the rocks reached his ears. The elf lifted his head, searching for the source of the sound. As he got up, he withdrew his water skin, leaving the knapsack behind. The brook should not be that far anyway.

He quickly moved towards the source of the noise expecting to find a river nearby, but when he reached the source of the sound, all that he could find was a brook, the clear water flowing slowly trough the different sized rocks.

The elf quickly took a couple of drinks and splashed a bit of water on his face. Then, he lowered his water skin in the water to fill it.

Feeling refreshed, Dorinth looked again towards the huge mountain, pleased with his finding. His water skin was almost dry before he filled it. As he glanced around, an idea came to him. I should head back. I did my part of the job as Eraniel asked me. The results are irrelevant.

This thought brought a smile to his face as he turned around with satisfaction. He didn't want to leave his knapsack behind as it was his main source of supplies. A strange boom-like sound drew his attention. It was not loud, but it came from the direction where his knapsack lied. He immediately changed his stance. If it was a hungry beast, it could leap out of nowhere without giving him time to react.

A strange red glitter was visible among the leaves for a moment before it faded. The elf carefully approached the source, moving silently through the grass and fallen leaves, watching his every step. It might as well be his last if his impatience bested him. As he approached the clearing where he left his knapsack, his jaw dropped at the sight in front of him. Finding himself unable to continue. Dorinth stopped. Feelings of awe mixed with fear and enjoyment coursed trough him. Several feet away from his knapsack was the strangest creature he had ever seen. It was red, its beautiful and different sized scales shining with every spec of red as the orange rays of light caused by the setting sun bounced off its scales.

The elf's hand began to tremble slightly as he took one more step towards the beautiful creature that lay in front of him. Trying to get his eyes off its glistering hide, he analysed its other features. It had wings! Big wings! Bigger than any bird. But it did not look like a bird. It had a long, elegant neck. From its head two little horns protruded, sign that the creature was young for its age. The elf's eyes shifted again to its wings. Their surface was a thin, velvety membrane that was almost transparent but not to the point where you could see trough it, and was coloured deeply in the same colour as its scales.

The next thing that could be observed rather easily were the different sized spikes that started from his neck. The ivory spikes prolonged across its back and ended at its tail, their size increasing in size down from its neck. The largest one was located on its back, above its hind legs, and then getting lower towards the end of its tail, which was swishing from side to side.

Its vermilion eyes were analysing the knapsack. The winged creature has probably never seen such an object. Its snout approached the strange object, sniffing it. Dorinth slowly drew out his sword, still trying to keep a low profile. Among the different types of fruits, there was a piece of cooked meat, which Eraniel handed to Dorinth a while ago. If he was lucky, the creature would just leave with his knapsack, ignoring him. A low growl caused Dorinth to shudder as the creature pulled the knapsack with its front leg and stuck its snout in it. The beast lifted its head, shaking it wildly as it tried to remove the piece of cloth from its snout.

Dorinth chuckled at the sight, attracting its attention as the creature's eyes fixed on him. He froze as fear gripped him, causing him to drop the sword. The creature started to move towards him with slow steps.

Dorinth decided that it was probably smart not to move and attempt to retreat. After all, this creature was also cautious. As it got closer, Dorinth was able to admire its beauty. It was the most beautiful creature he has ever seen. Shivers had run down his spine as the creature approached its snout, sniffing him. Dorinth extended an arm to let the beast know that he is not dangerous. It quickly jerked its head, but continued to look at him.

Slowly, it again approached its snout, sniffing his hand loudly. The elf could feel the warm breath on the surface of his skin. With an involuntary action, he found himself touching the side of its snout. It was warm and smooth to the touch. His heart was beating frantically as he smiled at the little contact. This is…beyond my imagining. I have never dreamt that I could be so close to such a beautiful creature. The creature retreated its head quickly and moved a few steps back as it snorted black smoke. A rustle caught their attention as both the elf and the creature looked at a tree in the distance. Dorinth felt uneasy. Something or someone was watching them.

So, it's finally here. Dorinth actually touched a wild dragon! Now, you may ask yourself how was that possible. To start with, both species are intelligent, and they can read body language. If you have noticed, both the elf and the dragon showed reluctance when it came to inspect each other. It was something new for both, and that dragon is young. Of course curiosity triumphed in the end. Let me know what you think about this chapter, as it was quite a challenge. Personally, I liked it.
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Chapter 10: Fate's choice

As Eraniel continued his journey, he noticed a shadow pass him. It seemed unusually large for a bird and, guessing what it was, Eraniel smiled with satisfaction and increased his pace. He completely ignored his muscles, which protested at the prolonged effort as he rushed to the clearing where a red silhouette had landed.

When he reached the clearing, he noticed a knapsack on the ground. He recognized it but Dorinth was not around. It seems I am here just in time smiled the elf as he went behind a tree to conceal his presence. He peered around the tree to inspect his target and gasped in awe. Its red scales shined brilliantly as the light made contact with them, offering a unique sight to anyone lucky enough to get close.

Eraniel lowered his bow as he admired the strange being. It's so….beautiful. How…how could I kill such a beautiful creature in good conscience? Conflicting thoughts began to sweep across his mind as quietly adjusted the arrow in his bow. Suddenly, the image of his dead parents popped up in his mind. The elf's grip tightened before he forced himself to release the arrow lest it snap in half under his anger. No, this has to be done! He thought and quickly scanned the creature to seek for a weak spot. Judging by its features, it must be quite young: short horns and small scales.

He drew his bow, notching another arrow alongside the first one. Mother, father, this is for you! He thought as he prepared to release the taut string. However, before he could do so, a rustle interrupted him. He slowly lowered his bow as his eyes scanned the surrounding area. Someone was there and the silver hair betrayed his identity: Dorinth.

Eraniel was surprised to see his friend standing not very far away from the red creature but at the same time impatience boiled inside him. He just wanted to get it over with and all that stood between him and his vengeance was Dorinth. If it attacked him, Eraniel thought coldly, I might be able to kill it easier.

The creature approached his friend and Eraniel frowned. What was it doing? Dorinth held out his arm for the beast to sniff. The beast jerked back but did not attack. Hesitantly, the beast approached again and Dorinth cautiously laid a hand on its snout. Eraniel tensed, expecting the beast to open its massive mouth and rip Dorinth's arm off. When it did not, Eraniel's frown deepened.

Dorinth seemed to enjoy the contact he had with the creature, a small smile of wonder on his face. Eraniel's wonder about the scene before his eyes turned to fear. He saw the intelligence in the creature's stature and for a second there he doubted his ability to bring this creature down. He quickly shook his head to clear his mind of such thoughts. He must do this!

His dark eyes had now a lethal glint. Rage was building inside him. For too long he has suppressed it. Now, it was time to prove that he alone could make his parents proud. He would show the cruel, cruel world that despite his tragedy, he could still be the mightiest hunter in all of the land. A memory flickered to the forefront of his mind and he could not help but replay the tragic moment that redirected the course of life.


It was a dark night. Darkness was all around but the fire from the burning dwellings provided enough light to reveal the battlefield. His village was under attack, and everyone capable of fighting has been sent to keep the Urgals at bay until the children and elders made their escape. A dark haired elf equipped with a blood stained sword and a leather tunic approached Eraniel and quickly grabbed his hand.

"What are you doing here boy? Do you have a death wish? Leave this place quickly or you will soon find out what the void looks like," said the elf with authority. His words were true but Eraniel was afraid of leaving his parents behind. He couldn't bear the thought of loosing them.

The terrified child asked the elf with a shaky voice, "What about mother? Will she come with us also?"

A shout penetrated the surrounding area. "ARCHERS! Watch out!"

The elf grabbed Eraniel and threw him behind a cottage. While he checked the child to see if he was hurt, he noticed that the child was crying. The elf tried to comfort him as best as he could despite the dangerous atmosphere around them.

"My son, we will get out of here and you will meet your mother. It will not end here, I promise you, but you must be brave!" he said as gently as he could and started to look around, clearly nervous about something that Eraniel could not understand.

It was a while before the elf looked back at Eraniel, panic visible in his eyes as the volume of screaming rose.

"There are dozens of Urgals heading this way but I can see a handful of our warriors standing their ground. Eraniel, you must flee into the nearby forest. The beasts will not be able to track you as easily in the darkness of the trees. The trees will also provide you safety. Now hurry!"

The elf stood and prepared to leave but a shaky hand grabbed him by his leggings.

"What if you don't come back?" asked the child, sobbing.

The elf tried to stretch his lips into a smile as he answered reassuringly. "I will, I promise. Their numbers are dropping by the minute and I can stand my ground even against five of them." He glanced again at the scene of the battle and then back at the child who regained his composure.

"Go now, quickly, and may the stars watch over you." With that, he departed to aid his fellow elves in battling the Urgals.

Eraniel got up and began to run towards the forest, his bit of hope restored by his father's reassurances. He ran as fast as his legs would take him and as he ran into the forbidding darkness of the forest, he looked back at the scene of the battle to see his father and two other elves, a male and a female raising their weapons in victory as the Urgals were lying dead at their feet.

A sense of relief along with joy washed over Eraniel as he continued to gaze at the three elves. Soon, he will be reunited with his family and everything will be just like before it was before the attack on his village. However, those happy thoughts did not last long.

Eraniel could hear heavy footsteps coming from the north. He hid beneath a fallen tree trunk as the steps continued. It seems that something was moving towards the village, and they were many. Eraniel tried to catch a glimpse of what was going on, but it was too dark. For some reason, he felt anxious. Trying to brush the feeling aside, Eraniel remembered the words of his father. Everything was going to be ok.

A booming voice resonated in the surrounding area. Eraniel did not understand what that was, but in the dim light provided by the different fires he noticed shiny pieces of metal. Horror gripped him as he realized what those were. Another shout broke the silence and the twang of arrow fire was released upon those who were still fighting. Eraniel could only watch, powerless, as his parents fell to the ground full of arrows.


Eraniel mind returned to the present when smoke filled his nostrils. With one hand, he wiped his tears and picked the two arrows that were now laying on the floor. Anger was the only thing he felt. He notched his bow, looked back to his prey, and raised his bow again. With a quick move, he pulled back the bowstring and released it. With a twang, he sent the two arrows flying at the creature's chest.


A wrong step that caused the leaves to rustle betrayed the concealed figure. Behind the tree on his right, he noticed a black spec that was differentiating itself from the brown bark. There was no time to waste. He had to anticipate his next move, but to do that he needed to know who was behind that tree. He closed his eyes and shouted.

"Deflect those arrows!" A golden light filled the area. The two arrows heading towards him and the beast quickly changed direction as the spell shimmered over them. The red creature panicked and backed away even further from him but it did not leave the area. It was still watching Dorinth with one of its vermilion eyes as if it wanted to know more about what he was and what he has just done.

Eraniel revealed himself and quickly notched another arrow, firing it with great speed and agility towards the creature but Dorinth deflected it again. Dorinth shouted at him with exasperation. "Eraniel, what in the world do you think you are doing?! Lower your bow before we both get killed!" His plea didn't seem to affect Eraniel who smiled viciously.

"Calm down, friend. Only one will die here. Just you step aside and let me handle it. I do not need your help to kill that foul beast over there." His voice was filled with venom and Dorinth knew that the only thing he can do to protect the creature was to fight his own friend. Eraniel's dark eyes, along with that wicked smile, gave him a demonic appearance. Dorinth almost did not recognize him.

"What has happened to you, Eraniel? Is killing all that is important to you?" Dorinth appealed. "What would your parents think about this? Do you think this is what they would have wanted?"

This time, Eraniel fired an arrow at him, his face thunderous. It failed to reach it’s target, increasing Eraniel’s anger. "You will not deny me this, Dorinth! You were not there to see what happened to my parents. You do not know how it is like to be the black sheep of the group." He tilted his head to the side as he coolly observed Dorinth. "Tell me…friend…how many nights did you spent outside in the winter?"

Dorinth remained silent and Eraniel continued. "Oh, that's right; your parents had assured that you never will."

"Sarcasm doesn't suit you well Eraniel." Dorinth retorted.

Eraniel ignored him. "I once had that privilege and it was taken away from me! The experience showed me that life is only a long string of suffering and disappointment and those who try to find joy in it shall do nothing but to lie to themselves endlessly. From the moment my parents died, I've had a single purpose, and you will not, you will not, weaken my resolve." Eraniel told him furiously.

Out of the corner of his eye, Dorinth noticed that the creature started to move. Eraniel must have noticed too for he turned his attention aware from him and raised his hand towards its left wing and shouted. "Break!"

A loud roar of agony filled the forest as the creature collapsed to the ground. Eraniel cackled at the sight. He could feel the power that his anger brought flow through his veins and it was exhilarating.

Dorinth was shocked, both at what he heard and what he has just witnessed. Never before has Eraniel succeed in casting such a powerful spell as the one he has just used. Trying to overcome his shock, Dorinth looked towards the red creature that was lying on the ground. It licked its wing, trying in vain to repair the damage done but to no avail. It roared again in despair.

Dorinth looked back to Eraniel who continued to laugh as he pulled another arrow from the arrow bag on his back. Determined to stop this madness, he did the only thing which was capable of stopping his friend’s irrational actions.

"Break!" Dorinth shouted, targeting Eraniel's bow that crumbled instantly, the fragments falling to the ground.

"I thought you'd understand that by now, Eraniel. I do not approve of your methods and I will stop you, no matter what. How could you attack such a beautiful creature? More importantly, why would you go against me? I am the only one that understood you and now you want to push that friendship away just because you're convinced that you can achieve this dream of yours by killing such a magnificent beast?"

Eraniel let out a chilling laugh and replied in a mocking voice, "Magnificent? It's just a mindless beast! We are the dominant race. Beasts are at our mercy!" Eraniel tilted his head towards Dorinth again regretfully. "It seems that we cannot solve this peacefully…very well then."

Dorinth barely had time to brace his self as Eraniel cried out, "Wind, blast him!" A powerful force hit Dorinth in the stomach and sent him flying. He smashed into a tree head first and loss consciousness. Eraniel let out another laugh at the pathetic sight. Who is he to tell me what to do? He is not as strong as I am!

As soon as he finished the thought, a draining sensation filled Eraniel. He dropped to his knees, his legs to weak to support him. That blasted spell used more energy than I could imagine. Am I too weak…to kill that thing? He growled and forced himself to stand on his shaky legs. NO! I will kill it or die trying; he thought as his anger invigorated him. He switched his dark gaze to the red creature that was starting to shuffle away from the clearing.

"Oh no you don't!" Eraniel roared as he started to run towards it, drawing his two swords. "You are not going anywhere!"

As he got closer, the creature swung its tail in an attempt to hit its attacker, but Eraniel avoided the spiked tip. As its sense of fury grew, the winged-being turned around to face its attacker. It tried to hit the elf with its left forepaw but Eraniel narrowly dodged it, agilely sidestepping the offensive attack.
Taking advantage of the elf's current position, the red creature lowered its jaw to reveal rows of sharp teeth. Eraniel rolled to his right, but he extended his arm and managed to scratch the beast's jaw with the tip of his sword. The creature snarled and took a few steps back while using its tail to keep distance between Eraniel and itself.

The elf's grip on the swords tightened as his eyes search for an opening and didn't find one. Blast it! I can't keep this up for long. I have to finish it. He thought angrily.

The red beast tried to hit Eraniel with its right foreleg but Eraniel dodged and approached its side, thrusting the two swords in its ribs. The creature roared in agony as warm blood gushed out, covering Eraniel's face. He tried to wipe the blood away but the creature instinctively swung its tail wildly to the right side. Eraniel had no time to react as a red blur cut trough the air and connected with his chest, sending him flying away a few feet.

The elf landed roughly on the ground as the momentum of the impact carried him across the forest floor a short distance before he stopped. He gasped for air but instead of feeling relieved, a short, intense pain ran through his body.

Despite the discomfort, the elf continued to breathe more slowly after he ran his hand over his chest, realizing what happened.

"Curses, I have to gain the upper hand in this fight, no matter the cost. A few broken ribs and a bit of pain aren't enough to stop me!" He shouted the last bit loudly as he got up and ran towards the creature with newfound determination.

The creature managed to get the two swords out of its hide and was tending to its wound as it saw the one that tried to kill it approach again. The beast swung its head towards Eraniel and, roaring loudly, moved towards its attacker. It lowered its head and charged. Eraniel barely managed to roll out of its way as it thundered passed. He stood up but then quickly dropped as the tail whipped by.

The hunter got up again and threw a stick at the creature while he made his way to its side. Dodging another talon strike, Eraniel rolled again on the ground and quickly took his bloodied swords and adopted an aggressive fighting stance, holding the sword in his right hand vertically and the sword in his left hand behind the one in his right, horizontally.

Without waiting for a moment to think, the elf darted forward, evading another claw swipe and slashed upright with his left hand, leaving a deep gash right where the right foreleg of the creature started.
The beast roared and tried to bite and claw at its aggressor but all its attacks proved futile as the elf made a quick dive and slashed it across its chest with his right hand sword, releasing another roar of agony from the creature as blood began to sweep across its scales.

Taking advantage of this short moment of distraction, Eraniel jumped as high as he could, planting the sword in his left hand at the base of the creature's neck. It bounced off harmlessly but Eraniel had expected that. Extending his right hand as far as he could, he made a quick slash at the creature's neck. The blade somehow got under its protective scales and cut deep on the soft skin underneath, releasing a torrent of blood. The creature tried to roar in agony but all that managed to do was a faint, choking sound as it choked on its own blood.

Eraniel tried to smile at the sight but right after he touched the ground he was intercepted by another paw strike that tore his arm off as he tried to use it to shield his exposed body. Eraniel staggered backwards, making a huge effort not to scream in pain and shock.

He watched with weary satisfaction as the beast wobbled, its limbs beginning to shake as the loss of blood began to take its toll. Eventually, the creature lost its balance and fell onto the forest floor, the grass and leaves now the same colour as its scales. Tremors began to rack its body. As if trying to rid itself of the tremors, the beast moved its head from side to side erratically but to no avail. It finally gave up as weakness washed over it and it laid its head on the ground, its red eyes staring at Eraniel. After a short while and a few more unrecognizable sounds, it finally shut its eyes as blood continued to flow from the wound covering most of the area around it. Its limbs stopped moving shortly after that as the creature gave its last breath. It was over. The beast was dead.

Eraniel blinked rapidly as he himself began to feel the effects of blood loss from his arm. He slowly sank to the ground, something akin to discontentment flooding through him but he gave it no further thought as the ground rushed up to meet him.

Wait...did Eraniel just incapacitated his friend so he could buy enough time to kill the dragon? It seems his past had a bigger impact on his life than we have originally thought.

I would like to think that this chapter is indeed the best one in my story, mainly because it contained so many exciting scenes: An interesting flashback, a dragon vs elf fight, and a fight between friends which have different ways of thinking. If you were reading this fanfic but didn't feel like adding a reply, now is the time. I would love to know your opinion about this chapter, with all its goods and bads. A comment, no matter how short it is, means a lot to me as a writer. So please do it.
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Gosh...How much chapters did you write on IF?

Well, I didn't think Eraniel had it in him...But he did it... Ohnoes! Oh noes!

That was really interesting...Except that Eraniel is a BAD boy Razz

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not many. Anyway, I have a small favor to ask of you. Can you keep posting on IF? At my story? It helps with bumps and stuff... more views= really happy writer.
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Chapter 11: Potato dilemma

Eraniel slowly woke up, not paying attention to his wound. He slowly left the scene of the crime because it unnerved him. Besides, he had no idea why he has even killed a dragon using a sword when he could call down thunders from the sky. I think someone told me to do that. I don't know...I feel there's a higher power somewhere, which controls my actions, but I can't quite put my finger on it, he thought as he started to move away. He continued to walk for a good time until he came across two elves, who were talking about...potatoes! One of them liked sweet potatoes, while the other one came with random arguments about why fries are better. Sensing the tense atmosphere around those two, Eraniel hid behind a tree, close enough to hear their dialogue.

"Sweet potatoes are yuck! I have no idea why you eat them, Giorgelia," said the male elf on an angry tone.
"So what? Why don't you just eat them instead of paying attention to the taste? Aren't you a hunter, after all? I heard you eat raw meat! Seriously, Matthelo, you like to argue about stupid matters" came the reply from the female elf who held a potato in her hand, looking at it expectantly.

Eraniel's eyes widened at the weird dialogue and decided to check what was wrong with those two.

"excuse me, I killed a dragon! Cheer for me please!" The other two elves looked at him with a puzzled look before they started to burst out laughing. Eraniel frowned at their reaction, but had no time to express his displeasure as Giorgelia interfered.

"Like we care about what you did. Instead of sweating over a useless kill, you could tend to a potato farm. So many wonderful things will come out of it."

"But that's not what destiny had in store for me!" replied Eraniel with indignation.

"And how can you know that?" interrupted Matthelo. "You may be just a puppet who playes a role in the grand game of life. Instead of worrying about the past, you should focus on the present, and the present means potatoes!" he exclaimed as he showed the contents of his knapsack to Eraniel.

"whatever, I'll just..." A deafening roar echoed to the forest, sending shivers down the elves's spines.

"It's the dragon!" yelled Eraniel. "RUN!" The three elves picked a random direction, but after a couple of seconds they all bumped into each other and fell to the floor. With an invisible accord, they all decided to follow Eraniel, who seemed to have experience in this domain.

As they ran, different obstacles got in their way. With a yelp, Matthelo fell to the ground, a tiny scratch visible on his arm. Worried, Giorgelia stopped, her voice full of concern.

"Are you alright? Get up, before you become lunch for that beast"

"I can't! It's too late for me. Run while you can. This fatal wound has sealed my fate."

Eraniel's eyes widened at the elf's words.

"But it's just a scratch!" he replied on the verge of laughing.

"NO! It's more than that. NOW GO!"

Another roar came from the beast, almost deafening the two elves. Finding no possibility to help the poor elf, the other two fled for their lives.

"oh no! my potato! yelled Giorgelia as a brown looking object fell from her hand and rolled on the floor.

"Leave it girl, it's just a vegetable." said Eraniel as he continued to run. However, he noticed that Giorgelia stopped, her hands searching frantically for the potato. A black creature appeared behind her, teeth ready to deliver a fatal blow. Moments before she was swallowed, Giorgelia threw the potato to Eraniel, her last words being:" Guard it well"

A tear came down the elf's face before he started to run. However, his feet left the ground after the creature has picked him in its front paws, its jet black eyes staring at him. Eraniel smiled wryly as he involuntary moved the hand with the potato.

"" he muttered. A deep voice entered his mind. Normally, I would accept it, but today I eat meat, and you are meat.

EPIC cliffhanger! How will Eraniel get out of this situation? The next chapter will reveal it.
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Yeah, it was short...But it helped me clear some things about the story and all...I guess that was what it's ment for! Lmao

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I'm terribly sorry for this delay. My internet connection barely worked those last two days, so I had close to no chance to submit a chapter, especially when it needs itallics and such.

Chapter 11: Engulfed by Darkness

Eraniel was quickly brought back to reality as a sudden pain erupted from his arm, bringing him back out of the dark recesses of his mind. He gasped and then moaned, rolling onto his side and pressing his throbbing arm against the ground in an effort to quench the pain. He was unsuccessful, instead intensifying the pain that already racked his bruised body.

Stifling a scream, Eraniel rolled over onto his back, breathing hard as perspiration rolled down his face. He pressed his lips tightly together until they were naught but a thin white line and looked down at his arm. He moaned when he saw the damage.

What felt like his arm being ripped off was in fact three deep gashes that seemed to have cut his arm to ribbons. It was a mess. He could see right through to his bone. A part of a muscle was visibly disconnected from most of his flesh, dangling there by a thread. Eraniel turned his face away from the gruesome sight and retched.

Wiping his mouth with his good arm, Eraniel quickly realized that his time would soon end unless he did something about his arm. Spitting out the taste of bile from his mouth, he closed his eyes and reached out to draw the tattered remains of his strength together in an effort to heal his mutilated arm. After what it seemed like hours, he muttered the healing words. His back arched. The feeling of a thousand needles pulling, tugging, piercing his skin to fix his arm was agony. The pain was even worst than to the pain he experienced when receiving the wound.

His mouth was open in a silent scream and his body shuddered all over. Tears streamed down his face as nerve endings re-attached themselves to his nervous system, intensifying the pain for a brief second before suddenly, it stopped. He slumped to the ground drenched in his own sweat and tears. An exhaustion so great washed over him and he fought with everything he had left to remain awake. Sluggishly, his prodded his newly healed arm tenderly with his hand. He winced as the action aggravated his broken ribs but apparent from that, everything seemed to be in working order.

"five fingers, one elbow, new skin…" He muttered and then slowly opened his eyes to observe his arm. The skin was covered in cuts and partially healed wounds but the majority of it had been healed. The elf flexed his fingers but pain suddenly struck him. That arm was useless for now.

Trying not to breathe to deeply, Eraniel carefully stood up only to fall straight back down. He cursed when the pain in his ribs flared up but it did not deter him. He looked around for his sword and when he found it he grabbed it and then stabbed it into the ground. Using it as leverage, he slowly raised himself to standing position again, gripping the hand of his sword with an iron grip.

Looking at his kill, Eraniel stretched his lips into a smile, proud at his accomplishment. The others would see him as a hero from now, the one who had managed to accomplish the impossible. History had no records of hunters killing such beasts and because of that, his brave deed will spread across the cities. His parents would certainly be proud.

The pain brought him back to the harsh reality and he groaned in frustration. If that was the price to pay for a glorious deed, then so be it!

Lifting up the sword and stabbing it into the ground a bit further away from him, he made his way to the creature slowly, his legs shaking. He felt a bit degraded at having to use his sword in such a manner but it was something that could not be avoided.

He ignored the dull, pulsing pain in his chest, his determination to get proof of his kill overriding all other thoughts. As he approached its right hind leg, Eraniel touched the red scales. They were smooth but extremely tough. He bent over, analysing its foot. The ivory claws could make for a great trophy if cleaned. He ran his hand across its paw, feeling it so that he could determine the position of the claw's start.

The elf smiled as he found the right place. Without hesitation, Eraniel snatched his second discarded sword from the ground and brought it down across the beast's foot. Eraniel picked up the claw, admiring it. It was roughly ten inches long and very sharp. He threw it into his knapsack with satisfaction and then moved to the creature's right foreleg. The claws here were smaller and these particular ones were bloody with his own blood. He frowned and continued his way until he was on the front of the beast's snout. A feeling of pride filled his soul as he stared at its magnificent head.

It is such a beautiful creature. I wish my parents were here to see it, to see me taking its life, to see me becoming a hunter at last… he shrugged the thought away as feelings of guilt and sadness making themselves noticeable. Eraniel used his right hand to lift the creature's upper jaw, revealing the rows of sharp, bloody teeth. He was amazed by the number of teeth these creatures had. He used his sword to prop up the top of the mouth from the bottom and then using his other sword chopped out on of the teeth. This would be his personal trophy.

After he secured the proof of his kill, Eraniel glanced at Dorinth who had yet to wake. I better take my leave. There is no telling what he would do, especially since I attacked him. I trusted him, but not more than I trusted my instincts. With that, the elf started to move south, back to the Urgal camp.

Eraniel advanced slowly through the dense forest. Various fallen branches blocked his way and at any other time he would have been able to cut through them or jump over with ease. However, in his current state and with his left arm not good for doing anything yet, he had to make sure that he would avoid contact with any object that would scrape against his arm and reopen the wounds.

He stopped for a while and checked his surroundings as the sun's dying rays went through the branches of the trees and turned into a deep blood-orange. The image of the dead winged creature suddenly came to his mind as he stared at the orange sky. He shook his head and started to move again, motivated by the recent achievement. It would be a shame not to get back in time after all that he had been through.

The sun slowly disappeared and the sky darkened more and more. Eraniel tried to push forward despite the extreme weariness that assaulted him since his healing. The elf had gained a significant distance from the place where Dorinth was but his slow pace had not allowed him to reach the Urgal camp.

However, he was determined to reach the camp no matter the cost. The forest was not the safest place to spend the night and the elf was growing increasingly aware of this as the sounds of the night began to whisper into his ears. He increased his pace, pushing his already exhausted body to its limits. In his state, he would be unable to defend himself against the dangers that could lurk in the darkness and unlike before, he had no one to keep watch.

Eraniel maintained a steady rhythm of a fast limp for a while, evading any object he could but his remaining strength was rapidly depleting. He began to wobble slightly as his vision became blurred and eventually he fell on the ground with a loud gasp.

He could not take it anymore. If he continued, he would die of exhaustion before he even got to tell anyone of his marvellous kill. With the little strength he had left, the elf gathered a couple of branches and placed them near the fallen trunk of a tree. He leaned wearily against the log and using the spark of strength his had left in him, Eraniel lit the fire. Warmth rushed over him and before he knew it he was asleep.


Darkness began to gradually engulf the whole forest as the last rays of light disappeared along with the sun, which sunk beneath the horizon. Different nocturnal animals began to emerge from their hiding places in search for food as the last wisps of light faded from the night sky.

An owl flew over the area and settled on a thin branch to inspect its surroundings in search of prey, its great yellow eyes scanning every detail for the slightest rustle of movement that would give away its prey. Its eyes shot to a small area as a few leaves could be seen moving. It prepped its wings for flight but was startled when a strange noise sounded from beneath its perch. It looked down with an unblinking eye but when the sound came again it flew off in fright, deciding to look for food elsewhere.

Meanwhile down below, Dorinth slowly opened his eyes. Everything was pitch black. His hands rushed to his eyes, poking them gently. Discovering that he was not in fact blind, Dorinth relaxed a little. As his eyes adapted, he realized that it was night, the darkness permeating the surrounding forest. Dorinth tried to get up, but a sudden pain exploded in his head. His head was pounding as if his brain was trying to expand out of his skull. He let out loud groan and he moved his hand from his eyes to the source of his pain. He was not surprised when he felt the wetness of blood on his hand. He blinked several times, groaning.

Dorinth decided not to try and get up again. Maybe it's best that my body rest from the shock before I attempt to move again.

He sighed and relaxed his head. His memory was all muddled up and confused, causing him difficulties in remembering what happened before he passed out. What has caused me to pass out? I was with Eraniel, and then…we decided to split up... wait, where is Eraniel? The elf shifted his eyes around the dark space, trying not to aggravate his wounded head. He frowned when he saw a dark, unmoving shape in front of him but he could not make out what it was. It was too big to be a bear. Whatever it was, Dorinth decided that he wasn't in any decent position to defend himself so he remained still.

Dorinth slowly relaxed each individual part of his body as he attempted to piece up the puzzle his mind had lain before him but he had no success. More so, it was not easy for him to focus enough so that he could heal the injury due to the pain it was causing. All what he could do was wait until Eraniel came back from wherever he was. With that in mind, Dorinth laid his head against the tree, trying to alleviate the pain by resting a little more.


Eraniel woke up suddenly. It was still night, no signs of light brightening up the sky through the trees. The sound of rushing water filled his ears. He turned his head this way and that, trying to identify where the sound was coming from, but the numerous trees were obscuring his vision. The elf got up idly, dragging his sword up with him as he looked around with a confused expression on his face.

He froze and shuddered when he realized that it was his left hand with which he picked the sword. He switched his sword to the other hand. Something's not right…

The elf looked down at his hand, puzzled. How can I move my arm? Wait, what happened to my injuries? After I killed that beast, I came here to rest, but…Eraniel tried to find a logical explanation while examining his arm. No scars or any traces of what happened were visible on his arm. His sword dropped to the ground as he brought his hand up to his upper arm. The skin was smooth, like the skin had never been broken.

Maybe somehow I have managed to heal it. A spark of joy appeared in the elf's eye. Oh well, that is irrelevant. It seems that something good finally happens. Without those injuries, I will be able to return to Taelmarlis tomorrow, at night.

Eraniel turned around as a rustle caught his attention and quickly noticed something where the fallen tree trunk he slept against was. The light of the moon that penetrated the thick canopy was reflected by a polished surface that seemed to glimmer. It was exactly where he slept. Eraniel was a bit bewildered by the sight but soon he dismissed the various ideas that crossed his head and muttered some words to ignite a thick branch he just picked up from the forest floor.

Eraniel gasped as soon as the branch caught fire and illuminated his surroundings.
What in the… the elf was shocked when he realized that he slept against the neck of the red beast he has just killed. He tried to keep his calm but what he saw next made him emit a low scream. The beast had no head! Terror was starting to rear up in Eraniel's mind as he kept moving around, frantically searching for an answer and muttering various unrecognizable words. He started to sweat, uneasy with this weird situation. How could I sleep against the dead beast? I had… I had left that place! He paced around nervously, trying to find an explanation.

No, this cannot be possible, yet here I am… and where's its head? He asked himself as he inspected the strange yet terrifying sight in front of him. He was still pretty shocked from the recent events but that would not have caused him to hallucinate. Dorinth was missing. The tree where he had landed was clear.

An idea occurred to him as he forced himself to calm down a bit. Maybe Dorinth… Yes, Dorinth could have healed me and cut its head off. He is after my prize! He wants to claim the kill for himself! He thought as anger overruled his other feelings.

"I will not allow him to benefit from my hard work. I bested him once and I can do it again!" He spoke with a fierce anger in his voice. "I will reclaim my prize!"

Eraniel muttered angrily to himself as he paced around the clearing, unsure what to do. He was suddenly brought back to reality as the more prominent sound of flowing water interrupted his thoughts for the second time that night. Realizing that his throat was dry, the elf moved towards the small brook without taking the makeshift torch with him. He did not need to, after all. When he reached the brook, he crouched and stretched his hand so he could bring the liquid to his mouth. As his hand made contact with the surface of the brook, he could feel that the liquid was viscous and dense. He frowned, surprised by what he felt yet scared at the same time because of what that might mean.

As he approached his trembling hand to his face, a red liquid mixed with dirt became visible. What?! How is this possible?! What is this?! He shook his hand quickly to get rid of the alien substance, confusion and fear visible on his contorted face as he tried to get a grasp about what was going on.
Something is wrong, really wrong. I have to get out of here! thought the now exasperated elf.

He quickly ran to his knapsack, which was situated near the beast, the moon's light conveniently illuminating the area around his knapsack. He shivered a bit at the sight and approached slowly, unsure of the path he had chosen to take. With trembling legs, the elf approached his knapsack that seemed to be bludging as if he had packed it with all the fruits he could find. Something big was inside it and Eraniel did not want to waste time finding out what it was.

Eraniel grabbed the top of it and quickly dragged it farther away from the gruesome sight which was still unnerving him. When he was at a significant distance, he turned around and picked it up, swinging it around onto his back.

Some strange things have been happening. I have no explanation for this, but as soon as I get out of here the better it will be, thought the elf, trying to calm himself from the night terrors.
A feeling of thirst made itself noticeable and the elf reached into his knapsack to search for the water skin but he met something cool and slippery He jerked his hand out of his knapsack, staring at the bag with horrified curiosity.

Blast it! Am I so scared that I cannot even check my provisions now? Eraniel thought about the situation for a while and realizing the stupidity that he had displayed earlier, he summoned his courage and quickly opened the knapsack, revealing the head of the red beast. Its vermilion eyes were staring at him with the same intensity as they did when they were alive.

An invisible wave of shock hit Eraniel the moment he saw the head and he fell on his bottom as soon as his eyes met the vermilion ones, dropping the knapsack. He kicked at it, sending the head rolling out a few feet away from him. He was breathing fast, it alone evidence that he have given into his fears. Eraniel grabbed his head with both of his hands, trying to force some rationality into what was going on but the absurdity of the situation and his feelings weren't helping. Only his instinct was unaffected and that told him that he had to get out of this place as soon as possible for there was no telling what might happen next.

A loud roar in the distance made him flinch, interrupting him from his attempt to rationalize. Without even looking towards the source of the unusual noise, Eraniel got up and started to run in away from the scene of terror, almost tripping over in his haste to escape.

The terrain was filled with obstacles such as boulders, fallen branches and some dead carcasses that slowed the elf down. As he continued to run, Eraniel heard another roar, this time coming from behind him. The loud sound sent chills along his spine, making his blood freeze in his veins.

What in Elorfing's name is that? And why is it after me? The panicked elf screamed in surprise as he tripped on a branch. He crashed to the ground. He heard a small crack in his left arm and he gasped in pain. Eraniel forced the pain away from him as he heard his pursuer coming closer to his location, faint wing beats making themselves noticeable.

As the creature got closer, the fluttering of wings became louder and louder, turning into great drumming beats that matched the pace of Eraniel's heart. When he glanced behind him towards the source of the noise, Eraniel saw a creature similar to the one that he had killed but because of the darkness, he could not be sure.

As if struck by lightning, the elf got up and ran for his life. The fear in his heart gave him strength and he ran faster than he had ever run before but it was no match for the beast that was after him.
The elf tried to stop suddenly, a maneuver that would have forced the beast to fly straight passed him while he took off in another direction but the force exerted on his body caused him to trip. He rolled through the trees and eventually came to a stop on his stomach. He used his good arm to prop himself up, gasping in astonishment as he was gazed at the sight presented before him.

The trees had vanished, leaving behind a giant chasm. It was endless and the bottom could not be sighted. It was as if the land simply vanished, leaving room only to an endless abyss.

Eraniel frantically scrambled to his feet and tried to find a way to cross the great chasm. He looked in all directions but there was none.

The sound of loud, beating wings approached and he looked behind him fearfully. He saw a shadow rapidly approaching; the creature has finally caught up with him.

Realizing that he was caught between the hammer and the anvil, Eraniel did the only thing he could do at that moment and that was deny the situation in a hope that it would disappear.

"This is not possible! I will not let you have me!" He shouted with all his might, his voice echoing across the chasm. He made to jump into the unknown but before he was able to he was pinned down by a crushing force.

He screamed in pain as the strange creature pinned him down with its front legs, crushing his legs by its enormous weight. He looked up at it and screamed in fear. It was as black as midnight but its eyes were glowing coals of light. With tears of pain trailing down his face, the last thing Eraniel saw was a row of sharp white teeth enveloping him in an eternal darkness.

So, here we are. Eraniel got quite a nasty injury but he was able to heal it partially. It seems he is getting better at using magic, but aparences can be decieving. He also managed to secure a proof of his kill. All he has to do now is reach Taelmarlis and be hailed as a hero. Question is, will he? Dangerous beasts lurk in these forests...

Dorinth does not seem to do any better. The wound he had acquired is a pretty nasty one. We'll check on him later to see if he feels any better. Too bad the ambulance is not circulating through the forest. Last but not least, has Eraniel died? I would tell you more, but I have no idea for a title for the next chapter. Sorry!
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It's definitely not one of my best chapters. I was sick those past few days, so I could not stay at the PC for as long as I would have liked. Because of this, the quality of this chapter might seem inferior compared to my recent ones and for that, I apologize.

Chapter 12: Lost

The deep and chilling howl of a Srrg caused the silver haired elf to stir instinctively. He slowly moved his body into a more comfortable position, for his right side ached due to his sleeping position. Dorinth slowly opened his eyes, expecting the sun to be up in the sky. Sluggishly, he moved his head from one side to another with, still confused about his whereabouts. The only source light that penetrated the darkness came from the pale moon, its silver ways reaching through the mass of trees.

The elf then switched his blue eyes to the ground, trying to remember what has happened. A deep pain caused him to yelp while he tried to rest his head against the trunk of the tree. Slowly, he moved his hand to his forehead, still confused of what happened earlier. However, the recent memories about the wound to his head were still fresh, so the elf tried to maintain his calm and use the appropriate spell to heal the wound. To prepare himself for the task at hand, he needed a clear mind.

The elf rubbed his eyes and took a deep breath in an attempt to fully wake up. His head started to throb, the loss of blood slowing his reactions. In addition, the cold air of the night caused him to shiver uncontrollably, a situation which would seem harsh to anyone else. In spite of these conditions, Dorinth did not meet the same difficulty when he tried to concentrate enough to find his magical energy. His training prepared him for such situations.

Dorinth closed his eyes to fully concentrate. Calling upon magic in his current state was not an easy task, so he had to do it properly. If he would use too much energy, his body would certainly lower its functions until he would pass out. A moment after, he felt the magical energy surging through his body. Wasting no time, Dorinth muttered some words while he placed his right hand on the back of his head. As his wound started to heal, he felt a sharp pain that caused him to shudder, followed by a decrease in his strength. His sight was slowly getting darker and for a moment Dorinth thought that he was going to pass out as his vision started to flicker. To prevent that from happening, he accelerated his breath rate to trick his internal functions.

After what seemed like an eternity, the weird sensation has subsided, leaving the elf covered in sweat. How could I use such a large amount of magical energy for something which apparently seemed to be nothing but a wound to the head? It was not even that deep the elf thought while he tried to control his body enough to stop the shaking. The cool night breeze was not helping him, so the elf decided that it’s best to build a fire and prepare himself for what was to come.

Now that his wound had been healed, Dorinth did not meet the same difficulties as before when it came to get up. The elf got up with a groan and shook his sore body. After he glanced around to get familiar with the area, the elf went into the forest to gather wood for the fire. Shortly after, Dorinth returned with a medium sized bundle of branches. He carefully placed them accordingly, so the fire would last longer.After that, he sat on the cool grass and used a quick spell to light the fire. Several of his attempts to light the fire failed, only a spark appearing when he tried to summon the magical energy within him. Annoyed as he was, the elf continued to try and light the fire, no matter how long it would take. His perseverance finally paid off when a thin branch caught fire and lighted the other one.

A feeling of relief washed over the lone elf as the warmth of the fire slowly stopped him from shivering. His blue eyes were staring at the dancing flames in front of him while he tried to remember the recent events.


A loud scream penetrated the silence of the night. A dark haired elf let out a loud shout and trashed his body on the ground, as if someone was on top of him.
The elf screamed even louder as, in his uncontrolled and chaotic movements, rubbed his injured arm against the forest floor, scrapping it against a tiny branch which was unusually rough providing the tough bark that protected it.

Blasted damnation! He mentally shouted as he rose to his feet quickly, as if he was preparing to run away from an imaginary foe. His body was covered in sweat and a thin line of blood was visible on his damaged left arm. He could only look at the wound which opened a bit more and frown at his own stupidity for letting his nightmares get the best of him. Though he was still a bit confused, he tried to calm himself as he took a good look at his surroundings, still shaken from the recent event.

The unusual dream frightened him to an extent he did not deem to be possible. He glanced at the fallen tree trunk warily, inspecting even the tiniest details to make sure that what has happened was nothing but a bad dream. With unsure steps, he approached his knapsack and looked warily at the unmoving object. With a quick move, like a snake would do when it catches his prey, he darted his hand forward and then quickly retreated it, revealing its contents. It was nothing unusual about it: a couple of fruits, a piece of meat and the tooth and claw of the red beast he has killed earlier.

Eraniel let out a sinister laugh and quickly grabbed his knapsack, almost spilling a few of its contents in his rush. He then moved towards the sword which was lying near the place where he slept with unyielding steps. He firmly grabbed it by its handle and with a steady pace and moved away from his sleeping location, looking now and then in different directions like he was trying to make sure that nothing followed him.

As soon as the elf moved a bit further from the area where he had that dreadful nightmare, he stopped and took a good at his surroundings.
He couldn’t see very clear in the dim light provided by the moon given the fact that only a few of its rays could penetrate trough the dense canopy, but his dark eyes kept analyzing the surroundings for something that only he could know of.

Suddenly, his eyes stopped on a particular fir tree that was not as tall as the others were. It had a huge fungus at the base of its trunk, most likely a parasite that was feeding on the nutrients gathered by the tree. Because of that, only in a few places the pines retained their natural green color, where the rest were a dull tan.

“There!” Eraniel shouted and dashed towards the tree he spotted. As soon as he got closer, the elf sketched a smile and a feeling of hope rose from within his mind, washing away the constant frustration that pestered him.

This huge fungus looks very familiar. If I’m not wrong, it’s the same one that I encountered during the time I made my way towards the mountain, he thought as he looked in the opposite direction, the silhouette of the giant mountain still visible. The elf then moved to the side and kicked at the huge fungus, breaking a few pieces which fell to the ground and released a strange wooden smell.

There’s no doubt about it. If I keep heading this way I should arrive somewhere near that blasted urgal camp and then get out of this damned place, thought the dark haired elf and quickly dashed in the chosen direction.

He kept running as fast as his legs would take him, carefully avoiding any objects that got in his way and hoping that he will soon get out of this place and then claim his well-earned reward.

The endless fir trees and occasional pines passed seemed only a shadow to Eraniel, who maintained his speed for as much as he could before he slowed down to catch his breath. His breaks weren’t that rewarding however, since the elf didn’t take more than a couple of minutes, just enough to stabilize his fast breathing before he proceeded to make his way towards the urgal camp.

Or so he thought. The recent events have put a great strain on both his body and mind. This, combined with his fatigue from the constant running, meddled with his senses, causing him to grow weaker and become more confused. Concentrating all his attention on evading the various objects that rose in his path and being careful to spot any hollows that may cause him to lose his balance and fall, the elf didn’t realize the slight change that occurred in the scenery. The vast amount of trees and the dim light provided by the moon caused him to stray from his current path when he took turns and evaded the various obstacles. Unknowingly, he was going deeper into the large forested area at the base of the giant mountains.

The fir trees began to grow a bit taller and the pines that usually occupied a small spot between their bigger cousins started to thin their ranks. Far in the distance, the dark, giant silhouette of another mountain began to slowly take shape.

The elf soon stopped to catch his breath, and quickly took a look at his surroundings to search for a familiar land mark, but as he looked in the distance he gasped as if struck by an invisible force.

"Wait, is that…? Blasted!" He shouted, as he kicked a branch in frustration. Not only that I have taken the wrong way, I did not even realize this error!

He was in the verge of despair, drops of sweat covering his brow. Eraniel grabbed his head with both of his hands and contemplated on his terrible mistake. Not only that he now had to find the correct path towards the forest end, but the way towards his goal was a long one, and in his weakened state, this situation demoralized him a lot.

No, no, I cannot let my feelings get the best of me. I must stay strong. I just have to travel a little more before claming my well deserved reward, he thought, but deep inside him he knew that these thoughts were only meant to comfort and help him pass trough this difficult moment. They would not bring him a great relief, nor will help him in making his way back.

Feeling the need to get his strength back, or at least a part of it, the elf started to rummage through his knapsack and threw away his trophies as he revealed the last supply of fruits he had left. Without paying attention to his surroundings, he sat on the slightly wet forest floor and started to eat like a ravenous beast. If food is what caused my lack of concentration, then I will do whatever is necessary. Eraniel did not even pay attention to his food supply as he finished his last fruit. Having been the most consistent meal he had in days, it wasn’t long before he felt refreshed and a lot better. Even if the serene atmosphere was lulling him, Eraniel shook his head and lifted his tired body off the floor with a groan. Soon, it will all be over. He just had to stay strong for a couple more days, else all this hard work would be in vain.

Ignoring the pain coming from his arm and the bothersome wound where the red creature struck him with its tail, Eraniel looked around, confusion visible in his dark eyes, as he was searching for a few marks which might indicate him the right track. That mountain… I’m pretty sure that I have seen it before when I was searching for that beast before I turned to where the sun rises, to find Dorinth. The elf nodded and continued to make plans in his mind. Yes, that’s it! Now, if I go that way thought the elf as he pointed towards his right, I will manage to get to the plains before the sun settles the next day.

The elf acquired a new determination when thoughts about how the people will cheer when he reveals the proof of his deed to them filled his mind. With his morale back up, Eraniel started to move at a steady pace, a little more careful. Losing more precious time would result in a negative outcome, so he had to avoid that at all costs.

The cool morning air brushed against Eraniel’s face as he entered a clearing. The sun had yet to show up, the veil of night still permeating the forest. As he continued to walk, the elf noticed an orange spark from between the trees to his left. This immediately summoned his awareness as he fixed his eyes on that spot, trying to glimpse the source once again. As he moved towards the direction of the spark, Eraniel drew his sword. Extra precaution was a necessity considering his weakened state.

The flicker of a campfire appeared before his eyes widened with surprise. Dorinth? The elf asked himself with a hint of amazement. Meeting with his friend after the recent events was not something he was looking forward to. As he approached the campfire a little more, Eraniel quickly dismissed this idea as he shook his head nervously. It can’t be… there is no way he would have traveled such a long distance given the circumstances. Deciding not to waste his time debating on stupid matters, the elf continued to move with silent steps until he could observe an elf lying on the floor.

His hair was dark and he did not look older compared to Eraniel. He was wearing the common clothes for a hunter: a brown tunic and a pair of leather leggings which were in a better shape than Eraniel’s. Next to the elf lied his bag filled with supplies and various accessories he had decided to take. Eraniel smiled as his mind conjured what it seemed to be a good idea. That’s a good opportunity to trade with him for food if he has some and ask for indications. Eraniel nodded with contentment and approached the sleeping elf. A loud howl caused him to shudder. Acting quickly, Eraniel drew his sword and turned quickly to his left to face the source of the noise. Not far away from his, two sparkling eyes were staring at him like a predator stares at its prey. The beast emerged from the darkness, the light from the fire revealing its identity. Eraniel had only a fraction of a second to realize what it was before the creature leaped at him.
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It's 2 AM and I want to post this chapter now, so I'll name it tomorrow. If you have a suggestion for a title, feel free to add it.

Chapter 13: The hunter and the hunted

With a quick move, Eraniel jumped to the side, landing in a roll, a soft breeze followed the creature's swift attack. He managed to evade the creature's attack by reading its body movements to anticipate the ferocious attack. Being a hunter, Eraniel knew a lot about the various creatures that inhabited the forests, including their anatomy, weak spots and attack patterns.

The beast, which was a shrrg that had yet to fully mature, had soon realized that it had missed its target by a small margin. With its eyes fixed on its prey, the young shrrg quickly took advantage of the fact that its target was lay on the ground and darted its head in an attempt to bite the victim's unprotected leg.
Eraniel retracted his leg as fast as he could, evading the sharp fangs by a small allowance. He then pulled his arm back and with a quick move he threw his sword with all his strength at the creature, trying to distract it long enough so he could get up from his uncomfortable position where he was vulnerable to most of the attacks the shrrg would most definitely throw at him.

The sword didn't hit its target because of the poor aim, but had managed to distract the shrrg for just a bit as it switched its eyes to the strange object that headed towards its location. It missed the animal and landed on the ground with a loud clanging sound that manage to alarm the creature a bit.

The elf, however, had not wasted any time following his first attack with a second as he quickly got up and ran towards the young shrrg at full speed. Then, he jumped in the air and kicked the creature with both of his legs, but the attack wasn't as effective as the elf would have liked it to be. Realizing his mistake, he reached for his sword as soon as he landed on the ground. But it was too late.

The shrrg had already recovered by then and prepared to pounce once again on its target. Its burning yellow eyes were focused on the bipedal creature that invaded its territory.

Eraniel did the only thing that he could do in that moment. He opened his mouth and shouted, "Stop!" but nothing happened. As soon as he finished the word the creature was on top of him, snarling viciously.
Eraniel knew he had to act fast and smart if he was to get out of this mess unharmed. With a move from his wrist, he swung the sword, hitting the shrrg's left leg, being stopped only by the tough bone. The beast howled in pain as blood started to pour out of its leg, its focus being breached for a moment. This was the chance Eraniel has waited for. Wrenching his sword from the wound, he positioned his sword firm in his hands and drove it into the creature's head, silencing it forever. The giant creature fell limp to the ground with a thud. The ever-flowing blood quickly formed a vast pond on the turf, offering it a sinister appearance.

Panting and shaken from this sudden encounter, Eraniel removed the lifeless body that was resting on top of him as he slowly got up. Why do I always end up fighting something in bad moments such as this one? the elf thought while he turned around. He noticed the now awake elf approaching him. All of the commotion from the battle had probably woke him up, right when the battle has ended.

The younger elf approached Eraniel shyly and scanned the sight, his eyes widened with surprise, almost as if he was shocked because of the sight presenting in front of him.

"You…you killed that beast?” asked the dark haired elf with a trembling voice, unsure how to address the one who had probably saved his life. Eraniel simply nodded and glanced at the beast, a proud look on his face. He was not really in the mood for dialogue after a fight such as the one that had just transpired, even if it was not that difficult to him. What had probably pissed him off was his inability to end this fight faster because of the wounds he had suffered from the earlier encounter, so he remained silent for now. Noticing the foreign look in his dark eyes, the younger elf continued, his voice full of gratitude.

"You have probably saved my life! If it were not for your heroic deed, there is no telling what might have happened.” He barely finished what he had to say when he bowed to Eraniel as a sign of appreciation.

Eraniel was moved by his behavior. Never before has one showed his gratitude for his actions. What was probably even more curious was this elf's behavior. He seemed to be a hunter, but the look in his eyes when he sighted the dead beast betrayed him. A skilled hunter would not view defeating a beast of the forest noteworthy, yet this elf seemed to consider it an opponent of significance.

Noticing the lack of reaction coming from the elf in front of him, the raven-haired elf asked loudly, as if to make sure that he would not be ignored this time. "Hey mate, are you alright? You look a bit shaken," he asked and waited for an answer, dismayed at the lack of a response. Trying to get the other elf to react, the younger reached with his hand and laid it on the hunter's shoulder, looking at him with a concerned expression.

"Is there something wrong?" Maybe I…" suddenly, Eraniel shrugged, his reaction causing the other elf to stumble back a few inches. "I...I'm sorry, it wasn't my intention to appear intrusive," said the elf apologetically and then started to mumble something that only he could understand, probably scolding himself for his rushed actions.

Eraniel simply sighed as he looked with surprise at the other elf that now started to search for something among his different belongings. This has to be the one of the strangest elves I have ever met. Judging by his look and his actions, he most certainly isn't qualified to be a hunter. Poor fool, there is no telling what might have happened to him if it wasn't for my quick intervention. The picture of the campfire entered his mind. As it did, Eraniel smiled slyly, as if he had already concocted the plan that was already forming in his mind. Yes, I saved his life. For that, I deserve some kind of reward. That's the least he can do to repay his debt, thought Eraniel, trying to assess the current situation and make the best use of what he could.

Abruptly, he shouted, startling the anxious elf. "You! I suppose you have something to eat, so why don't you share something with me? I think I deserve something in return for that," he said with impatience as he motioned offhandedly towards the dead shrrg.

"Yes, yes, of course I have. Just come over here and I'll even let you choose what you want as a sign of appreciation for killing the beast," the elf answered as he beckoned for Eraniel to follow him. When they arrived at the strange elf's camp, he picked up his bag with a quick flourish and sat down, smiling giddily at Eraniel.

It didn't take long for Eraniel to take a seat by the small, cozy fire. The elf handed him his bag, which Eraniel took gruffly. The bag contained mostly fruits and a few rags. The hunter rummaged through the bag but the only things he found were a ragged tunic and chain mail, which he pulled out with a curious expression on his face.

Anticipating the question, the other elf commented, "The chain mail you are holding belonged to my father. Sadly, he was killed while he was in a mission to fend off a band of urgal scouts. Since then, I have become its new owner." The elf gazed at Eraniel with a regretful look before continuing." I have kept this with me thinking that such fate will not befall me. It is more a reminder of him rather than a simple piece of armor," he said with a hint of melancholy as he looked at the chain mail. His eyes did not seem to be seeing Eraniel, they were gazing through him, seeing something that Eraniel could not.

"Anyway, I don't want to bore you with my life story if you aren't interested," he quickly added, coming out of the reverie and taking a bite from a rather large reddish colored fruit.

Eraniel had put the chain mail beside him and reached for the fruits that were positioned at the bottom of the bag. Without even looking at the bag's owner, he grabbed a medium sized orange fruit and started to eat in silence, staring at flames that were dancing in front of his eyes. The tangy juice of the fruit was fresh and tasted good.

The young elf switched his gaze to the one on his left, analyzing his features. He looked older compared to him. His solemn, stoic expression a looking glass to an elf who had been through too much for his age. The raven-haired elf could not quite put his finger on what exactly it might have been, so he decided to break the silence in a hope to find out what.

"My name is Deleith. May I know what is yours?" Silence was all that he got for an answer, but the elf did not frown, even though he felt like doing so. Instead, he asked, raising an eyebrow, "You are not the talkative type of elf, are you?" Deleith sighed as Eraniel continued to eat, seemingly deaf, as if no one was sitting there besides him. Deciding not to continue until Eraniel would listen to what he had to say, the elf turned his head around, eyeing the dead shrrg. The large amount of blood that had flowed from the creature had stained the grass around it, its metallurgic smell reaching the two elves. Deleith wrinkled his nose.

Deciding to take a closer look, the younger elf got up. With slow steps, he approached the corpse of the dead beast. The elf jerked back as his foot landed in the puddle of blood, staining his boot with the red, consolidated substance. The profound darkness prevented him from accurately distinguishing the area tainted with the blood of the beast from the areas without the clotted crimson liquid. Deleith frowned, but his curiosity had not yet been satisfied. Because of that, the elf decided to circle the corpse until he found a way to reach it without staining more of his boots. He let out a gasp of revulsion as he neared the dead beast from behind. Without reason, the elf nudged the shrrg in the back, as if to make sure it would not get up all of a sudden for another attack. Content with the result, the elf began to inspect the beast's features, like a hunter inspecting his kill.

Realizing that no trophy had been claimed, Deleith reached for the dagger that was hanging from his belt and with a quick move he cut the beast's front paw, the cartilage and bones shattering under the blow. The result was a clean cut. With slight interest and satisfaction, he picked the medium sized paw and headed back to the campfire to inform Eraniel about his actions.

As he approached the older elf from behind, Deleith extended his arm, placing his hand tentatively on his shoulder. The contact caused Eraniel to stir, but the raven-haired elf quickly added. "I believe this belongs to you. I couldn't help but to notice that you have not claimed a proof of your deed, so I thought I'd do it for you." The elf handled the paw to Eraniel, smiling encouragingly. The older elf took it from the extended hand, inspecting it with an impassive look on his face.

"I have no need of such insignificant trophy," retorted Eraniel with pride as he threw it on the ground." It would be a great dishonor for a hunter like me to enter Taelmarlis with such a pathetic trophy," he added with irritation as his dark eyes resumed staring at the fire. His actions had taken the other elf by surprise, who glanced at Eraniel's bag. Certainly a hunter like him had claimed another trophy, but what could it possibly be? Shaking his head, Deleith dismissed this thought. It was irrelevant at this time, and his mind conjured a new idea, or so it seemed. The raven-haired elf moved towards the place where the discarded paw was, his brown eyes looking at it with anticipation. The elf reached for it, but was suddenly interrupted by an irate voice, causing his hand to stop in mid air.

"What are you doing, picking that worthless thing up? I suppose you have not managed to ensure a kill for yourself if you lower yourself to the point where a young beast like that one catches your interest." Eraniel nodded in approval as the elf picked up the paw, his dark eyes looking at him with pity.

Deleith threw Eraniel a submissive look as he headed back to the campfire. Once it was within his range, the raven-haired elf picked his knapsack that had no fruits left inside it by now and threw the paw in it. Feeling a bit embarrassed, the elf said in a slightly low voice. "I have had no luck so far in acquiring a trophy. Perhaps my emotions deceived me into thinking that I am prepared to participate at the Festival of hunt this spring. I do not aspire to kill a great beast, so I will settle with this one. For that, I must thank you for your generosity."

Eraniel nodded sleepily as he carefully laid down on the grass, the coldness of the ground making him shiver slightly at the contact. He lay in his usually comfortable position, but his arm was still troubling him, so finding both the right position to sleep and taking care that his hand would not bother him was quite frustrating.

Noticing his wound, Deleith quickly moved closer to inspect it. It was a very ugly wound which was made of three lacerations, the last one stopping at his elbow. The gashes were not bleeding and a thin scab was beginning to form, but they were not as clean as they were supposed to and an infection could start at anytime from now on.

After he finished analyzing the wound down to its last detail, he asked worriedly. "How did you manage to get a wound like that? Surely it was not made by this beast. I inspected the paw and its claws cannot possibly cause so much damage!"

Eraniel did not even shift from his position as he answered in an annoyed tone, "What do you think? That I caused it myself? Of course it was made by a beast, but I don't have the mood, nor the patience to speak about it." He then closed his eyes in hope that the other elf would stop pestering him for the time being.

However, his hopes did not come true as Deleith felt the need to do something for the one that saved him from the shrrg's attack. He had also allowed him to take a trophy for himself, so he ignored what Eraniel said about not wanting to be disturbed right then because he felt the need to repay the impassive elf.

"Excuse me, I did not mean to annoy you; I got a bit carried away and for that you have my apologies. But, would you like me to heal that wound for you? It could get infected and you would be in a lot of pain. It could cause lasting damage as well," said the young elf quickly, hoping that he chose the right words.

Frustration started to build up in Eraniel as the irritating elf couldn't keep his mouth shut for at least a bit. Different thoughts began to cross his mind, from wanting to discipline the elf or to simply leave the camp and go to a more secluded place. Nevertheless, in the end, rationality prevailed as he pondered on what he heard from the other elf about healing his wound. All the discomfort would then be gone and he would be able to use his arm just like before, not to mention that sleeping would not be so difficult. Oh well, at least he may prove useful at something in the end. If hunting skills evade him, the least he can do for me is alleviating this pain, thought the elf while deciding whether to let the elf take care of his wound or not.

"Hmpf, I suppose I can't get rid of you that easily. Very well, you may try and heal it, but this doesn't mean I am going to carry a conversation with you. My body aches from tiredness and I suppose a good rest is in order," he said in an exasperated tone and stretched his damaged hand towards Deleith so that he could begin the healing procedure. As he did so, he laid his head on the ground, facing the elf who was tending to his wound. It was slightly uncomfortable, but he could handle the discomfort if he did not have to talk to the irritating elf.

Deleith quickly moved to his own pack and took out a thin strip of fabric and a small crystal bottle with an emerald colored, translucent substance in it. Then, he slowly moved back towards Eraniel, cut the fabric in half and carefully poured a bit of the liquid on different parts of its surface.

"It will sting a bit, but I recommend you to stay still and endure the pain. It's a small inconvenience in order to prevent an infection," he added calmly as he waited for a response from the older elf.

Eraniel shifted a bit from his position before answering on the same displeased tone, "Get on with it then! I don't need to know all the details involved when using such a simple spell".

Deleith frowned at the mention of a spell, his brown eyes giving away a feeling of uncertainty. The mention of a spell made him feel uneasy for some reason. After a moment of silence, he shook his head as another idea crossed his mind. Feeling a bit more confident, he made up his mind as he quickly wrapped the fabric around Eraniel's arm.

Eraniel shuddered at the contact with the wet and cool material, but he didn't bother to turn his head and watch. All he thought was that Deleith was cleaning his wounds before using the spell needed to mend his wounds.

"It is done!" Exclaimed the raven-haired elf proudly. "Now, all you need to do is lay still and wait for the healing reagent to take effect."

Eraniel lifted his head in confusion as the elf's words reached his ears. "Healing reagent? What are you talking about? All you need to do is to… Arghhh!"

The elf let out a high pitched yell out of a sudden. He felt like his arm was being torn off again as the burning sensation given by the healing substance was seeping the partially healed over scabs into his damaged limb's muscle.

"What do you think you are doing? Get that thing off me!" screamed Eraniel as he violently shook his arm, throwing the piece of cloth on the ground. Deleith watched the scene with dismay and tried to say something, but nothing came out of his mouth. He only wanted to help Eraniel, but this elf was not taking it lightly. It seems he was not familiar with this method to cure wounds. With a disapproving look, Deleith looked at him, voicing his thoughts in a slightly high voice.

"Why did you react like that? I warned you about the upcoming pain, yet you obviously ignored it. I was just…" an angry shout coming from Eraniel abruptly interrupted him, his face livid.

"Then I don't need your help! Use your obsolete, useless remedies on yourself from now on, but keep me out of your weird experiments! Do you hear me?" With that, Eraniel got up and moved farther away from the raven-haired elf, who was shocked at his sudden reaction.

Deleith merely turned his back at Eraniel, moving a few steps in the opposite direction with a deep scowl on his face, „Spell? What do you think I am, a sorcerer? I may not use magic to heal wounds, but my remedies are as good as any other healing methods, for they had never let me down so far. I see that you seem to reject this method of healing. Suit yourself then," replied the elf as he laid down on the cool grass, disappointed that his methods were not approved by the one who had saved his life. As tiredness started to take over the raven-haired elf, he yawned before voicing his need to rest. "Now, if you don't mind, I would like to get some rest. If there is anything else you might need, do not hesitate to ask for it."

Eraniel smiled contently, glad that his new annoying companion had finally shut his mouth. Shifting into a more comfortable position, facing away from the fire, the elf's heavy eyelids covered his dark eyes, his senses starting to dull as sleep conquered his body and then went numb.

The beast was only a little shrrg Sad a bit disappointing, but it did seem fit, not to mention interesting. Now that Eraniel has proven once again his capabilities, is there something that might stop him from fulfilling his dreams?

He also met a curious, bothersome elf who seems to be a hindrance to him, but at least he ate his fill this day. Will this new elf prove to be of significance later on? More so, is there any chance he might follow Eraniel?
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I'll answer to you guys tomorrow. For now, I'll just post the nameless chapter.(name will come tomorrow)

Chapter 14: Surmounting an obstacle

A cool morning breeze blew through the still forest, causing the branches of the trees to shift slightly, filling the air with the rustle of the leaves that were hanging strong on the slender branches. It was a cloudy morning, the sun hiding behind the impenetrable begrimed, dull clouds that obscured the land. The sun had just risen , basking the horizon in a multitude of colors, each more vivid compared to the other.

There was a sudden rustle in the camp the two elves have settled up for the night. One of them quickly got up, packed a few rags that kept him warm during the night and then moved swiftly towards the other one which was still sleeping soundly.

“Time to get up,” a masculine voice penetrated the silence, a tint of enmity residing in these words. “I am not going to repeat myself. If you do not heed my call, then I will leave you here, alone!” exclaimed Eraniel on a slightly angry tone as he tapped his foot on the ground with impatience. The younger elf stirred, but this did not please the dark haired elf who glanced around nervously. “As you wish then…” Eraniel grabbed his belongings and started to move away from the camp in a random direction, but a half mouthed shout interrupted him.

“Wait for me, please!” Deleith groaned as he got up, yawning sleepily. After he picked his pack lazily, he advanced towards Eraniel with sluggish steps, muttering some words with an inaudible tone. After he joined Eraniel’s side, he quickly expressed his disappointment with a rather calm voice.

“Look, we are in this together. This means we have to respect each other. Understand?” his brown eyes scanned Eraniel’s face for any sign of approval, but he could find none. The elf in front of him was just staring blankly at the mass of trees which were taking shape ahead of them, the density of the forest concealing the right way. Feeling a little grumpy because of his companion’s actions, Deleith continued with his rant. “You asked me to come along, and here I am! If you do not want to roam these woods for a long time, I suggest you listen to what I have to say,” added the elf slyly, hoping that the method of hinting his useful skills will catch Eraniel’s interest. And it did. Glancing at Deleith with the corner of his eye, Eraniel replied to the troublesome elf with a faint voice, indifference masking his once determined look.

“I’m listening,” he added with a half, tentative voice. Pleased with his reaction, the brown-eyed elf pointed to the east and then to the south, explaining to Eraniel the natural guide marks which he has to follow in order to stay on the right track. The older elf seemed slightly bored with Deleith’s enthusiastic approach of this subject. The younger elf was gesturing like a bad actor, a laugh sometimes adding to the seemingly pathetic attempt to teach someone a valuable lesson. All that mattered to the unresponsive elf right now was the result, not the methods used in finding the right way through a forest. As much as he wanted to get rid of this young, talkative elf, Eraniel realized that his tracking skills were an invaluable asset in his journey, for he decided to approach Deleith in a different kind of manner, surprising the young one with his words.

“Good. I can see that you are quite skilled at making your way trough dense forests such as this one, so I will make use of your skills,” he said halfheartedly before he nodded approvingly.

Deleith’s brown eyes examined Eraniel as he confessed his need for help and immediately realized that, although he accepted his aid and companionship, he did it only to fulfill his needs. There was also the probability that his companion will dish him out as soon as he reaches his destination. Even though the numerous hints were whispering in his ear not to accept the dangerous bargain, Deleith had no choice.

I don’t like the idea of being used like this, but this elf helped me in return. Along the way, I may learn a bit more about himself and his hunting techniques, knowledge that will work to my advantage. He’s not the talkative type, though I cannot help but feel that there is something that he tries to conceal behind all his silence
, thought the elf as he pondered this situation with patience. One wrong word could cause them to part ways, and there were many beasts roaming around these woods, waiting for the right opportunity to strike.

After a moment of silence, Deleith sketched a smile, adding with enthusiasm, „So we are settled then. You will not regret your decision, I assure you.” A bit uncertain, the elf backed away a few steps, allowing the more experienced one to take the lead. As he passed by his companion, Eraniel threw him a disdainful look, causing him to shift uncomfortably before he started to follow the lead elf, a bitter taste filling his mouth.


The cold morning air that rushed trough the trees quickly made its way towards the lone elf that lay motionless on the cool grass, his features offering him a gracious look. As soon as the brisk, cold air brushed against the loner elf, it caused him to shiver shortly after the brief contact.

Finding the possibility to sleep close to impossible because of the cold morning, Dorinth got up leisurely from his curled up position and quickly glanced at the smoldering fire, irritation coming out of his blue eyes. He frowned slightly when he saw that the thing that was supposed to keep him warm was a smoldering wreck, a thin layer of ethereal-like smoke rising and making its way trough the branches of the trees.

Dorinth grabbed his weary head into his hands, feelings of doubt and fear sneaking through his once strong barriers. He quietly muttered a few words that only he could understand, like an ancient blessing bestowed upon those in need. He lazily took a seat on the forest floor, inspecting his surroundings that held no familiarity to him. This whole situation seemed surreal; with no memories about his location, Dorinth felt like he had somehow been transported here by an incredible spell. As his blue eyes scanned his vicinity, an occasional yawn escaped the drained elf.

Now that he had been forced to take care of everything by himself, Dorinth had had a hard time getting a proper sleep given the responsibilities that had crushed down on his shoulders. He had needed to keep the fire going and watch out for animals that got too close for comfort alone, for there was no one to aid him. The constant fear of a possible attack, together with the possibility of loosing the only source of warmth and light that kept the predators at bay, had added even more pressure to the anxious, overly cautious elf, forcing him to wake up at short time intervals. Because of those issues, it had been hard for him to sleep properly and the lack of rest had soon taken its toll on him.

His tired, lifeless blue eyes stopped on a small rock in front of him as the elf pondered about the recent events. A feeling of shock overwhelmed him when he realized that his mind was blank; he could not remember a single detail, even if he forced himself to. An irritating head ache soon began to unnerve him, the uncomfortable sensation interfering with his thoughts. The elf groaned in frustration and clenched his fists, merely trying to fight his powerless condition. Just when he was about to get up, the elf glanced at the hot, reddish charcoals that were still smoldering, the heat slowly dispersing into the chilling air. Out of a sudden, the image of a beautiful red creature entered his mind. Its scarlet scales were sparkling in the sunlight, bright rubies that adorned its body. Right after that, another image returned to his memory: he was traveling with Eraniel, and something happened between them, so they had to split up. Fragments of his memories were flashing through his mind, the elf barely having the chance to unlock the mystery behind this complex puzzle.

Dorinth shut his eyes briefly, diverting all his attention on the different stray thoughts that were starting to take shape into his mind that was starting to recover. I was traveling with Eraniel, and some Urgals attacked us along the way. Somehow, we had defeated them and then... Eraniel! He had decided to go on a different way to search for the beast he kept babbling about! This revelation forced the elf to get up quickly for no apparent reason. He circled the camp like an agitated lion in a cage that was waiting for a miracle to find its release from the fetters.

Dorinth started to tap his foot on the ground nervously as he kept searching for an answer, but every solution seemed to evade him. A slight feeling of anger put a bitter taste in his mouth. It was not long before he despised himself for not being able to figure out what happened. Eraniel was nowhere to be seen, and he passed out because of a grave injury to the head. At that moment, he felt powerless, and there was no one there to guide him.

I had found nothing of importance along the way, as I have stopped a few times to probably recuperate. Yet something seems amiss.
The silver haired elf groaned in irritation at this thought. Every significant detail seemed to avoid him, yet he was not ready to give up.

Trying to vent out his frustration, Dorinth walked around the area where he slept, like he was looking for something. Great, now I can't even find my blasted knapsack! His hand formed a tightened fist. It has to be somewhere around here, I always keep it at my side... the elf ceased his walking suddenly, as if an invisible barrier got in his way. Hold on...I remember that I have found a brook along the way. Is it possible that some sort of interference forced me to abandon my knapsack in that place? But if something did indeed happen, why would I leave it there?

The elf simply stood there, his body resembling the appearance of a statue. He tried to remember all the events that led him to this moment, even the tiniest ones to uncover the whole truth about what has happened. What frustrated him was that the answers were simply evading him, and he was well aware of that.

After a short while, his face contorted slightly in a frown while a mutter escaped him, and lay on the ground in the same place where he slept earlier. However, his condition prevented him from spending his time sitting there all day long. His mind rejected anything related to lazyness and his body could not stay still at all. With a groan, Dorinth got up, brushing the dust and the dead blades of grass off his dark leggings. He impatiently moved around, kicking the different things that were standing on his way. If only there were some clues... the elf mused. That’s it! If I look around the surrounding area, I might find something that will help me elucidate this mystery! Thought the elf, a part of him filled with enthusiasm. He was finally getting somewhere.

Without wasting more time, Dorinth put out the fire and with a steady pace, he moved towards his left. Before he left however, the elf scattered the ashes left from the fire on the forest floor, covering a wide area with carbonized wood. If nothing was to be found where he was going, he would simply return to this place and choose a different direction. For now, his instincts instructed him to go west for some reason and it would be foolish for him to spend his time pondering about the possible solutions while he could use this time to his advantage.

After a short walk, the elf spotted a clearing up ahead, yet there was something wrong about it. For some strange reason, that specific clearing made Dorinth feel uneasy, shivers running down his spine. He cautiously advanced towards the clearing in front of him with soft steps, careful not to give in his position to anything which might put his life in peril. The elf unsheathed his sword slowly, the metal barely emitting its distinctive sound. If something was there, he would at least be on his guard.

In the distance, a large red body was visible. Its hide made it glisten with a scarlet hue, but the presence of blood that covered the ground next to the dead beast deteriorated the sight even more. Dorinth’s curiosity rose at the unusual sight, and he increased his pace to inspect it. However, his walk suddenly came to a stop as the elf could notice the presence of another beast which resembled a shrrg. The smell of dead corpses reached Dorinth’s nose, causing him to move his arm in front of his wrinkled nose to block the fetid smell.

What in the king’s name happened here? Could that wolf kill that beast on its own? His eyes quickly drifted to the red creature’s wings as he kept analyzing it. No, it cannot be possible. Whatever it is, it has wings, meaning that it can fly, and a ground predator could not do this on its own. This leads me to believe that someone else did it, the elf thought and suspiciously advanced forward. Even the slightest sound could give away his position, and killing the wolf was not his intention. The elf sidestepped behind a tree when he got close enough to the wolf and quickly formulated a plan in his head.

I cannot just kill the wolf mercilessly… it is only doing what is natural: taking advantage of the situation to get an easy meal. Instead, I could scare it a little bit. The elf suddenly burst out from behind the tree, letting out an intimidating shout.

Startled by the strange and powerful sound in the vicinity, the animal quickly adopted a fighting stance, baring its teeth and snarling viciously, its eyes fixed on the elf. It sniffed the air for a short while, and then it quickly charged forward, attempting to eliminate the competition.

Dorinth quickly realized that his attempt to scare the beast failed and his next reaction came swiftly. He raised his hand and pointed it towards the Shrrg, muttering a silent spell.

The wolf yelped in surprise as it felt the ground vanish under its paws The invisible force lifted the animal about a feet in the air and pushed it forward a couple of meters before it dropped on the ground, on its side. It quickly got up and with a head shake, the beast ran away into the wilderness, fearing for its safety. Pleased that his quick thinking paid off, Dorinth slowly made his way to the partially devoured corpse.

A feeling of dread took over him as he approached more and more, revealing details he didn’t notice before. The easiest to distinguish was the consistent, dark red substance that coated the forest floor in some parts around the creature’s body. It leaked from various parts of the creature’s body, but the main source was coming from the middle of its neck.
No other wounds were visible across its scaly body, save for a few scratches. The one who had killed it was probably experienced enough to deliver an accurate blow to a sensitive area.

Dorinth continued to inspect the creature, feeling a bit nauseous because of the sight combined with the horrible stench the decaying body was emanating. With a grim look on his face, he slowly made his way to its head, trying to discover the cause of its death. As he approached the magnificent head of the red beast, the elf found himself staring at its eyes. Those beautiful, captivating ruby colored eyes somehow looked familiar, and yet, something was different. The creature’s eyes have lost their wild, crystalline beauty once the flame of life has been extinguished forever.

Dorinth shrugged after he was hit by an invisible jolt as memories from his first encounter with the creature washed over him. From the curiosity and awe that drove him towards the creature to the first contact he had made with it when he laid his palm on its smooth, tough scales.

The elf slowly came back to his senses as crystalline tears could be visible forming in his blue eyes.

Out of a sudden, a loud roar penetrated the silence, the powerful sound sending chills down the elf’s spine. Never before has he heard such a loud sound. What was more unusual was the direction of the roar. It seemed to come from above. Deciding not to be around when the beast responsible for the commotion arrived, Dorinth ran to a nearby tree for cover. After a strenuous moment, Dorinth heard a loud thud, a signal that something had just landed in his vicinity. As moments passed without an action to give away the creature’s identity, Dorinth impatience has quickly risen. Having difficulties controlling his curiosity, the elf sneaked his head from behind the tree to take a quick look. What he has seen caused him to wide his eyes in shock. Not far away from here was a beast similar to the one that was dead, but it was larger, and its color was different. Its scales were a shade of orange, almost red, but not quite. Fear took control over Dorinth at the thought of becoming the target of this magnificent beast, but at the same time, he couldn’t get his eyes off it. Could it possibly be related to the dead red winged creature? The silver haired elf wiped the drops of sweat off his brow as he continued to spy on the creature’s action.

A strange growl rippled through the forest as the bigger beast approached the red one. It bowed its head, nuzzling the snout of the little one. It let out another growl, this time lower, almost as if it was in pain. The creature continued to poke the head of the red beast, as if it was trying to get a response from it. But it never came. What happened next almost deafened the elf. The loudest roar he has ever heard in his life speeded across the surrounding area, causing the birds to flee from the safety of the treetops. Dorinth moved his hands to his ears to block the powerful noise, but without success. Luckily, it all ended in an instant. What happened next caused the elf to drop his jaw. The bigger beast growled strangely, a faint sound compared to the one which it had displayed moments ago. After it nudged the red creature with its snout once again, it collapsed its massive body besides it. Dorinth continued to witness this unusual behavior, wandering why the deep orange creature was so interested in that particular body.

His interest was caught again when the larger creature draped a wing over the corpse and rested its head on top of it, letting out a series of low growls.

The orange creature stayed in the same position for a while, occasionally letting out more growls and carefully nuzzling the smaller’s creature neck and head with its snout.

Out of nowhere, a gust of wind blew from Dorinth’s direction, reaching the orange creature in an instant. Like on cue, it folded its wing and got up with a snarl, scanning the surrounding area. It moved its head in different directions, its orange eyes analyzing everything.

The elf didn’t really know what was happening until he noticed that the creature’s nostrils were twitching. He quickly muttered some words and made a gesture with his hand after the revelation hit him with a blast.
How could I be so careless? Now I may end up dead! Thought the panic-stricken elf as he retreated his head behind the tree, hoping that his little trick will prevent the beast from finding his position.

The only source of information the elf had at his disposal regarding the beast’s position were the heavy footsteps the beast made when it started to move around. Dorinth’s nervousness reached an alarming level soon enough, drops of sweat making their way down his forehead. Because of someone else’s mistake, this beast could take his life, and there was no way he could prevent it.

Unexpectedly, the beast ceased moving. Trying to seize this opportunity, Dorinth sneaked his head once again in an attempt to catch a glimpse of the beast’s position. There was something on the ground that, for some reason, attracted its attention. The beast lowered its neck so its nose had access to the strange object on the ground. Unfortunately, Dorinth couldn’t realize what it was from his current position.

Suddenly, an idea entered the elf’s mind. I can try and make a run for it, for the beast is not paying attention to me. Either now or never… However, Dorinth had no time to ponder this dilemma as another roar, less powerful this time, came from the creature. Out of a sudden, the beast unfurled its gigantic wings and took to the skies, leaving a shocked elf behind. Quickly after the beast departed, Dorinth moved towards the place where the beast has stopped, his whole body shaking.

The glimmer of the unusual object caused Dorinth to shut his eyes, it’s brightness irritating him. In that moment, impatience took over him, forcing him to reach the object with a stride. Dorinth jaw dropped before he crouched down, lifting the metal object. With a puzzle look on his face, the elf got up, his eyes carefully analyzing the object in his hands. It was a vaguely familiar sword, but a part of its blade was stained by dried blood. An elf had used this sword to kill the beast, that was certain.
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Alright folks, new chappy is up! Sorry for taking so long to update, but school hasn't been very kind to me in the past few days. I do hope, however, that the quality of the chapter hasn't suffered because of my problems, since I put as much work as I could into it. Without further addo, let me present you with chapter 15 which is title-less due to the lack of ideas and a bit of slacking on my part.

Chapter 15

The afternoon sun was high in the sky, spreading its pure white rays across the forest below. The smaller mountains were entirely covered in fir trees, offering them the look of an uneven sea of green. The different species of mixed trees consisting of rowans, fir trees and pines were bathed in the warm, life-giving light, making the whole forest look like a flawless gem sitting on a dwarf's workshop.

Up in the air, the two dragons were making their way back to their cave, taking pleasure in the warm day. The two beings flew gracefully across the beautiful landscape, enjoying the warm rays of the sun bouncing on their scales, which sparkled with different specks of gold and sapphire as the sun reflected off their crystalline surface.

Occasionally, the two would perform loops, corkscrews and other different aerial maneuvers to put their skills to the test. Although the sapphire dragon was more enthusiastic when it came to hone his flying skills, him being the one that started every move, the golden dragon would sometimes follow his father's example and join him in his different games.

I do not understand what has got you, father. A while ago, you were content with simply flying in a straight line, and now you are in the mood for more of these games? growled Sinedar piercingly, irritated by his father's behavior. It was he who acted like a hatchling, still practicing all the boring, endless games.

His method to get his point across worked, but much to Sinedar's displeasure, the result was not what he had expected. As he joined his father and flew by his side, Serkath began to lecture him after he let out an objective growl to summon his son's attention.

These are not just simple games, Sinedar. Although it may seem pointless to you, these exercises are of great importance when it comes to hone your aerial skills. There may be a time when you will have to put these skills to the ultimate test. When an unfavorable circumstance will threaten your life, knowledge and experience will be the prime factors to decide the outcome.

Serkath continued to explain his son why are the games useful in a dragon's life and the true purpose behind what appeared to be a hatchling game. Sinedar was slightly surprised by this new discovery, as he knew not the other purpose of games. Leaving him no time to ponder about his recent lesson, Serkath suddenly bumped into his side and did a back flip, disappearing from sight. This caused the gold dragon to yelp in surprise and lose his balance. He was slowly losing altitude, even if he furiously flapped his wings to get himself back on track.

After a few powerful wing strokes and a bit of maneuvering, Sinedar had managed to correct his position and resumed his usual flight, beating his wings slowly at a regular interval and letting the air currents do the work for him. He was still feeling a bit shaken from his earlier experience, so he became more serious and cautious to his surroundings. It was not the first time when his father got the best of him when he was unaware of what was going to happen. Because of that, he promised to himself that his father's games would not catch him unaware next time. As he scanned the skies with his golden eyes, Sinedar quickly noticed the large body of a sapphire dragon flying towards him.

Serkath watched the whole scene, amused by the display. Not being able to control himself, he chuckled when he noticed that his son completely lost control of his flight path. The sound of velvety wings flapping against the air filled the atmosphere as the golden dragon desperately tried to correct his awkward position. Serkath snorted a puff of black smoke as he noticed Sinedar's efforts to resume his normal flight path. After a series of tedious maneuvers, Sinedar pushed his body upwards and threw his father an irritated glance.

Realizing that his offspring probably misinterpreted the joke, considering Sinedar's already bad mood, the sapphire dragon flew in his direction with quick moves of his powerful wings.

As soon as he joined his son, he hummed happily, much to Sinedar's displeasure. You did well, my son. For a moment, I thought you would keep falling down. Should that was to happen, I would have had to interfere.

Sinedar let out an impassive growl at the praise, not impressed by his father's words. He was merely trying to get on his good side, and the golden dragon did not buy it. With his pride hurt a little bit, Sinedar tried to get away from the sapphire dragon by veering right. However, his tail betrayed his actions and he was soon brought back to his senses by a powerful roar.

Trying to get away, are we? Serkath's sudden intervention caused Sinedar to bare his teeth in annoyance, but the hatchling needed a lot more to intimidate the massive blue dragon. The visible signs of distress his son was displaying did not go unnoticed. For this reason, Serkath adopted a more serious mood.

As soon as the sapphire eyes met with the golden ones of his son, he added on a soothing tone, While your quick mind found a solution to the imminent problem, you still panicked and let that feeling get the best of you. Sometimes, improvising might get you a long way. Even if you are good, do not be pleased with yourself until you become better. The older dragon paused, analyzing his son's behavior. He did not seem to rebel for what has transpired earlier. Pleased with his attitude, the sapphire dragon continued, As you have learned while we were training together, you only need to...

Serkath continued his lessons for a while, praising him for his earlier maneuver and scowling him for past errors. A roar of indignation suddenly interrupted him.

I did the best I could in that situation. I was not even prepared for what was to come and I was forced to improvise, whined Sinedar back with bitterness, still slightly annoyed by his father’s persistence.
The sapphire dragon tried to reply back but he was interrupted again by Sinedar's loud growl.

How many times do I have to tell you that I am not in the mood for games, father? While I enjoy the time you spend with me to teach me more about flying and fighting, I would appreciate if you would leave it for another time
, hissed Sinedar bitterly.

You are no fun, Sinedar, replied Serkath as he let out a low growl of disappointment. We will do it your way, if that is what you wish.

Pleased that he will finally have a tranquil flight, Sinedar snorted black smoke and flapped his wings faster to get in front of the other dragon. Suddenly, he felt a sharp pain at the base of his wing and snarled, catching the sapphire's dragon attention.

Is there something wrong or you had a change of thoughts as you realized how boring normal flying could be? hummed Serkath playfully as he turned his head to watch his son, his golden scales sparkling in the sun light.


After his recent lesson, Sinedar was reluctant to share the exact feeling to his father. He felt as if his muscles were on fire, and every wing stroke merely increased the agonizing sensation.
No, It's just a small pain that... Sinedar let out a roar as the stinging sensation intensified as he flapped his wings once again. The sharp and intense pain paralyzed him for a moment and caused him to lose control of his flight. Out of a sudden, he found himself plummeting towards the ground.
Panicked by the sudden disturbance, Sinedar tried to ignore the pain and tried to correct himself like he did earlier, but to no avail. The dragon soon found out that the pain was too great for him to continue flapping his wings. In those short moments, he did the only thing that would alleviate the sudden pain: he stretched his wings to their maximum. By doing this, the force on his muscles would diminish and he would be able to glide safely.


Startled by the sudden roar, Serkath let out a worried growl and made a quick dive to reach the other dragon that was now right below him. He soon reached him and flew by his side like he did earlier, but something made him blink in surprise: the gold dragon wasn't flapping his wings at all. Having little time to elucidate this mystery, Serkath addressed his son in an attempt to get a direct response to his problems.

Sinedar, are you alright? What happened?
Serkath sighed in his mind as he put his worries aside for a moment. If you want to practice aerial maneuvers, you should inform me of that before you do something like you did earlier.

Sinedar merely hissed as his gaze switched to the green forest below.


Without knowing the cause of the pain, there was no way to escape from it, and the dragon kept on going, enduring the uncomfortable sensation. He felt as if his wing was being burnt alive, but he would not show weakness in front of his father! His little trick to glide proved effective until the lower altitude winds interfered.

Because of his large body and the long wingspan, Sinedar found himself being dragged in random directions. He tried to use his tail for balance, but it did not pay off. The winds were dragging him down, and the sore wings prevented him from opposing the harsh winds. Panic was beginning to rise as Sinedar found himself helpless.


Worried by what was going on with his son, Serkath entered his mind, only to be hit by a big wave on panic and confusion. He tried to communicate with his son, but the feelings were too powerful and proved to be like a barrier between his conscience and Sinedar's. Realizing that his son would not control his emotion in his current state, Serkath descended, a firm plan in his mind.

As he made his way to his son from behind, he let out a roar to inform Sinedar of his position. The golden dragon jerked his head at the sound of his father's roar and allowed him to enter his mind.

Why is it that you do not make use of your wings? Serkath asked on a worried tone. With an involuntary move, he glanced at the forest below, the trees beginning to take a more definite shape. Whatever the problem is, you should try to correct it before you reach a lower altitude, he growled as he gained altitude with two flaps of his massive wings.

This remark frustrated Sinedar given the circumstances .It was as if he did not know the risks involved. I am aware of that father! It's just that…I can't! he hissed, revealing the truth to his father. Even if he felt shameful for doing so, there were no solutions to his problems, or so he thought.


This reply puzzled Serkath, who was now watching his son from above. His mind was trying to devise a plan, but nothing seemed to please the blue dragon as he growled in frustration. His son was in danger, and Serkath could not bear the thought of seeing him crash into the forest ground. There were many risks involved, risks that the blue dragon preferred not to ponder upon.


The ground was approaching faster than Sinedar would have liked. The green mass of trees that usually appealed the gold dragon for various reasons was now terrifying him. Sinedar was still a young dragon, and because of this, he still had so many things to learn. However, this was not one of the things he was eager to experience, and the circumstances that lead to this moment scared him more than anything. Never before had he crashed, for his parents made sure he never would, but not even the wisdom of his parents was not enough to prevent this moment from happening.

Fear and helplessness took control of him as the inevitable moment was drawing closer. Sinedar could almost feel his blood freezing at the thought of acquiring a permanent injury that might turn his life upside down.

Serkath roared in terror as he positioned his body in a steep dive to reach his son. There was only one thing he could do for his son, and he was not afraid to take it. Sinedar's safety came first, as this was an oath he and his mate had sworn when the golden dragon hatched.

Realizing what his father was about to do, Sinedar roared in protest, What in the world are you doing, father? I can take care of myself! Even if the golden dragon regretted his words, he did not want to see his father the victim for his stupidity. It was he who was to be blamed for this, and he alone would find a way out of the impending crash. However, he had to convince his stubborn father first, and this was not an easy task.

When the sapphire dragon reached him, Sinedar let out a low growl of panic filled with regret, It is my fault father. It is my punishment for being reckless. I know what you have in mind, but I will not let that happen. Suddenly, Sinedar swiveled to the right to prevent his father from attempting to stop him.

Serkath roared furiously when his son increased the distance between them. You silly hatchling! He bellowed, panic struck. Now there was no way for him to protect his son with his body as the canopy of the trees approached faster and faster. You have no idea what you are doing!

A vicious snarl from the distance interrupted him as the golden dragon entered his mind, his voice calm as a summer day. Oh, cut it off, father! I'm not a hatchling anymore! How many times do I have to tell you? Besides, I can take care of myself.


My, my, Sinedar seems to have encounter a roadblock, which in this case may prove to be fatal to him. Will he be able to get out of this messy situation. If so, how? There are no easy ways to avoid a potential disaster, and time is running short for the golden dragon.

Anyway, I hope you do enjoy this chapter and you are kind enough to leave a comment and tell me what you think. Comments containing constructive criticism are always appreciated and every one of them can help me improve.
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As promised, here is the second part of chapter 16. Now, you may all wonder: Hey Sinitar, so many days spent so you could write like...2 pages? In fact, there was more to it, but there's still something I want to take care of, and I was not pleased with the results. The secret chapter I am working on is a Sinedar flashback which will come after the next chapter. I will also add the first part, so you have a full chapter.

Chapter 16: Splintered Wood, Ruffled Dragon full version

The ground was approaching faster than Sinedar would have liked. The green mass of trees that usually appealed the gold dragon for various reasons now turned into a terrifying background as it could very well be the reason for his demise. Sinedar was still a young dragon, and because of his fragile age, some things were still covered in the fog of the unknown, together with areas he had yet to explore. However, among the different adventures he would eventually encounter, this was not one he was eager to experience. Thus, the circumstances that had led to this horrifying moment scared him more than anything ever did. Fear and helplessness took control over him as he roared in despair at the ever-closing trees. Sinedar tried to make one last attempt to flap his wings to slow the descent, but a roar of pain extinguished his hope of preventing the upcoming crash.

The moment before he smashed into the trees bellow, the dragon’s mind randomly drifted to one of his father’s lessons:

Wings are one of a dragon’s greatest assets, my son. With their help, we can move freely trough the sky and experience freedom like no other ground creature can ever dream of. We often call ourselves rulers of the sky, for no other flying creature can ever hope to compete with us. It is said that the sky is the father to us all, and we are his sons, for a dragon that cannot fly will never feel complete. Because of that, when two dragons fight, there is a mutual agreement made between them to not permanently damage their wings, for a dragon that cannot fly cannot be called a dragon anymore. It will be stripped of its title as a ruler of the sky and downgraded to the same level as any ground-bound creature.

However, wings are not without weaknesses, and this freedom of movement comes at a price. While strong enough to sustain us in the air, our wings are fragile compared to the rest of our body and any powerful impact would cause those fragile bones to break. Take a forest, for example. There is little to no room of maneuver through it, and in case of a rough landing, the trees would smash a dragon’s wings to bits, no matter its size. While it does not seem like it, the trees are more resilient than you may imagine and the tough wood would not break under an eventual impact. It would be best to avoid this unpleasant situation for obvious reasons. In addition, if, for any unimaginable reason, you would get yourself into a situation like this and the impact with the ground seems imminent, you should tuck your wings to your body immediately. While this would accelerate the falling speed, you would not be at risk of damaging your wings permanently, and thus be denied of the ability to fly for the rest of your life. Remember that, for in dire times, it may prove to a vital piece of information.

With a jerk of his head, Sinedar returned to the harsh reality. With the piece of information still vivid in his mind, the dragon narrowed his eyelids and glared at the forest bellow. He let out another roar, but this time, it was not a roar of panic. Armed with the knowledge his father has provided him with, Sinedar knew the right way to handle this situation. All his troubling thoughts had vanished from his mind when he realized that he alone must overcome the challenge that has been set before him.

With another, more determined roar, the dragon resigned with the imminent impact and prepared himself for the painful experience that was about to happen.

The mass of trees grew close enough to the point where Sinedar, with his enhanced sight, could count every leaf or needle. Only a few moments separated him from the imminent collision, but there was still something that had to be done before that.

With the treetops being on the same level with Sinedar, the dragon disappeared from sight, blending with the green forested area. However, just a moment before he made contact with a tree, Sinedar let out a deafening roar and folded his wings quickly. A second later and he collided with the taller fir trees, sending splintered wood everywhere. The sound of breaking branches reverberated trough the area as the helpless dragon continued his descent. Everything seemed a blur as the different shapes of the trees zipped by, confusing Sinedar even more as his eyes couldn’t focus on a particular target due to the speed of this. His sight seemed almost useless as green and brown colors danced in front of him, so he just shut them to prevent another unfortunate accident. He twisted a few times, trying to maneuver himself as best as he could in these harsh conditions, but his attempts at avoiding the trees had a reverse effect, causing him even more harm. The different sized branches scraped against his body all the time, but the only serious damage they did was to his wings. The thin, delicate membrane soon acquired a multitude of cuts and scrapes as a result of the rough contact with the wood.

Sinedar let out a multitude of sounds, ranging from roars to growls as he continued his descent trough the thick forest. The silence of the entire area was shaken when a powerful roar exploded from Sinedar’s throat as he smashed into a giant tree in front of him. Shortly after that, the impact caused his body to bounce and slam into another tree before he finally hit the ground with a loud impact. The dragon attempted to use his limbs in an attempt to stop, but the impact with the ground was rougher than he expected. He touched the ground for a moment and tried to grip with his claws, but it quickly vanished from under his paws, the momentum from the impact causing him to bounce off the ground a few times. His body twisted in the air at some weird angles. Blades of grass, fallen cones and a cloud of dust and debris were blasted into the air when the dragon finally came to a stop, landing on his side. His wings hanged uselessly, his legs were unable to support his weight, and his vision was blurry. His heart was pounding out of his chest and his accelerated breath rate tried to make up for the lack of oxygen during the rough crash. Sinedar looked around frantically, attempting to determine his location. His confusion was short lived, however, as specks and dots of different colors started to dance before his eyes. Growling softly, the dragon laid his head down and passed out shortly after due to the recent events.

Despite the unexpected disruption caused by Sinedar’s crash, the chirping sounds of the birds seemed unperturbed. A couple of small, ebony-feathered birds flew around, chirping happily while the sun peered through the dense forest. They were chasing each other, flying in circles while trying different patterns with the purpose to confuse the other one; basically, they used anything to gain the upper hand in this strange contest of theirs. After a while, both of them perched on a white, strange surface that seemed different from the other branches. This did not matter, however, since both birds eyed each other, chirping angrily. Suddenly, one of them darted its head and pinched its adversary. The other bird was not caught on the wrong foot as it returned the favor with a quick nip at the other one’s neck. Shortly after that, chirps of all kinds disturbed the silence as the two birds started to wrangle.

The dispute did not last long enough to determine a winner as both of the birds took off in an instant as a strange sound came from beneath the strange branch.

A soft, lifeless growling sound came from the golden dragon that stirred a bit after a long moment of immobility. His limbs twitched, and shortly after he groggily opened his eyelids, staring absent-mindedly at a tree located in front of him. His vision was blurry and he could not see very well in the distance, thing which confused Sinedar slightly. Yelping, he tried to raise his head and look around, but he could barely find enough strength to do so. Realizing that his senses were still meddled up, the dragon closed his eyes and drifted to sleep.

It took a while for Sinedar to recover from the initial shock that had caused him to pass out. When his senses were partially restored after the recent commotion, a wail of anguish escaped him as the different wounds he recently acquired started to throb, making their presence noticeable. The most prominent pain came from his wings, and Sinedar feared that misfortune has befallen him and he would never be able to take to the skies again.

Alarmed by that fact, the only thing he could think of was to contact his father mentally and ask him for guidance concerning his current state. Slowly, he closed his eyes and tried to focus long enough to probe for the sapphire dragon with his mind, but it proved to be much harder than he anticipated. Too many things distracted him, the main factor being the pain that was erupting from all of his body, the stinging sensation of pain giving him no break. Sinedar snarled in annoyance, angry at himself for not being able to contact his father. Even if he tried to ignore his aching body, every time he thought he got close to results, his mind drifted to something else, causing him to lose all his initial focus.

The golden dragon expressed his frustration once again with a weak roar, but he wasn’t about to give up. Snarling, he tried again, searching for the familiar conscience of his father, ignoring everything around. However, try as he might, he could not cling to Serkath’s conscience.

Dismayed, Sinedar let out a puff of smoke as he snorted and lowered his head on his feet, pondering about his next move. There wasn’t much he could do except for the obvious solution to stay in that place or try to get up and move around, but the useless waste of energy would take a heavy toll on his weakened and wounded body.

Sinedar tried to shift his position so he would be more comfortable, but the intense pain did not allow him to do that. Snarling, the dragon craned his neck to inspect the various wounds on his body. no major wounds were present, from what he could see. His golden scales showed no signs of damage, although they were a bit dirty after the collision with the earth. Even though his scaled had apparently protected him from the brutal impact with the ground, in reality, it was different. Under his scales hid different sized bruises and damaged areas that, even if they were not visible, they kept stinging him. Carefully, the dragon touched his right flank with his snout and, as soon as he did that, he hissed in pain, the burning sensation becoming more powerful at the contact. He kept doing that until he could assess the whole situation and have a general concept about the extent of his wounds.

A feeling of helplessness engulfed him as he realized that most of the lower parts of his body, including all of his limbs, were damaged during his fall. Trying to move at this time might prove to be a futile attempt. With all those wounds that keep me in place, I wouldn’t make it far anyway. My flying capabilities are also limited by that sudden pain that appeared out of nowhere, but maybe if I try... thought the dragon, and he turned his head around to inspect his wings. As soon as his eyes met with the middle part of his body, a sensation of dread engulfed him: his wings, his beautiful, light colored wings were now dyed with nuances of red as tiny rivulets of blood poured from the different sized cuts and scratches.

As he tilted his head to inspect the right wing closer, he noticed a large scratch that covered a noticeable area in the middle of his wing. The only thing that was keeping his wing membrane together were some strings of tissue which dripped blood profoundly. Save for the severe wound on his right wing, small sized holes were present on both of his wings. They were probably the result of branches puncturing the membrane of his wings during the crash.

A light growl came from Sinedar’s throat as he gazed in the distance, his eyes hiding his stress, confusion and fear. I cannot believe I was so careless. I would have not been in this situation in the first place if I was not so reckless as to believe that my wings are flawless. My father always insisted that safety comes first, but my reckless decision to fly when I could have let him know about the sudden pain that struck my wing out of a sudden prevailed in the end. A moderate period of rest was enough to prevent this, he mused. Am I too stubborn? Why do I not pay attention to every of my father’s advices? He waited for a while, and then snorted in shame. The thin line of smoke quickly dissipated into the air.

I am lost, trapped between two storm clouds, with no knowledge of a way out… I realize that my father wants the best for me, but it is not my intention to appear weak, as long as it is in my power. He will most definitely not appreciate the fact that his only son is a weakling that cannot do anything on his own. Grrr…, he growled, slightly annoyed at himself. However, this self- hatred didn’t last long as a regretful thought entered Sinedar’s mind.

I wish he was here so I could have the chance to share with him the reason behind my apparent indifference every time he wants to teach me something new. Even if sometimes his enthusiastic approach of a lesson, together with his persistence is a bit annoying, he’s a great dragon and I would be grateful if I would ever rise to his height and be at least half the dragon he is.

He let out a low, saddened growl, And to think that I scolded him for his playful behavior only for the purpose of guarding my own weakness… I, again, let pride get the best of me, where in fact I should have listened better to what he had to say. This cannot go on. I will speak with him about it the moment I will get to see him again. Sinedar bowed his head in shame as a sense of remorse washed through every fibber of his body.

It's finally here! In this second part, we had the opportunity to find out Sinedar's thoughts about the recent events, as well as his attitude towards his father. It seems that pride does not always works the way it is supposed to be, and in Sinedar's case, it backfired. It is noble of him to have regrets, don't you think?

I know where I am going with the plot, but I would love to hear your opinion, readers. I usually do not resort to this, but your comments really do help me. Besides, I want to know what you think about the dragon chapters, for I am slightly unsure about their personality. So please, if you read my fanfic, will you take a couple of minutes to write a comment? That's the nicest gift a reader can give to a fanfic author.
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Okay, I am done with the editing, and chapter 17 is about to be posted. I had no idea if the dialogue between Sinedar and his father was appropriate, but I didn't feel like having a harsh father discipline his son who is pretty old to understand a couple of things. Without further ado, I present you chapter 17.

Chapter 17: Father and son

A breeze of wind shifted the branches of the trees, the rustling sound rousing Sinedar out of his reverie as the wind caressed his wounds, intensifying the stinging sensation coming from his wings.

He tried to ignore the uncomfortable sensation of pain by turning his head from side to side, looking around for possible signs of danger, or if this was not the case, then he would at least have a source of distraction.

Well, I guess it’s futile to hope that father will show up before long, because he has no idea where I am, thought the dragon, a bit depressed due to his solitude. Instead, he focused his attention on his surroundings, his golden eyes analyzing everything. The first thing he noticed was the devastation caused by his harsh landing. Branches of different sizes littered the ground, and the leaves were scrapped off the forest floor where he made contact with the earth. Part of the trees had so many broken branches that it made them look like someone had cut the tree in half; the branches were cut on one of the sides while the other was intact.

Except for the devastation caused by him unwillingly, Sinedar did not notice any sign of animals living nearby, especially signs of predators that could prove to be a threat to him, so he lay his head down groggily. His nostrils flared shortly after, sniffing the air for potential predators, but his keen sense of smell only assured him of his earlier findings. He was in no danger, at least for now. No animal would represent a threat to a dragon, even a young one, but Sinedar was barely capable of defending himself, thus he remained vigilant, keeping his senses vigilant.

Time passed slowly as the dragon remained in the same position, occasionally lifting his head to look around when a sound attracted his attention.

Slowly, he rolled on his sore belly and tried to get up, his limbs shaking from the earlier agonizing experience. He managed to do it by using his front limbs for support, but his hind legs were still weak, so he fell again on the ground with a noticeable growl. Demoralized by his incapability to move, Sinedar decided that it is best to wait for his body to recover from the shock before attempting to do something similar once again.

Since his numb limbs would not help him, Sinedar placed his head on his paws, but flinched right after he did so. The scratches that his legs accumulated during his crash prolonged to his feet, the surface feelings sore. Growling loudly in annoyance, the golden dragon placed his head on the ground and closed his eyelids.

Try as he might to get some sleep, the pain would not allow him to. Frustrated with his predicament, Sinedar snorted a puff of black smoke and looked towards the sky, his golden eyes searching for his father, even though it was in vain. He knew all too well that it was easier to locate his father by probing for his conscience, but the feeling of hopelessness dictated him to scan the skies. After an unsuccessful attempt to locate his father, Sinedar dropped his head on the ground, a moan escaping him in the process. Because of my recklessness, we will probably arrive at our cave tomorrow, and even that possibility is clouded in doubts, he thought while he was staring at the forest in front of him. Mother will not be happy about this… out of nowhere, a far too familiar conscience brushed against his, causing him to raise his head in joy.

You are such a foolish hatchling. Just wait until I get to you. No matter your current state, your imprudence will have repercussions. His father sounded angry at him, but Sinedar didn’t care. He finally managed to find him, and that mattered more than any punishment. Do you realize that this crash may have cost you your life? His father continued.

Even if a scold was the first thing he heard, a feeling of happiness swept through the wounded dragon. Without hesitation, he replied apologetically, that I do, father, and I am deeply sorry for that. I just… Sinedar suddenly paused, unable to find the words to continue. This situation was not working in his favour, and the least he wanted was to remind his father about his decision to refuse his help when the sapphire dragon offered him this possibility.

As if he could read his thoughts, Serkath added on a more relaxed tone, I could not find a suitable place to land. These thick forests forced me to drift away from your location. Just stay there. I am coming.

As soon as his father’s words reached him, Sinedar acknowledged faintly, like I could move in my current state. At least your humour has not left you. The next thing he felt across their link was a feeling of confusion coming from his father as he couldn’t find the words needed to reply. It seemed like Serkath couldn’t decide whether his son was sarcastic or not, so he just added seriously, At least you still have enough strength left to play with words. That is a good sign concerning your usually boring mood. Sinedar snorted in amusement, but the short discussion was not enough to lift his bad mood.

Sinedar realized that, while Serkath had no clue about the damage done to his body after a serious crash, the only thing that stopped him from asking question was his ability to keep his calm in similar situations. If he worried too much about his son’s safety, then this would transmit to him, and the least his father wanted was to create even more confusion and panic.

Even if his parents were not showing their concerns immediately, the golden dragon knew that when something happened to him, the dragons would feel like a cord of thorns was whipping their being until their son was safe. Although his mother was the more radical one, barely keeping her composure when circumstances asked for it, his father, on the other hand, was always maintaining his calm in an attempt to soothe him and at the same time discipline his son if need would arise.

Sensing that his father was somewhere in the vicinity, Sinedar sent him picture of his location in hoping that it would speed up the process of finding him. Then, the golden dragon bowed his head to the ground and with an ivory claw; he scratched the ground, revealing different insects. The only thing he could do right now was to wait for his father and face the consequences for his actions. My worries are probably unjustified. The worst thing that could happen would be a prolonged lesson about what is right and what is wrong. He could also force me to play his games as soon as I recover. Now that would be a total pain…

Time passed slowly for the golden dragon, and the waiting turned into an excruciating source of boredom. Suddenly, a crack attracted his attention and the golden dragon quickly raised his head and faced towards the source of the sound. Unfortunately for him, he realized that it was only a loose branch that fell from a dry tree. He looked around to check if he was wrong, but it was not to be. Seeing no signs of his father nearby, Sinedar assumed that he was probably delayed by the dense forest, the trees forming a natural barrier that would prevent a dragon from landing safely on the ground. Slowly, he lowered his head on the ground, his mind reflecting on the recent events.

Just when Sinedar was about to shut his eyes, a menacing growl came from behind him. Careful not to move his injured wings, the dragon craned his neck to locate the source of the sudden disturbance. He was not overly surprised when he realized that, not so far away from his tail, there was a small, gray furred creature that walked on four legs. Its hair was bristled and its muzzle was contorted into a snarl, indicating the creature’s willingness to attack. Usually, this harmless creature would not pose any threat to a mighty dragon such as him, but in his current state, the growl caused him to shudder slightly. These creatures were usually very territorial and would go as far as to place their lives at stake in order to drive away intruders. However, what this beast lacked was the ability to think, and even in this situation, where Sinedar was at a disadvantage, he could still use his current position for his benefit. Without making a single move, the golden dragon patiently waited until the gray furred creature approached his blood-stained wing slowly. Even if his instincts dictated him to move, Sinedar fought them, for this was the best solution in this situation. When the four-legged creature was in range, he swiped his tail with force, slamming it into the creature’s side. A how of pain escaped the grey furred creature as it skidded a few feet away due to the powerful impact. As soon as it recovered, it fled from the golden menace, yelping in pain. Pleased with his fast thinking, Sinedar growled with satisfaction and then resumed his usual position. Now that weakness had finally made itself noticeable, the golden dragon closed his eyes, hoping that no other disturbances shall occur.

A burning sensation of pain shot through Sinedar’s right wing out of a sudden, waking him up in an instant. The dragon hissed in annoyance and looked towards his wing, only to notice the distinctive features of a sapphire dragon.

Serkath nuzzled his wound once again, causing Sinedar to wince at the contact. After his father inspected the wounds, he gazed his son’s figure, dismay present in his azure eyes, in spite of everything I have taught you, this wound proves that you have not paid the necessary attention back then, or you were just too stubborn to acknowledge the importance of the information I passed to you. His father let out a growl of disappointment and then proceeded to sniff, nuzzle and lick some of the younger dragon’s wounds.

Sinedar hissed again as his father’s gentle tongue ran across the more prominent wounds that were present on the membrane of his left wing. Before Serkath could do it again, Sinedar snarled at his father, that’s enough! I can take care of my wounds alone; there is no need for you to do that. I am not that incompetent.

Nevertheless, you were foolish enough to crash and accumulate a multitude of injuries. You should be grateful that your wings are still there, together with the membrane that covers them, his father retorted. Even if Sinedar could continue arguing with his father, this was a situation where the blame was his. Acknowledging his mistake, the golden dragon bowed his head in shame and growled faintly, as if he was asking for forgiveness.

The next moment, a gentle touch on his forehead caused Sinedar to blink and jolt his head in surprise. His father’s snout slowly retracted, but the sapphire dragon kept staring into his son’s golden eyes. My son, all that I can hope for is that this lesson would not be forgotten. There are things that you have to learn for yourself, for we do not always have power over your actions. Realizing that his son was still shaken from the recent events, Serkath snorted a puff of black smoke before he took a few steps away from his son and launched into the air, leaving deep gashes into the ground.

I will go and hunt for us both. Do not think that you have been forgiven just because you admitted your mistake. He then cut off their mental link, leaving Sinedar alone once again.

With a deep sigh, the golden dragon laid his head on his paws and mused, Father is right as always. No argument there. After a while of sitting idly, Sinedar lifted his head, craning his neck to look once again at his injured wings. I would better take care of them before father returns, else he would do it in my stead, he thought before he started to lick his wing membrane gently. Even if it pained him greatly, this was something he had to do in order to facilitate the healing process and prevent an eventual infection.

When he was about to take care of the bigger cuts, Sinedar let out an hesitant growl before proceeding to make contact with the exposed tissue. In spite of this apparent self-torture, the golden dragon has managed to control himself quite well. After he considered that it was enough, Sinedar placed his head in his favourite position and slowly fell asleep.

That's basically it. The dialogue will continue and we will see some more father and son bonding in the upcoming chapters, but for now, this has to end here because.... it's flashback time! We are going to see a very little and really cute Sinedar in the next chapter! Little and cute hatchling... who would refuse such chapter? Now, I am not sure about the dialogue, as I said earlier, and I have a question to you all: Can dragons share feelings through their mental link, like Riders and their dragons do? That's a question I have no answer for :S Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed this chapter. Your thoughts, please.
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I'm sorry for not posting this chapter yesterday, but that's how life is: not fair at times. Anyway, the good news is that this chapter is one cute little chappy! I didn't have a lot of time for polish, but if I feel like doing it, I can make it extra cute! Or I can patiently wait for some other occasions.

Chapter 18: It's not Easy to Fly!

It was a peaceful day of winter as the sun’s rays gently touched the blanket of snow which covered the land; the wind was blowing sluggishly through the forest that was sleeping under the thick layer of snow. Three weeks have passed since the golden dragon’s head poked through the golden egg, marking one of the most exciting moments in a dragon’s life.

His parents, having lost their previous hatchling, did everything in their power to prevent the death of another offspring and so became overly protective with Sinedar. The little hatchling had no contact with the outside world until now and when his father, against all the protests coming from his mate, decided to teach his son the basics of flying.

Shortly after, Serkath emerged from the cave with the tiny dragon held safe and secure in his claws. Even if Sinedar squeaked in displeasure, his father knew what was good for him. The sooner he was able to fly, the safer he would be against the possible threats that lurked in the forest. The Sapphire dragon landed slowly, not wanting to scare his son even more who was now hiding his head under his wing.

Serkath placed the hatchling on the ground and nuzzled him gently to get his attention. Soon after, Sinedar emitted a puzzled squeak and locked his golden eyes with his father’s as if he wanted to know what the meaning behind all of this was. Trying to calm the little one down, his father’s conscience brushed against his and shared soothing images with him flying over the vast forest. He was greatly pleased when it seemed his son appeared to enjoy those images. His tensed body relaxed a bit and the little dragon started to move around, squeaking with excitement.

He was aware of his wings and what they were used for as he has seen his parents several times using them to take off and fly to do stuff. Despite this, he could not use them effectively like his parents did. The only thing he managed to achieve was to flap them randomly when he was playing with his father, or when he tried to hunt the various animals his parents brought him for practice.

Curiosity and excitement took control over the hatchling after he saw the freedom of movement his father displayed while in the air; freedom that could also be his if he manages to learn the basics of flying. His father snorted a puff of black smoke, amused by the enthusiasm displayed by his son. Sinedar was now fanning his wings in delight as he attempted to imitate his father; however, he soon learned that moving his wings was not enough to fly. Because of that, he rushed to his father’s side, looking at him expectantly as he sat on his haunches. The sapphire dragon nuzzled him gently and then moved away, preparing to show his son what he needed to do.

The dragons were located in a small glen that was situated near their cave. If there was a place that would meet the requirements for a hatchling to learn the basics of flying then this was it. The lack of trees would provide the little one enough space to practice with his father who was just as enthusiastic as his son was.

Not wasting any more time, Serkath emitted a low growl and started to flap his wings steadily. Eager to learn, Sinedar followed his father’s moves and he too started to flap his tiny wings, but something was wrong. Serkath chuckled when he saw that Sinedar’s left wing was trailing behind while the right wing was flapping faster. Unable to understand the error, the golden hatchling continued to flap his wings without getting any positive result.

As much as he wanted to let the hatchling enjoy this moment, Serkath was determined to teach him how to fly, or if that was not possible, the basics of it. With a quick move, he made his way towards the unsuspecting dragon that was now running around and flapping his wings at the same time. When he reached him, he poked him with his snout to get his point across. This caused Sinedar to lose his balance and he fell on his side while letting out a yelp.
Amused by the sight, Serkath decided to take advantage of this situation and play a bit with the little hatchling.

Sinedar let out a multitude of squeaks as the bigger dragon chased him and poked him whenever he got close enough, causing the little dragon to stumble and lose his balance. But Sinedar never gave up, and he continued to evade his father’s “attacks” even if he had no chances to outrun him.

After a while, Serkath gave up and sat on the ground, placing the little hatching between his forelegs and preparing to teach him more about flying. Sinedar, however, was not the type to give up easily and seizing this moment as an opportunity to take revenge on his father, he leapt from his position and climbed on his father’s head with alacrity. As soon as he found himself above, the hatchling started to bite one of the large horns that adorned the sapphire’s dragon head. The hatchling squeaked with pride, now that his father’s sneaky snout would not be able to poke him in his elevated position.

Serkath chuckled at the display and started to shake his head to imbalance the hatchling that was now using his legs to steady himself with the help of his father’s horns. Squeaks of surprise and panic reached Serkath’s ears as the moves of his head accelerated, causing the troublesome dragon to fall on his back with a yelp. Sinedar quickly used his wings and legs to roll on his belly and got up, entering Serkath’s field of vision. He then sat down at the end of his snout, looking at him. Realizing that his troublesome son was in a vulnerable position, Serkath suddenly stuck out his tongue in an attempt to punish the golden dragon for his earlier behavior. Sinedar squeaked and squirmed as the sapphire’s dragon tongue made its way to his underbelly, brushing against it.

The relentless attack could last forever, much to Sinedar’s displeasure. Trying to find a breach in Serkath’s defense, the hatchling arched its neck and bit the tongue that was tickling him, causing the sapphire dragon to yelp and retreat his tongue in reflex. Serkath looked at his son, a strange look in his eyes. He was up to something, but the little hatchling had no idea about what was going to happen. The sapphire dragon growled with satisfaction and got up. With two flaps of his massive wings, Serkath took to the skies, leaving Sinedar behind, who was now squeaking with envy.

Even if this action pained the sapphire dragon a little, it was unavoidable if his son was to learn how to use his wings properly. Sometimes, a harsh lesson would prove to be a good stimulus for a hatchling such as Sinedar who was determined to learn new things, no matter the obstacles that would block his way.

Serkath kept circling the area above his son at a lower altitude to get his point across. He knew that his stubborn son would not be in the mood for games after he was left behind like that.

Tired, and with his wings sore, the young dragon was now sitting on his haunches, watching with marvel and envy at the massive dragon above him. Flying had always fascinated Sinedar, and the freedom displayed by his father while he was flying above him made him curious about one thing. How would it be if he could do that too? He patiently waited there for a while, lost in his random thoughts. His attention was sometimes captured by the biting wind that passed trough the frozen branches of the trees, sometimes knocking off a small amount of snow off them. The small distractions kept him busy for a short while, but the feeling of loneliness accentuated when he noticed that his father was not planning to join him very soon.

Not wanting to give up, Sinedar started to flap his wings and he used his hind legs to propel himself a foot above the ground. His wing muscles were protesting at his actions having not been used extensively before, but the little hatchling could not stomach the idea of being unable to fly. Numerous squeaks of pain were heard when the golden dragon tumbled after an unsuccessful landing, his wings dragging him down when he tried to find the much-needed balance. After several failed attempts, fatigue has started to accumulate as Sinedar continued to try and launch himself off the ground.

Serkath hummed with contentment at the sight, proud that his son had taken one-step forward in this lesson, a lesson that was marked of the most important events in his life. However, he could not help but to feel slightly guilty because of the method he had used to catch his son’s attention. It was not a good one, but all that mattered for now was that it paid off.

After several failed attempts, fatigue has started to accumulate as Sinedar continued to try to launch himself off the ground. However, this fatigue caused him to trip on his own wings causing his sharp claws to scratch against the thin membrane of his wings. The hatchling yelped in pain as a strange, red liquid started to come out of his injured wing. Instinctively, the golden hatchling reached for the wound with his tiny snout and started to lick it slowly. Another yelp came from him as his tongue made contact with the open wound, the sharp pain forcing him to retreat his tongue.

Alerted by the sudden disturbance, Serkath landed sharply and rushed to Sinedar’s side, inspecting him with his snout. The metallic smell of blood reached his nostrils as he flipped the hatchling onto his back, ignoring his squeaks of protest. After the sapphire snout moved all along his body, Serkath found the source of the smell and began to lick the velvety wing gently with the tip of his tongue. Sinedar’s body turned limp as he allowed his father to take care of his wound. Even if it pained him a little, he knew all too well that his father would not let him leave unless he would feel pleased. After several painful moments, Serkath backed away allowing the hatchling to move freely. After the massive snout retreated, the first thing Sinedar did was to inspect his wing as if he was uncertain about his father’s actions. The red liquid stopped flowing, and that pleased the young dragon for now. There was no time to linger around though, for his father had started to move towards his natal cave. His decision to return home meant that this lesson was over.

I hope you enjoyed this chapter, because I certainly did. Wasn't Sinedar so cute when he was little? It seems trouble had also stuck with him somehow. This is a flashback, so it does not have excessive details, because it would feel a bit awkward to have a flashback chapter with rigorous details, but that's just me. Review or add a comment please, any feedback is welcome. Timbowolf's intervention for chapter 17 was welcomed, and he helped me a lot by pointing out the lack of emotions in Serkath's dialogue. Reviews help me improve, and I would very much like to offer you a quality story.

After this chapter, the POV will return to the two elves, namely Eraniel and Deleith. They still have to get out of the forest, but it might not prove to be as easy as it sounds.
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The Dragon War

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