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 Deadlocked Mk I

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Bow Before Thy Master
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PostSubject: Deadlocked Mk I   Wed Mar 07, 2012 11:36 am

Well, hello everyone. I'll start off by saying that I wished I never had to permeban anyone for anything, other than bots. But, it's happened. Please note, there is some cursing in this post. I feel that it should be represented fairly.

Anyways, everyone remembers good ol' DD? Daredevil? I'm sure you do, he was always so active, especially in the Forum Games.

Well, he's going to give us an example of what you don't do.

And, for the record, so am I. I'll admit, Sam and I responded pretty bad with this.

Now, I'm going to make a message that I want everyone to pay attention to.
That, dear members, is the moral of this story.

Now, I'm all fine with people not being who they are online. For being totally different in real life. That's their issue, not mine. So long as it doesn't cause a possible issue for my members.

Which is exactly why DD got Banned.

It all started out when I was asked to leave where he and I were living at, at the Craven's. Sam had just gotten kicked out as well, and she and I were going to move in with my mother. Now, we had to drive two hours just to get to her work, which used up a ton of gas. Sam was getting pretty crappy hours, so most of our money went to gas. We were barely making it by, in all honesty. Hardly eating, and some days going without food.

So, we hardly talked to him. He wouldn't really make the effort to contact us, and we had no idea when he was available.

So, what happens? We go and visit Sam's brother, who lives about three miles away from DD. We take him bowling, because that was his Christmas / birthday gift from us, since it was all we could really do. We saved up that money to go for a long time. Well, Sam posts a status on FaceBook about it, and Ryan gets angry over it. Why didn't we ask if he wanted to go? Why didn't we stop by to see him too?

Why? Well, for several reasons, which we detailed to him. We didn't know when he was available. We didn't know he had his own money to go. Sam's brother distinctly asked for it to be just the three of us, no one else.

Seems pretty logical, doesn't it? We didn't have time to stop by afterwards. It was about 1 in the morning, after all.

So why don't we stop by after Sam gets off work, some people may ask? Well, it's a two hour drive, and at the time Sam was working till eight or nine at night on average. That, right there, means getting back by ten or eleven at night, without any stops. So, that one is obviously out.

So, this is where things turn a bit nasty.

Now, this is EXACTLY copy'd and pasted from Sam's FaceBook messages. This is a chat between her and Ryan, with me involved at times and watching during the whole time.

It's lengthy, so I'm putting it in a spoiler.


Now, at this point, we ended the conversation. No, I did not take anything out of that conversation. It's exactly as it is. If anyone needs the extra proof, I'll find a way to Screen Cap the conversation, but only if it's necessary.
So, anyways. Because of the whole 13/14 year old sex thing, which I've known about since it happened, and the fact that he dated another 13/14 year old that he very much wanted to have sex with, I was already thinking of banning DD.
Now, add in the marijuana and alcohol issues, and I was thinking about it even more. You see, he doesn't stay in control like some people do when on those things. I'm all for letting drugs go by, seeing as I experimented and did pot for a few months myself. But I didn't let it rule me, I didn't lose control when doing it. Which is the opposite for DD. Then there's the alcohol. Plenty of people enjoy it, but DD is one person who can't handle his liquor. Joe, and myself, and plenty of other people I know, can. DD cannot. Which is problematic, as that means danger can present itself.

Now, this conversation proved to me that DD couldn't handle himself. He was lashing out at friends who stood behind his decisions, all because they wouldn't visit because they couldn't.

Now, it would have been better if he would understand our side of things, but he doesn't. Which is the problem. We can see his side, not seeing your friends really, really sucks. We get that. But he was in our situation, a situation of having very little money, and he still doesn't get our side.

You see, I could excuse all of that, if he hadn't proven himself to be highly immature and an ass.

So, for the sake of the forums, he was Banned. I will not risk BattleZone, or risk any of its members to be put in danger from another.

As authors, it is our Duty
To create lovable, enticing Characters
And do horrible, evil things to Them.

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Deadlocked Mk I

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